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I've been using this site for a couple of months...

I've been using this site for a couple of months now and it's been my go-to for information and reviews, so I thought I'd give back with my story and also have a place to ask for feedback. I'm not ready to post bare pictures yet - but after my surgery I'll be brave so that I can contribute to this wonderful resource.

Like many ladies on here, I've been wanting breast implants since I realized I wasn't going to grow any naturally which was around age 15. I just could tell I had nothin' brewing lol. I was embarrased by my small chest for a long time (I used to think of them as 'bee stings' - yuck), but now that I'm older I've learned to embrace them. I don't hate them per say, but I have always been able to envision myself with breasts that are proportionate to my frame and I LOVE that vision :) My hips have always been about 10" wider than my waist and my chest just looked so out of balance. Going through with the surgery will change me from a pear shape to an hourglass and I'm all about that.

I went for my consultation on 10/2/15 to explore costs and learn more about the process. Dr. Babbitt was very easy to talk to, and once I realized the expense was doable for me, I got so excited at the thought of going through with it. I thought about it for a couple of weeks, going back and forth and bouncing thoughts off of a couple close friends and my boyfriend, then decided to go for it. My surgery is booked for 12/3 - it's 2 weeks away at this point and it's becoming so real now.

I go back and forth with my feelings at this point - one day I'm SO EXCITED for it then the next day I'll be a ball of worries over everything - how they will look after, how I will feel about replacing them when the time comes, what I would look like if I had them removed, if I should spend the money, etc.

The doctor was really helpful in helping me decide on the size - he was very confident that 350cc high profile mentor silicone gel would be perfect for me. When I tried on the sizers the 350 felt way to big, but he assured me that the final result would be closer to the 300cc sizers after all was said and done. The 300cc sizers were my favorite, so this seemed like a good choice. I have been kind of obsessing over size though since then, so went back this past Monday to talk more about it. I brought pictures of what I liked and didn't like and let him know that I'd be more upset if they were too big than too small (I think the opposite of many women). I'm VERY active - I go to they gym every day, love to snowboard, hike, etc. so I don't want overly large breasts getting in my way. During my meeting on Monday, he said very confidently that he felt the 350cc were my 'sweet spot' and that he was actually glad I was worried about them being too big as he prefers a natural look on women.

So, I stuck with the 350cc and that's my final choice! Now I'm at the point of wavering between if I should cancel at the last minute or go through with it. I want them so bad and am fine with the recovery process, but I'm most nervous about what it will mean for 50, 70, 90 year old me. Do any ladies have any similar thoughts or experience? I don't want to hold back but I also like to make good choices in life, ya know?

That's it for now - I'll update more now that I've broken down and started my review. I hope to hear from anyone going through a similar thought process!

4 More Days!

It's feeling SO REAL right now! It's Sunday and on Thursday by noon I'll be through my surgery. I'm spending the day today cleaning the house and getting setup with the help of my boyfriend (who is awesome and so helpful). I am realizing that I actually don't have a whole lot to do to get ready which is a nice feeling. I'm going to have lots of help after my surgery so I don't really need to go crazy with food prep or stocking up on things - very grateful for that! I'm feeling some anxiety but mostly excitement. I've got a few swimsuits and a dress that I'm going to take 'before' pics in so that I have good comparison for after :) Woo!

Tick Tock

Only two more full days of work until it's B-Day! I'm in a very positive mood and am determined to keep my head in the right space leading up to my special day. I am a big believer that you can manifest your own health and destiny to a certain extent, so I'm putting all of my energy into being extra positive, healthy, and upbeat this week. I have some nervousness about the procedure for sure, but I'm past tossing back and forth about my decision and am all in and feeling confident.

I saw my PCP today (actually she is a Nurse Practitioner) and she was so excited for me. It made me feel great to have her support - she thinks I'll do great and will love my result.

I called the office today to make sure I'm not missing anything and it's looking like I'm good to go! Surgery is scheduled for 6:45AM on Thursday morning, and my boyfriend is taking the day off to bring me. I have an awesome wedge pillow to help me sleep upright, snacks and meals prepped, a clean house and laundry, and a partridge in a pear tree lol.

