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I've always wanted a fuller chest, and after I had...

I've always wanted a fuller chest, and after I had my first daughter I expected to over night grow breast lol. Instead they blew up huge and then fell down. Over the past 3 years I have had 3 babies so life has been crazy. My body has been through a lot and changed so much and I really want to do something to make myself feel and look better , not just mom boobs ! I scheduled my surgery for October 7th with dr.Koehler and silicone 400-500 (haven't decided yet) moderate plus implants ! I cannot wait I'm extremely excited! My husband had taken a week off for help with our babies so hopefully that should be enough time!

Pre op over!

Just got back from my pre op appointment, it just made everything more real! My doctor did a 3D imaging on me and we decided with 445 natrelle implants ! October 7 is my surgery day!

Nerves starting to kick in

Two more days until surgery! I'm really excited , but also really scared! I bought all my after care I will need like straws , ice packs, and food stocked in a mini fridge next to my bed lol. Something I totally didn't think about is that my period is supposed to start the same day as surgery :( oh well. I picked up all my prescriptions yesterday and I've been cleaning the house like a mad woman , now it's the waiting game.

On the other side

Just got home and took a nap. Extremely drugged up, a little sore and not as bad as o thought . I'll do an update once I'm able to take a shower tomorrow

After surgery photos

Had my surgery this morning, I still have some swelling but overall I'm really happy. I was worried I went too big but I think the size goes well with my body!

Everything is sore and tight

The pain started to kick in last night, just a lot of tightness. It feels the same as when my milk came in and I didn't pump it. Not sure how much my breast are going to drop but I like them so far ! :)

Had my pre op, and bad bruises :(

So about two or three days after my surgery o got these bad boys :( i feel fine up top and ps said it looks okay and took my stitches out. He told me to switch to a normal sports bra now so that's good. Also my implants are still pretty hard so I can't squish them together

Should've gone bigger

I'm happy with the size more than my before photos but I definitely would've gone a little bigger . I got 445. But I'm happy. Just waiting for them to be soft. I feel like they're pretty dropped For 6 days .

Loving the ladies

It's been a while since I posted a picture but I'm really loving how they turned out !
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