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Surgery Day Surgery day February 23, 2012 and...

Surgery Day

Surgery day February 23, 2012 and I didn’t feel nerves until I was being wheeled back into the surgical suite. Dr. Klink and his entire staff were awesome at easing my mind before the procedure. He reiterated everything we had discussed to ensure we were still on the same page with my expectations, which was helpful. He is very meticulous in his procedures. He asked all the right questions and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision about my procedures. We discussed that I wanted a full C/small D for my breast augmentation (BA) and semi aggressive slim-lipo of the thigh and flank areas. So deep breath, a short prayer, and out I went :-)

Post-Surgery Night 1

The liposuction was by far more painful than the BA. Before being discharged, Dr. Klink's staff gave me pain meds and my wonderful, supportive husband kept me on my med schedule throughout the night. My pain was under control fairly quickly. I was able to get a good nights sleep.

Day 1

Woke up feeling pretty good. Not really any pain at all in my thighs or flank area surprisingly. Mostly soreness at the incision sites. My breasts are sore and tight. I had my first follow up this morning and Dr. Klink seemed impressed with everything so far. My breasts are riding really high right now, but that’s to be expected. Dr. Klink ensured me if it persisted he could fix it without a problem. Additionally, I found out that my implants are 575cc!! WOW! I was a small 36B before and I told him I wanted a full C/small D and showed him pictures. He estimated I would need approximately 400 – 450 cc’s to accomplish that look; but I turned out to need a bit more once he got in. I received Round Silicone Gel Mentor Moderate Plus 575cc’s on both sides and I absolutely love them. It’ looks exactly the size I wanted. It’ will be perfect once they drop and the swelling goes down. He explained that I had a wider space between my breast a needed a little larger implant to get the ideal cleavage. I am a curvy 165lbs standing about 67 inches. I think I’ll have a nice, enhanced hourglass figure. I also found out he removed a total of 1.6 liters of fat from my thighs and flank area.

I‘m not allowed to take the compression garment off until tomorrow to shower so I’ll see if I see any changes then. I don’t expect the changes to be that drastic; but my final result should be smooth and nice. At this point my biggest concern is how high my breast are riding. I’ll be sure to post before and after pictures once I can take my compression garment off.

Day 3 Besides feeling a little loopy off of the...

Day 3
Besides feeling a little loopy off of the drugs, I’m feeling great. Just a little soreness. Today was the first day I was able to take off my compression garment to shower so I was anxious to see how my lipo is progressing. Honestly I was a little underwhelmed. Besides the bruising, I can’t really tell a hugh difference in size. I wasn’t expecting drastic result but I was hoping to be a little more excited. I took pictures of my results and posted them below. I’ve also posted the before/after picture of my BA. They’re still riding high but getting a little better each day. The right boob seems to be dropping a little faster. I have another follow up with my surgeon y=tomorrow where I will address my concerns.

Day 4 My follow up with my surgeon went well....

Day 4

My follow up with my surgeon went well. He explained usually after lipo patient are bigger than before so the fact that I'm around the same size is a good sign. As you can can find all over the internet, it generally takes at least 6 months for the final results of lipo. He expects my result to be great. He gave me the strap to wear across my boobs to encourage my boobs to drop. I guess I had a pretty muscular pec muscle that's being pretty stubborn in letting my implant drop. Still, overall, I'm happy with my result thus far. If my implant hasn't dropped at the two month mark we discussed doing an additional procedure. I have another follow up Friday.

Day 9 Had another follow up with my surgeon today...

Day 9
Had another follow up with my surgeon today that went great. He said I was healing like a champ. I got my drains and my lipo stitches removed at my last follow up. This follow up he removed the stitches from my breast. He encouraged me to be patient as my implants drop and he promised I will have exactly the results I want :) I had increased muscle tone in my pec muscles before surgery so my muscle is really pushing my implant up. They're just going to take a little longer to relax than normal is what I was told. He did encourage me to continue to take the Valium and take Tylenol as needed for pain.
The SlimLipo results are great!!! I'm not lumpy or hard...just bruised and sore. My thighs are getting smaller and smoother each day. 1 week down in this compression garment!!! (Believe me I'm counting!) I don't really have a lot of swelling. It's just a waiting game now.
He's allowing me to start walking on the treadmill at an easy pace. I was pretty active in the gym before so it's hard for me to sit still. Overall I feel great! I have not one single regret.

11 Days Out Nothing new to report really. I see...

11 Days Out
Nothing new to report really. I see small differences in the size in my legs. They're smoothing out nicely. A little less soreness and swelling. Boobs still at my chin but I have noticed they've dropped just a little. Just playing the waiting game.

I had a BA on Feb 23rd and I'm super excited and...

I had a BA on Feb 23rd and I'm super excited and happy with the size so far. (Silicone 575cc Mentor Moderate Plus Unders). I have a trip at the end of April and I'm anxious to start shopping for swimsuits. My breast are sitting soooooo high right now and I hate it. My surgeon says they will drop a little slower because I had pretty good muscle tone and they just have to relax which could take longer in my case.

I've been wearing the band as much as I can tolerate to encourage faster dropping; but honestly I don't think it's helping. He also informed me there is an easy procedure he can do to help them fall into place if it's needed. That's great! But I guess I'm being a little impatient. My question is, how early can that procedure be performed? What is the recovery time? I know I will not be fully recovered by April but I still want to look great in a swimsuit.
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Klink and his staff are wonderful, attentive, thorough and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend him.

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