! 375/400cc Silicone Moderate Plus

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I have wanted breast implants since before I had...

I have wanted breast implants since before I had kids. I have always been a small B cup. I have a curvy body and always felt like I was missing the curves on top. When I nursed my kids my breasts got to be a full C small D and I absolutely loved them. It surprised me how much better it made me feel about myself. I knew after I was finished having kids I was going to have breast augmentation.

I actually like the shape of my breasts and I love the natural hang they have. They are just deflated and I want the volume back. I definitely want a natural full look. I am going with moderate plus silicone implants but I am not decided on the size. My doctor recommended doing a larger implant on the left breast since it is smaller. Initially I wanted 350 on the right and 375 on the left but now I am thinking 375/400. I am 5'5", 140 lbs and thin I could go a little larger.
In addition to my breasts being uneven in size, my areola is larger and lower on my right side. My doctor said they would have to do a full lift to fix it but that scar on one side is just not worth it to me. I know they will never be perfect I just want the size and volume back so I am just getting the implants. I cannot wait!!

Help! Should I do 375 or 400cc?

I need help! I don't know if I should do 350/375 or 375/400. Is there a big difference. Did anyone get the 375 and wish they did 400? Or vice versa? I don't want mine to look too big in a bathing suit. Do the rice sizers really help? Any help would be appreciated!

Tomorrow is the Pre Op

I go for my pre op tomorrow morning and I cannot wait! I can't wait to try on the implants again with my clothes to help me decide what size. I have decided I just am going to focus on the size that looks good on me with the breast tissue I have and not worry about cup size. I see a 350 mod + look huge on some girls and a 400 look small on others. I am just going to go by what I feel comfortable with and what my surgeon recommends. Wish me luck!

Picked a size! Mentor Silicone 375/400 moderate plus!

Wow, what a day! I cannot believe how crazy I was today. I am normally a very calm person but I had many times today when I second guessed the size! I tried on the 350/375 and it just didn't feel like that much. Then I tried on the 375/400 and I liked the way they looked. My doctor told me they would end up being a little bit smaller because they would be pressed down under the muscle. We said ok on the size and he and the nurse left. Well all of a sudden I started panicking and thinking wait, they look big and I like them but that's under a sports bra, what are they going to look like in a real bra!? So I got undressed again and tried the smaller sizes on to make sure. The nurse came back in and started laughing when she saw me and my sister back in the "boob closet". She was so helpful and reminded me it really is going to depend on the bra I wear how they will look under clothes. I can still dress them down and be conservative for work or push them up if I want. She reassured me that the size I picked was in the middle of the range the doctor said I should stay within, and they did not look too big for my frame. Dr Koehler came back in and really explained to me the sizing and that there was actually no change in the projection of the 375 to the 400. I just got really focused on the number and thinking it sounded too big. What I found out was projection the width of the implants differ so much not only between the moderate, moderate plus and high profiles but also major differences in measurements between silicone and saline. So to all the ladies out there, if you see someone who went 400 and it looks huge, it doesn't mean it will look like that on you. I know I really needed to hear that. I love this site because there is is much helpful information on it but it can be difficult and conflicting when you see one size look one way on a girl and look completely different on someone else. The thing I have learned through this process is to trust what looks good on me and what my doctor recommends. If I like the way it looks I don't need to worry about numbers and trust what my doctor and nurses are telling me. The 375/400 was on the verge of being too big and I know I would not want to go any bigger but the 350/375 just didn't feel like enough. And since my doctor told me I will lose some volume, 375/400 it is!!!
So don't feel like a crazy person if you are struggling too! It's hard for a lot of people. I really turned into an airhead today because of all the worrying and anxiety. I even forgot to bring my money to pay for the surgery! Hello! Oh we'll we all have our moments. Now for the next 10 days to fly by! :)

Trying on implants

This is the 375/400 that I was happy with. :) can't wait!

More pics

Surgery is tomorrow!

Ok the nerves have started to set in. I can't believe tomorrow is the big day! I have waited for this for so long I am so excited it's finally here! I go in at 6:30 for my surgery at 8:30 am. I am going with Mentor 375/400 moderate plus silicone implants. I will update tomorrow. Here are some last before pics of bras I will hopefully fill up after tomorrow!

Some more before pics

Boobs are here!

I made it!
Will post some pics tonight but I so happy already. They are little night but not too bad. Implants only and my unevenness and nipple placement has changed for the better. I wasn't expecting it to be so good!

Day of surgery!