The bra he is putting me in is called the Under Armour 'gotta have it' bra - it's a basic compression-style sports bra. I'm happy about that - I can put it to use after the surgery as well since it's a good quality item.

I guess now I just sit and twiddle my thumbs and try to get work done without daydreaming of my adorbs new bosoms :P

Surgery Center Confirmed!

Just got my final call - the surgery center confirmed my arrival time of 6:45 AM. I'm happy to find out that I can use a silicone plug to keep my nose piercing open - yay! I'm going to take some 'before' pics now so that I can post comparisons after my surgery. I intend to document my journey here over the course of the next year not only to get support from the community, but also to provide anyone researching the same benefit that I've received from reading other's journeys. Onward to boobland!

My Throne!

I've got my recovery throne all set up in my guest room. I want to dive into it now!

It's done!

Woo I'm on the other side! Just a quick check in because I'm definitely out of it lol. I'll post my full experience about the surgery in a day or so. I'll just say everything went great, super smooth, and was a success. Dr. Babbitt was so nice going in, and the team at the clinic were fantastic. My girls look so perfect size wise so far - I can't see them yet but snapped a shot with the bra. Pain has ranged from 6/10-9/10 so up n down for sure. Loaded a quick before pic too! xo

The Big Reveal!

Alright so it's the day after my surgery and just popping in for an update. I actually feel MUCH better than expected. I went to my first post-op appointment earlier today, and have been pretty self sufficient all day. I'm feeling generally good - no nausea or anything. Pain is holding steady at about a 3 or 4/10 so not terrible by any means. It feels kind of like I cracked a rib, which probably sounds worse than it is lol. I've been keeping up with the percocet as they really do help. Lots of water and apple juice and I graduated from saltines to cantaloupe and yogurt this morning.

At my appointment, my doc said that I'm looking great and took off the bandages and padding. So now it's just me and my bra! I got my first look at the girls and I can't even believe how great they look already. I can't even believe this is my body! The size is EXACTLY what I was hoping for, and I can attribute that 100% to Dr. Babbitt who did such a great job recommending the 350cc for my frame. I'm so glad that I trusted him - it was the best decision I could have made.

I am cleared to shower later today which will be nice. No massage this week - he said we'll talk about that next Friday at my 2nd post op appointment. Basically my instructions are to minimize use of my upper body, not put my arms above my head, and take it easy with no lifting, (no hair washing), etc. I'm cleared - and encouraged - to walk so that's awesome. Nothing crazy - like no fitness walking - but getting out for a stroll in the nice weather today sounds great.

My night last night was not bad at all, and I even slept off and on quite a bit. I'm sleeping in a seated position with an amazing pillow that i got from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (Brookstone 4-in-1 wedge pillow) and a bunch of regular pillows stuffed around me. Thanks to advice I learned on here, I set alarms for my meds and made sure to stay on schedule even throughout the night so I didn't wake up in total pain this morning.

Everyone who has come to visit me so far (a few friends and my mom) can't get over how coherent I am and how healthy I look, so that's good news! A+ so far on my journey ladies. I'll update again soon :)

Day 2

Phew, made it to day 2. I've been sleeping a LOT. I've always found that when I get sick or injured my body wants a ton of sleep to repair itself, so I'm keeping true to that. I've been getting out of bed at least every 4 hours (med time) to walk around and loosen up. The doctor and hospital staff said its key to prevent blood clots in my legs and lungs, plus to be honest it makes me feel good to get up and slog around my house lol.

Belly is wicked bloated, and def have the constipation everyone talks about. I had some milk of magnesia yesterday so I'll keep that up. It's not a dire situation yet so fingers crossed!

I'm cleared to shower so my bf is going to help me with that later. I'm sure it'll feel amazing to clean up. Not gonna bother with my hair though, I don't even want to go there ha ;)

I've been taking one perc every 4 hours and it's been enough to keep me fairly comfortable. I took 2 at once yesterday during my worst pain - after the doc took off my bandges and padding - and 2 was too much. I could feel the narcotic effect and it wasn't pleasant, so one at a time for me.

