5'11 29yo 560cc Texture Silicone Post Breastfeeding - Fairfield, CT

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It's the night before my breast implant surgery! I...

It's the night before my breast implant surgery! I am 29 years old, 5'11 and about 168 pounds (depending on my gym habits and the time of the month that number on the scale fluctuates pretty greatly).. I have an almost 5 year old son that I adore and before him I was a natural D/DD.. I breast fed for 13 months and am now border between a full B/modest C cup. I am looking to replace the volume in my breasts and gain back the ability to fill out my tops! It's the night before my 7:30am surgery. I have a lot of help for the next 10 days with my son and took 11 days off from work (thankful!) I am looking forward to my new assets, and putting this surgery behind me! I workout regularly (and work at a gym) I can't wait to get back to my routine!..My doctor says I don't actually need a lift. I have mild asymmetry as my left breast is a bit droopier than the right one (my son favored nursing left) I'm not worried about being completely even. We aren't doing a lift and I'm not looking for exact twins- good lookin sisters with full plump volume is good for me! Wish me luck!

First day

Feeling good so far.. It's midnight first night post op feeling sore and heavy. It's hard to sleep but I'm finding comfortable enough positions. My body woke me up 45 mins before my next muscle relaxer was due so I'm glad I got that in me now. Happy the surgery is behind me and I can drink plenty of water and invite in healing energy. I am very swollen but loving my volume so far despite the armpit swelling! The bra they provide makes it hard to take good pics but we will try again tomorrow! Wish me rejuvenator sleep! Going to try to get more shut eye before the next round of meds are due in 3 hours! Xox sweet dreamzzz. It's my first night sleeping after surgery.. 12:30 in the middle of the night I'm pretty sore- my body woke me up 45 mins before I was due for my next muscle relaxer. Just took it with plenty of water and some saltines- also ate 3 small dried prunes as many ladies talked about the constipation that comes along with all of these pain killers. I'm quite swollen especially the outside of the left breast/ right where my armpit is. I'm no baby to pain it is quite intense but manageable once I've relieved myself and find a comfortable position to lay in. I have a feeling I'll be up and down half the night but it's ok water and some movement should help me heal. The fact that I got my period the morning of my surgery (20 mins before op time) has helped ensure that I get up every few hours to change my tampon! Oh to be a woman! Feeling positive and keeping my mood happy and relaxed I am praying and inviting in healing energy to surround me and help me improve faster.. Next alarm set for 3 hours for now to take pain meds- here's to sweet dreamzzz.. I'm sure I'll be back soon.. Nite!

First full day of recovery.. 24 hours out of surgery

Feeling good this morning. Still very swollen but I'm having an easier time standing up and am not afraid of being home alone for 6 hours (boyfriend and mother both have to go back to work today for a bit). I woke up about 3 times last night right on track with the times I needed to take my meds. I'm drinking plenty of water and organic fruit juices as well and nibbling on saltines to help prevent potential nausea. Eating a few prunes here and there still to help prevent long term constipation (cool with me as I love prunes!) I'm relaxing today with a new Doreen Virtue book, Netflix, and the new issue of Cosmo. Happy to see my girls are looking good and despite the puffy lateral swelling by my armpits everything is beautiful and I feel happy and a bit less top heavy today. It felt good to go outside for 5 minutes with a nice cup of coffee and to have my boyfriend brush my hair and lotion my legs. I am a lucky girl. I know my years at the gym and daily hydration (usually a gallon a day gym rat) have laid a healthy foundation for a speedy recovery. So far so good! Will continue to update as I progress! Surgery went well. Getting out of the hospital bed and the ride home were the worst part. I'm happy to be home. Already drank a pressed juice, some strawberries, and saltines. Took a few cat naps and feel good sitting still. Such a heavy pressure pain while standing but that's to be expected. My boyfriend is taking stellar care of me. Loving the full volume of my breasts even with ALL of the swelling!


Feeling good today! A lot of the heaviness I was feeling has subsided- I would say about 50% already! Drinking tons of fluids.. Water, pressed juices, saltines, and a salad all did my body good today. I took miralax late this morning and was happy to have a BM before which was slightly painful but bareable- I know all of these painkillers make a body constipated so I'm trying to prevent it! Prunes here and there are helping too. My appetite is steady and I'm happily sipping water all day. I finally peeked at my breasts full on for the first time for about 30 seconds and they are GORGEOUS! I am thrilled with the results. Some of the swelling is already subsiding and bruising is at a minimum. I couldn't snap a pic as I wanted to resnap my bra there was some heavy discomfort with setting them free. If I had to guess I would say I'm looking like a solid DD (worked at VS in my early twenties lol). So excited to continue to feel good and heal! So happy and already can tell this was worth it!