Post Op day 2

Post Op Surgery

Now that I am feeling back to normal here is my surgery story. The whole experience was really nice and easy. The nurses were so sweet and kind, I loved the anesthesiologist and my doctor was awesome. He said he would try his best to make them as even as possible. He marked me up and they gave me some feel good medicine and that's the last thing I remember. I remember barely being awake in the recovery room and then my husband came in. It took me a while to wake up but the nurse came in and said I would be really happy with the results. We came home and I slept most of the way home. I slept for most of the day, not a lot of pain just tightness and soreness. Took one of the pain medicines and it made me start gagging so I didn't take anymore and switched to ibuprofen and have been managing it pretty well.

Today I feel pretty good. Still like to lay on the couch and bed but I feel good. I get to take a shower this afternoon and I know that will make me feel even better! So so happy with my results!

Day 3

Last night was the first night I didn't take my pain medicine through the night and I woke up in some pain. It could be a combination of that and the "morning boob" I have seen other people talk about. My boobs are just so tight and uncomfortable and hard! When do they start to soften up? And when did you start massages? Also the surgical bra they sent me home in has gotten super tight and is uncomfortable. I am calling my dr today to see if I can switch to something else. He told me to keep it on until my post op next Monday. I will take some more pics later today to see if they have changed. I think I am finally ready to try on some bathing suits and tops with the new girls!

Some new pics

Still high and tight but already loving the results!

Day 3 pics

More pics

Old bathing suits, new me!

Day 5

I am off all meds except antibiotics and it feels good. I went for a walk this morning and got really tired. I am getting used to taking a nap everyday ! I have more mobility but don't think I can drive yet. I had to just move the car and I could feel my chest muscles flexing so I will wait a little longer. I was able to partially lay on my side last night which felt sooo good. Slowly getting back to normal.


Just wanted to add that I am so happy with my size for those of you who are still deciding. When trying on sizers I went with the size that seemed a tad too big and it's perfect. They actually look huge naked and with clothes and a sports bra on I wouldn't want them to look any bigger. So I actually hope the swelling will go down a bit more so I will be able to wear an actual bra without feeling huge. But I did have some last minute freak outs where I almost called and changed the size for one size bigger but I am sooo glad I didn't. I like to wear push up bras and want to be able to push the girls up when I want to and not feel like Pamela Anderson. So the best advice I can give is find a surgeon that let's you try on implants and go with what you like the look of. It was almost exact for me. I will post some comparison pics tomorrow of my sizers and actual. Good luck it is so worth all of the time and research!


When does this tightness/heavy feeling in my chest go away?! Is this normal? Sometimes it feels hard to breathe. Will I just get used to the new weight or does it get better as they soften up. Surely everyone who has breast implants doesn't feel them hanging all the time? I guess they still feel foreign. When will they feel like mine?

Looking more natural every day!

Day 7

Feeling really good and much more like normal. Went Black Friday shopping all day and boobies feel great. Swelling has gone down thank goodness. I tried on bras today at Victoria's Secret! I got two 36d wireless bras and love the look and feel of them. I tried on the incredible and it was way too much under clothes. I liked the look of just my boobs, something I thought would never be possible :)

Day 9/Comparison Pics

They are starting to feel more like me every day. I am having a difficult time with bras though. I bought two wireless bras from VS
This weekend and I tried some shirts on with them and my boobs look huge under clothes! Maybe I am just not used to it. I don't know if I am going to keep the bras or not. My favorite bra under clothes and comfort wise is this cheap $10 bra from Walmart. I think it's Hanes. But it looks natural under clothes and I like the shape. I tried on some of my old 36c push-up bras (from when I did have boobs) and they did not fit and made my boobs looked big! Couldn't wear under clothes but my husband would love them! I can definitely tell I am not ready for underwire though. It was hurt putting it on.

I go tomorrow for my first post op appointment. Excited to see what he says and ready to get this tape off and see my incision. So far pretty good, just starting to get itchy.

First Post Op

Well I went to my first post op appointment and everything went great! He said I have already dropped enough that I could start wearing an underwire bra to keep them where they are. He said I could wear wireless if I wanted them to drop some more. But we both agreed they look good where they are now and they are even at the top. So underwire here I come! I am not crazy about the wireless ones I just bought anyways so I will take those back. He told me to put neosporin on my scars for the next week and then I can start mederma.

I am so happy with the size and shape of my boobs. My doctor did such a good job and far exceeded my expectations. They look so much better than I ever thought they could. It is crazy how sometimes they can look huge and sometimes smaller. But the size is perfect for me and I am so happy I did this. No regrets at all!