I'll post an updated pic after my shower if things are looking any different :)

Showered n relaxing

I just took my first post op shower and it felt great and so relaxing! A lot of the markings rinsed away with no effort, so I'll post a cleaner pic here. I look super bloated still but I know it's temporary. Also a pic here of one of the incisions which looks healthy too. I'm still impressed by how healthy the girls look for day 2 post op :) I walked around the block twice today as well because my butt was getting twingy from all of the sitting ha. That's it for me today, just gonna take it easy now.

Muscle Twinges?

I'm awake at 4am because my pill alarm went off lol. Im noticing some new sensations in my boobs now. Still on 5mg Percocet every 4 hours. I'm noticing now there are 'twinges' in the muscle under and around my boob. Super weird feeling. More so around the outside than the inside - I'm guessing it's my body responding to me starting to be a bit more mobile. I'm gonna take it extra easy today to make sure I don't push anything. Such weird feelings!

Before and After - Day 3 Post

Big Update: 12 Days Post - Changes, pain, ups & downs

I'm finally getting around to posting an update here. First I thought I wanted to deactivate my account, but then I changed my mind so here I am :)

I'm 12 days post-op today and can't believe how much my boobs have changed in that short time. It really is true that what you see the days following surgery are just the beginning. I was a little sad they were so 'pointy' to begin with, but now only 12 days out I can see them rounding and filling out how I thought they would. I'm not familiar enough with all the lingo (upper pole, etc) to speak it, but I will say that the top part of each breast has remained full while the bottom, underneath the nipple, has started rounding out nicely creating a more balanced aesthetic. My right breast is slightly ahead of the left but they are pretty close.

I started massage as of this past Friday. I don't enjoy it - it's actually rather uncomfortable - but I understand it's purpose so I've been diligent about it. I was instructed on very specific massage - only under my nipple/above the incisions and 'inward' - not upward at all. So interesting how each doctor has their own instructions. I'm definitely being a good patient and following all of his orders. My doctor also has an excellent Nurse Practitioner in his office that I've seen a few times - Christina - who is awesome and very knowledgable. She is the one who showed me how to do the massage.

I had what I would call a fairly rough week after surgery. I ended up with a yeast infection from the antibiotics that I was prescribed and gained about 6lbs. I also have been housebound - I work from home so essentially have only left to go to my 2 appointments. All of this combined led me to feel a a bit depressed and my doctor recognized it right away when he saw me on Friday. He explained that it's normal to have a 'low' after surgery as you recover. The medications and change in lifestyle, plus the pain and recovery and new body shape can mean different things in different people. To combat the blues, I have made a point to walk every day and not stay up too late at night. Today I walked 3 miles for the first time since surgery and it felt great. I also tightened up my diet to ensure I don't gain any real weight while I'm not able to workout, as I know that will get me down. I'm hoping to lose the 6lbs of 'water weight' that I gained last week, then maintain as best I can from there until I'm cleared for the gym.

I'm still experiencing some pain, though at this point it's better described as constant sensation. I can actively feel my breasts at any given time and it's not really painful per say, but distracting and not that pleasant. But it really is improving so I'm ok with it. My breasts are also itchy and the incision site is even itchier! Argh! :oP

My incisions are healing wonderfully and it looks like the scar will be very thin. I've had no issues with them whatsoever, so am glad about that. I'm instructed to just leave them alone and let the dermabond fall off on it's own. No stitches to get out or anything to be removed which I'm THRILLED about. Once the dermabond is off, I can start using the scar away - I'm guessing I'm at least a week out from that if not more.

So that's it in a nutshell! I've got some progress pics to load here - some are 'before and after' and the ones with the dates are all post-op.
Fall River Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Babbitt is an excellent, professional surgeon and a kind and thoughtful person. I had my BA surgery with on 12/3/15, and my experience has been nothing but positive. The entire process to this point, from the consultation through the post-op care thus far, has been smooth sailing. I am thrilled with the size and look of my implants so far, and credit Dr. Babbitt 100% with recommending the perfect size for me. He did not pressure my decision, but he was very confident in his recommendation and made me feel comfortable trusting him. I also am so impressed by the entire team that he had by his side the day of the surgery - everyone was amazing, kind, funny, and professional. His in-office team are awesome as well, very kind, informative, and patient. I highly recommend Dr. Babbitt - I'm grateful that I made the good decision of selecting him as my surgeon.

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