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I am a 38 yr old married mom of 4. I have always...

I am a 38 yr old married mom of 4. I have always been on the heavier side and have struggled with my weight. I've tried all diets imaginable and have conformed to the fact that I will never be a size 6 so I decided to just eat well, mainly fruits, vegetables and lean protein. This alone should be working to lower my weight BUT has not. I walk, a lot, but no substantial weight loss. My biggest issue, I would say, is self image and my thunder thighs that have caused me so much grief, mostly due to the chub rub, so here I am, decided to get that fat out at any cost. Liposuction was always a last option as I had a bad experience many years ago having had an abdominoplasty in another country to save some money and paid for it so much more with all the pain I endured. I feel a little selfish in splurging so much on myself but decided if I don't like me, I can never give the best of me. I am having liposuction of my thighs, flanks, back and arms (and anywhere my Dr. sees fit ;-) ) I'm looking forward to the end result and excited doesn't even begin to describe what I feel. Will attach my before pics soon.

Pics as promised, brace yourselves lol

I bought this bathing suit in a time where idea lost a few pounds and felt better about me, well that was a while ago. I look now and just say OMG.

One day pre op!

Its almost time and I'm getting ready. I'm nervous, excited and all of the above. I'm preparing myself with everything I need and trying to relax. I'm waiting for the call to know what time in the a.m. I need to be there but I'm glad to have the 1st appointment as I've heard it is always the best. I hope to see myself in a new light after all this as I've been wanting this for so long.

All done!

I'm in pain right now so can't update to much but I will say everything went great. The staff at Same Day Surgi Center is absolutely wonderful. I feel I was tended to with the utmost care. I'm home now, in pain as expected but I know it will all be worth it. I will take pics soon, right now I just want to rest.

One day post op, lots of pain

Hi all, I am still in pain but it is logical as I had so much done. I think the fact it's mostly my arms and back that hurt the most. So here is a breakdown of yesterday. I was scheduled to go in at 9:30 as the Dr did have someone ahead of me but it mustn't have been a long procedure, however that person cancelled and I was called to come in earlier, yayyy. I arrived at 8:40 and was brought right in. I met the anesthesiologist who was very nice, he went over my medical history and explained everything that he was going to do. The nurses that were preparing me were so kind and helpful, they answered any questions I had and were really focused on makinge me comfortable. The DR came in, did his markings and calmed me all the more. I could tell he really wanted to have me look and feel better. I knew I was in good hands. The iv was placed and honestly I don't even know when I fell asleep. When I did wake up I will admit I was in pain but that didn't last long as the nurses quickly tended to me and gave me pain meds through the iv. I was in and out for a bit and was picked up, feeling in pain but very satisfied with how I was treated, I must've said thank you at least 50 times lol. I came home in pain and was pretty much out of it yesterday. I did leak a lot yesterday and some last night but it seems to have subsided today. I just took a shower and have been walking around the house. I'm lucky to have so much help from my husband and admit he has surprised me with how great he's been. Right now I have no pics cause I'm in pain and can't stand to long without having nausea but I will try to take some tmrw. I can definitely see the changes in my abdomen but not yet on my thighs, I know he definitely did some work on them but I guess I'm so swollen you just can't tell the difference yet. I'm not really eating, sticking to unsalted crackers for now just cause my stomach gets a bit queasy with the medication but it's gtg better. All and all, yes, it's worth it!

2 days post op

Feeling a little better. I'm able to do so much more just as long as I keep up with my meds. Still taking the oxycodone as prescribed as well as ibuprofen 800. I can see a difference on my abdomen but not so much on my thighs which is a bit concerning since it was the first reason why I wanted to do this, however I do know it could take weeks to see results so I have to be patient, I just wonder why the lump that was on my left thigh before still looks like it's there. I find that using support on my legs is helpful so I use sport compression pants and still use my abdominal compression. I am still very swollen and my arms, I believe, are the most swollen and bruised. I'm attaching pics of the things that I have used to help with this process so it hopefully helps others. I'll take more pics in a couple of days.

My supplies

Can't forget to add...

I can't forget to add I got a call from Dr. Rex on Saturday just to check up on me, make sure I was ok and answer any questions I had. How great was that?!

What an ordeal!

So I just wanted to quickly update everyone on something that can happen to you if you are not careful. I was doing pretty well with the surgery recovery mostly bc of the pain medication however I have a history of ibs with constipation, this condition and certain pain meds are not a good combination. In order to go back to work and function I was taking oxycodone with ibuprofens 3 to 4 times a day. The result? A severe constipation that resulted in a blockage so bad I wound up in the hospital for 4 days. Not only was that one of the worst experiences in my life but I had the number one worst experience which was a colonoscopy gone wrong, as it stands I'm not sure why, but the medication for sedation did not work and the DR performed the procedure while I was Wide Awake! Honestly, I have been through hell but it's mostly bc I was careless. It's up to us to be careful on how we utilize these pain medications and be sure we plan ahead with things such as returning to work or with the household chores etc. I was living off the meds bc I returned to work 2 days after surgery and felt that I needed to continue to tend to the home and family when in reality I should've been the priority in this instance. I now have an odd back pain and am more swollen than normal bc of the iv etc. I was able to see Dr. Rex right after I got out of the hospital for removal of the staples which was a great relief bc the swelling was causing them to dig further into my skin. I am now trying to recover from this experience both mentally and physically and certainly with a lesson learned. Ugh life and it's eternal lessons. Pics will come as soon as my back can take me standing for a while.

Almost a month

Its almost a month and honestly I'm having one of those moments that many have had wondering is this really going to work? Granted I'm still pretty swollen, mostly my stomach and flanks but I'm not much swollen on my thighs and I'm not seeing much change. My Dr. will see me in a couple of months, by then we should see how much has changed. I'm planning on having lymphatic massage next week, I'm using the garment when I need to feel secure, mostly at night, but my Dr. says it really doesn't make a difference although I continuously hear from other ppl that I should be wearing something all the time for a few months. Ugh its just one of those impatient days I guess. I know I need to tryst the process but I'm a little worried. I see so many ppl with great results at the 4 week mark or even beforehand. I pray this will work. No need for pics as I'm at the same point right now, I actually don't look much different then where I started.

Should I be seeing anything by now?

I don't see much results yet, legs are still the same, I have minor swelling but its pretty much down by now, minimal pain and looking pretty much the same. Shouldn't I be seeing some big changes by now? Ugh Omg this is frustrating....
Fall River Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rex is just awesome. He has seen me twice and has calmed any nervousness I have had regarding my outcome. I chose him because I saw how professional and sincere he is. He is patient and addresses any and all concerns you may have with honesty. He tells you what the best way is to contour your body in order to obtain the best results for your specific body type. I truly believe I am in the best hands!

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