Got fitted, 34DD

Well I took a couple of bras rhat I just didn't like the fit back to Victorias Secret. I told them I needed to be sized and they put me in a 34DD! Couldn't believe how much better they fit! I tried on a bunch of different kinds but ended up with the Incredible- which is just that, so so comfortable and have me great support and shape. And I got the very sexy because it was a great push up bra that gave me great cleavage. I did have trouble finding a strapless bra that I was happy with though, and I tried on every one they had. I will just look somewhere else for that. But other than that so happy with my purchases!

Recovery so far

Hey girls! It has been over two weeks since my surgery and I can't believe how fast it has gone. My recovery has been soooo easy. I feel completely normal except I can tell I am a little weak in my chest muscles. I am still taking it easy and not lifting anything heavy though. I showed the girls to some friends this weekend and everyone couldn't believe how they looked after two weeks! I am so grateful to be having an easy recovery. I have read that some women really struggle and take months to look normal. I still have some numb spots but I haven't felt any shooting pains yet. Maybe that comes later?
Now that they have settled a bit I will say I could have gone bigger and it wouldn't have been too much. I am happy with my size though. I like the size and look naked and with clothes. Soo happy with my boobs!

16 days post op

3 weeks post op

I cannot believe it has already been over 3 weeks since my surgery! I have been feeling great. I went to the gym for the first time yesterday and it felt so good to get back in there! I did some lower body workouts, the stair climber and some fast walking. I could definitely tell I had not been in there in a while because I got tired so quick. I am just going to take it slow and ease back in to the routine. I could do some lower ab stuff but when I tried to do side planks I couldn't hold it for long at all because I could feel it pull on my chest.

My boobs have dropped some more and look a little smaller to me since I lost some of the upper fullness. But if I pull my shoulders back they look bigger again. They still look big in my bras when they are all lifted up. Naked they still look big. Sometimes they look small in the pictures though.
I have had to sleep in a sports bra at night still. I went without one and they just moved too much. I sleep better when they are kind of held down :)
Overall I have been feeling great though. I haven't had any zingers like I have seen so many talk about. Are mine late getting here?
My scars are doing well. I start mederma this week. I have the kind of stitches that they don't remove. To me it feels like fishing line. But I have a small piece that sticks out on one side. Should I cut it? I really don't see how these will dissolve? Does anyone else have sutures like this?

Before and after

Soo much better!

Merry Christmas

5 week update! I have been feeling great. Started back at the gym. Definitely have some limitations but felt good to get started again. I love my boobs!

7 week update

Hey girls! Everything has been going great. I went to my second post op appointment today and I have been cleared for everything! Yay! I have missed doing my normal routine at the gym! Going through the holidays with little gym time has definitely softened me up! My dr told me everything looked great. I really have had zero to complain about for a while now. It has been such a wonderful experience.
I ordered a bunch of bathing suit tops from Victoria's Secret when they had their semi annual sale and I officially cannot wait for summer! I will post some pics of the tops soon and do a review. It feels so good to be confident and actually fill out a bathing suit top. Last summer I had to put two swim paddings in each side to fill out my tops. And now I can't even fit in them.

4 week/7 week comparison

I thought they hadn't changed but I can tell they have filled in a little more on the bottom and on the sides. Side boob is also something I wasn't planning for but I totally love!

16 day and 7 week side profile

Bathing suit time!

Here are the tops I got!

10 Week Update

I can't believe it has been 10 weeks! I couldn't even remember what they were like before so I did some comparison pictures from before and now and WOW! This was so worth the time, money and stress I put into it. They are so soft and natural looking and feeling. I feel great with or without a bra which is just so nice. It gives me so much confidence. I can sleep on my stomach comfortably which I am so happy about. I have been going back to the gym and it had been pretty good. You can forget doing a push up though. I can't even do one with my knees down. It feels like my chest is going to rip open, so I am taking it slow with that. But I have been going to spin class, running and doing a cardio combo class with lots of jumping and they have been fine. Other than that life has been good!

7 month update

Bathing suits!

My boobs have dropped a lot and are so so soft. I cannot feel the implant at all! The side boob I have is what has surprised me the most. I haven't been able to find a bathing suit top that can cover them completely. But I just totally love them. They are so natural looking and feeling and I couldn't be happier!
Mobile Physician

My whole experience with Dr. Koehler's office was wonderful. From his office to his staff to his nurses, everything is top notch. He made me feel very comfortable and gave me a realistic expectation of my results. Well he exceeded what I thought he could do for me. I have had no bruising and no frankenboob! They really have looked great from the start and that is obviously skill on his part

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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