Midnight update 2nd night

So it's midnight on the second night after surgery: slept for a few hours and boy did I wake up in pain/ swollen on the sides where I have been swelling. Sleep is crucial to recovery but it sucks waking up in such pain. I was due for pain meds and took an extra half of a pill to help with the extreme discomfort. It's also the end of day 2 of my period which doesn't help my case! Other than swelling (normal) and heaviness (also normal) my new girls are doing wonderful and I know a lot of this is from sleeping in one position for the last 3 or so hours. time to try to sleep some more before my next round of muscle relaxers and antibiotics are due in 90mins :-/ I set an alarm to help remind me to take my meds but it isn't a full proof system as I need sleep and sometimes wake up overdue. I'm alone in my family room tonight- boyfriend has work early and didn't want to disturb me in the morning- it's nerve wracking but also very peaceful being by myself- reminds me of those early hours with a newborn- minus the crying baby part! Lol. Trying to smile and keep my spirits up while I wait for this extra dose of pain killer to kick in and relax me.. Xox

Late night pics

1:30am meds kicking in but now I'm awake! figured I'd share a few pics. Not overly bloated which is good and should continue to subside.. Keep in mind I'm 5'11.. Any tall girls wondering about size we really can carry more cc! These 560cc don't overwhelme me at all and I honestly haven't had any back pain which was an initial concern.. Loving all of my new target jammies! :)

Third day after surgery

Woke up today feeling well rested and happy. Just gave my breasts a nice genial lotion massage on the too/ my neck area which felt nice and well appreciated. My breasts feel softer than I expected (thank you extra skin from breast feeding) and the lotion absorbed right away giving them a nice hydrated gleam. I woke up around midnight feeling horrible but once my meds kicked back in I slept well and probably got a cumulative of about 7 or 8 (broken up) hours last night. I'm staying hydrated and enjoying the r&r. Be back soon!


Just took my first shower post survey! It's the end of day 3 and I was starting to feel itchy and uncomfortable. I didn't wash my hair but letting the water bead down my back and washing my face in the shower felt heavenly! I briefly turned around and let water run down my front but was mindful to keep it quick - just enough to feel nice and refreshed. Just lotioned the girls with unscented cetaphyl and the rest of my body soaked the lotion right up! I'm staying hydrated but lotion was much needed! Time to relax tomorrow morning is my post-op appointment and I can't wait to see what my dr has to say. The girls are looking good in my opinion.. The left side is more swollen but better than yesterday and all of my sleep today must have helped the healing process. Feeling happy, relaxed, and inviting in healing energy.. Post soon xox

Fourth day post op..

So here we are on Monday morning- surgery was Friday morning- I keep feeling better and better! Slept pretty well last night (still in a recliner in the family room. But the ac on high and a snuggly blanket kept me comfortable. I woke up a few times for water or meds but the pain is bareable and then woke once when my beautiful 4 year old son came down to lay on the couch so I "wouldn't have to be alone" he is so good to me! I woke up around 5 and had my Zyrtec (allergies) and took mirolax with cranberry juice- mild stool softener I will continue to take once a morning while I am taking all of these bloat inhibiting pain killers. I'm feeling good and have absolutely no regrets. I love my breasts they are gorgeous and I'm feeling better everyday. I even shopped the sale on express.com for a few cute items to score an extra 40% off. To anyone considering this surgery I would recommend it as long as you have a great doctor. I'm not even fully healed yet but the road to recovery is becoming easier hour by hour and I loved myself before and having my breasts enhanced is only making that love grow! Lotioning the breasts is super important for skin elasticity and healing so here are a few pics from just a little while ago :)

Dr update

Just got done with my post op visit and everything is healing great!! I got clearance to start weaning down my pain meds and the OK to do mild easy activities with friends and family- no driving until I'm fully off my pain meds. I'm having a relaxing day with my bff at home she's painting my nails and braiding my hair.. Tried on a previously too big bathing suit top and wanted to share a nice before and after!

