44 Yr with 18 Yr Old Subglandular Saline Implants with Baker III CC - Fall River, MA

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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for sharing all of...

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for sharing all of your stories. They have given me strength to do what I've been wanting to do for so long. I have had over the muscle saline implants 390cc with capsular contraction. I have seen Dr. IRA Rex today for my primary consultation and immediately felt comfortable with him. We spoke regarding the procedure and decided together that keeping it simple was best. We are going to do an implant removal in the office under local. We will try to leave the capsule for now and then we revisit things within a year. Will post pictures soon. Procedure is scheduled for aug 31st !

Added pics

I started with A cup perky breasts that looked like deflated balloons after first pregnancy. Went to D cups with BA. 18 yrs later and total of 3 pregnancies...I weigh 20lbs more. I was still able to breast feed but had terrible issues with mastitis. Kids are now older. I hate hugging them with these rocks. Makes me want to cry

Getting emotional

Yesterday I had a small emotional breakdown in the shower. Started thinking how close I am to being who I was so many years ago. The reason I got these implants was because my husband 6 years into our marriage cheated on me. I thought how am I supposed to start a new life with a child and droopy boobs no one's going to want me. Needless to say 7 years later I ended that marriage but I still had the implants. It wasn't until I found this site last year that I even thought this was possible! I feel like I'm going to be so much more confident flat chested than I have ever been with these large boobs that I've been hiding for 18 years!

Right side scar

Dr. Rex will be doing my procedure under local in his office going through the same incision. We are going to leave the capsules intact for now. I wanted it to be minimally invasive. He said I don't have to miss any work which is a major bonus for me!

When to start arnica and bromelain

So I've seen on several people's reviews that they are using these supplements. When should I start taking them? I've seen on a couple of sites to take them a couple of days prior to surgery. Mine will be in an in office procedure so just wanted to make sure that it's safe.

Weigh In

I have been carrying an extra 10-15 lbs on me to make my breasts look more in proportion to my body. I am only 5 ft tall and looked like 'boobs on a stick' according to my best friend when I first got implants . Looking back, I became very self conscious due to the new way men looked at me. I have spent the last 18 years trying to hide the big boobs. I just want to be the natural me. I'm hoping to be able to shed the weight quickly after explanting. So many of you ladies in your 50's and 60s are in amazing shape! You are inspirations!

2 more days!

2 days left until my explant. Feeling nervous, excited, and scared all at the same time because I know that I won't have very much tisue left. I'm not afraid of being small just saggy. I don't think I have the best skin integrity but I guess I'll find out Monday. I have recently started a gelatin supplement from vital proteins that helps with collagen production. Made from pasture raised cows. Hopefully that will help with the skin bouncing back. Trying to remind myself of all the reasons why I chose to do this. I will post pictures as soon as I am able as I know that helped me very much in the decision to explant. Thank you to all who have gone before me!

It's Over!

I will post more later w pics. I'm so happy and relieved....they are warm and squishy!

The Reveal

So my case was an especially difficult one for an office explant. My implants were textured ( which I didn't know because the original procedure was so long ago). The capsule was affixed to the implants like velcro! Because of this it took much longer to disengage the implants from their pockets. Dr. Rex was excellent. My right side required much more local than the left. He stopped whenever I felt any discomfort. I suggest for anyone going to have explant in office to take some type of med for anxiety. I meditated my way through and I'm also used to the OR setting so I was comfortable with the sounds and equipment. I could go to work if I wanted to. 6 hours post explant and no pain! No drains! Capsules intact...boobs warm and squishy! @ Kdianne966 I think my pancakes are smaller than yours but so happy I did it!

Pancake city

They are flatter and droopier today....oy hope things get better. Upper pole on right side looks more concave..

Incision is killing me!

Any pressure on the incision site hurts and itches...I can't stand to wear any sort of bra. Returning to work tomorrow.

Feeling much better!

Incisions feeling much better. Feeling so happy with the way my breasts feel. They bounce when I walk! Lol...very strange sensation.

More pics day 5

New and improved shape and dress

Feeling sleek and confident in a dress now

Day 7

They are feeling wonderful! Incisions are also better. I actually showed my hubby the left one and let him touch it! The right side still has a flat upper pole and less tissue...a little worried about that one.

Almost day 10

So I had removed the steri strips from the incision sites because they were so itchy and bothersome but I think I may have opened up one of the incisions. Doesn't look too bad though not really red does not look infected so I will just leave it be. Other than that not really any changes thus far

Two weeks post op

I think the fluff fairy was drunk when she came to see me. Looking a tad freakish with C cup left side and B cup flat right side. Ugh...I'd take either as long as they matched!

Day 1 vs Day 14

3 weeks post op

Went to PS today and he aspirated 105 CCs from my left breast of serosanguineous fluid. It feels so much better. He said usually when someone develops a seroma it can take up to 3 aspirations to completely clear it. So I have a follow up on Monday to see whether I need to have it done again.

3 months post

I absolutely love them! No additional problems.
Fall River Plastic Surgeon

Although Dr Rex was the first of my three consultation I immediately felt comfortable with him. He is very patient and took the time to explain all of my options. I am in the medical field and work with many doctors. His demeanor was excellent and very down to earth and caring. Because of that, I decided to go with him and not even go to my other consultations. Post explant: I'm very happy with the procedure performed by Dr. Rex. My explant was more involved than we anticipated but at every step Dr. Rex would explain what he was doing and stop and give me more local if I was uncomfortable. I highly recommend him.

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