5'11 29 Years Old 1 Child Breastfed

I am a very tall athletic woman (5'11, 168lbs) and was always well endowed. I lost volume due to breastfeedjng my gorgeous son for 13 months. I am only 4 days out of breast augmentation surgery and can already say it's 100% worth it. I've watched scary botched shows and surfed the Internet seeing scary stories. As long as you're doing it for the right reasons (for yourself) and find a well educated and experienced board plastic surgeon I say go for it! I personally saved up half the cost ($4,000 out of $8,000) for the procedure and have the balance on an interest free card for the next 7 months. In my opinion it isn't worth creating unrealistic debt for yourself! Save your money and do your research.

Before and after!

I used to fit in this bra pre-baby! I worked at VS in my early 20s and am looking forward to wearing some of the pieces I held on to! Here is a little before and after for ya! Mind you im only 3 days post surgery.. Things will continue to soften and fall into place :)

Pics that didn't post

Feelin good!

Lounge kinda day! Bff was over to braid my hair like the Khaleesi I am! Love that I have a full bust even in a thin sports bra and thin tank! So happy I won't need to worry about padding anymore!! I did go to target for a bit to restock up on fresh juices and it tired me out! Thinking I'll spend tomorrow sleeping! No need to overdue it at all!

4 days post op

So today is officially the 4th day post op (surgery was Friday morning it is now Tuesday afternoon!) and I feel as though the worst is finally behind me! I slept through the night (about midnight-6:30ish) and woke up to take two Motrin instead of narcotics. I did take an oxycodone around 10 last night which helped me get a good nights sleep. I'm taking my dr's advice and starting to ween off of the heavier medications today. I'm not going to prevent myself from taking them if I feel I need it but I am trying to detoxify my body and get back to being myself! Yesterday I took much less and today- so far none! Other than Motrin this morning I'm med-free which is a good feeling but I do feel a dip in my mood. I know this is typical when coming off of narcotics and I'm trying to keep my spirits up. My good friend just came by and her visit did lift my mood and she had me laughing! My Breasts are sore but bareable. The bra is a bit tight but not overly constricting. Wondering if I should ask my mom to stop and buy me an XXL as this is an XL and I'm wondering if a tad bigger would be more comfortable. It's strange that with some movements I can almost sense the implant in my right breast- is this normal? Have any of you ever experienced this? Like I feel a shift or movement or something. Looking foreword to enjoying my new girls and getting my energy and regular mood back on track! Love and peace to all ;)

5 days post op

Had a nice full nights sleep (about 6-7 hours) and migrated from my recliner over to the couch (flat back of course) which felt awesome! It was nice to lay out more as I'm 5'11!! After 5 days without washing my hair (ew) I drove for the first time today (after dr clearance since I'm off narcotics during the day) and went to the salon for a wash an blowout. NEEDED the scalp scrub it felt so good but I'm still not comfortable driving. I don't think I will again for at least a few days. Taking it easy now. My boobs are incognito in my compression bra and dark green tank def minimizes the look ;) my friend/trainer stopped by today and was pleased to see I didn't go "too big" for my form.. Happily only took 2 Motrin (and my last antibiotic-yay) today and I'm pretty comfortable overall minus the weird sensation I get of the implant moving around a bit- especially on the right side. Dr office says it takes some time for the implant to "grip" and the capsule to form so I just need to rest and let it happen..Just trying to rest and relax. Not overdoing it and am planning on just hanging home tomorrow with my clean hair ;) Snuggled up now with my favorite blanket, water, and Gilmore girls reruns.

6 days post op

Feeling pretty good overall today. Drinking tons of water and sat outside for about 15 minutes- the sun felt so good! It's hot and humid here so that was about all I could take. Still limiting my arm movement but had a great nights sleep and doing well during the day with just Motrin! I'm feeling good and very happy with my results so far. Ordered a bunch of beautiful (and inexpensive) lingerie off of amazon ;) looking forward to feeling better and better every day and for the "capsule to form" in my breast so I feel less awkward with them.. Happy day home with my dog today! Xo

One week!

I can't believe it's already been a week! In some ways it feels like yesterday and in others it feels like I've been laying around for a lot longer! I'm happy to be more and more myself everyday. Drove comfortably for the first time today & went for a mani/pedi then to target to grab a new bikini top ;) it felt good to grab a D/DD triangle top and it fit perfectly! Feeing happy and healthy overall. Staying hydrated and eating healthy feels good too. Ordered some stuff from express that came today and it was nice to see large was too big so I can exchange some of it this weekend for mediums.. Feeling good about myself still adjusting to my new twins it does feel awkward at times.. Love and light my friends!
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