Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks, Upper Back/Gynecomastia - Fairfax, VA

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Bottom Line Up Front: Not happy w/results in...

Bottom Line Up Front: Not happy w/results in relation to the amount of time spent working out. With that being said I'm a 47y/o man who leads a active lifestyle and eats clean. By that I mean nothing fried and no red meat but not to the extreme of counting calories and weighing portions. I work out 4-5 times a week but seem to carry weight in the abdominal, flank, and lower back area. Regardless of routine cardio, HIIT training what I think I should be seeing I'm not. My expectations are to be able to see the rewards of the work I'm putting in. A more pronounced V shape, and back area along with abdominal definition I can see w/o the subcutaneous fat that covers them now. Gynecomastia, I have always noticed it but it has never been to the point that it was extreme in my opinion. It more so fit into the overall size proportion of my body. In my younger days I knew it was a possible side effort of steroid use. There is no way to correct gyno except to have the fatty tissue removed. So it seemed logical to have it done since the lower half was being worked on. For anyone considering this procedure I believe it's important to have realistic expectations of your results and do your research going in.

Pre-Op Photos

As they say you never truly see yourself until you do it through the lens of a camera. These pre-op photos truly captures what I saw in true form. Fat build up covering a good frame. The chest and front photos clearly show why I dec to also add the gyno procedure.

Day 2 Post Op

Went back today for post- op follow up. Pain wise I feel as if I have been repeatedly kicked in the stomach by someone wearing steel toed boots.

My body tempature is warmer than usual and I'm using the bathroom more than usual. The nurse says the constant voiding is my body getting rid of the tumescent and this is the reason I look bigger than when I came in.

I've started moving again but since every movement involves using my core muscles I'd say I'm a bit slow. Stay on top of your pain medication. If this means setting an alarm for the middle of the night then do it because playing catch up sucks.

Before/ 2 Days Post Op

10 Days Post Op

Let me start by saying follow the Dr's advice. All my seconds of med school did not serve me well and have made my recovery longer. Here are my mistakes:
1. Went to work following Monday
2. Went back to gym on Tuesday
3. Elevated heart rate by trying to run

Result swelling became very noticeable and looked bigger than pre op photos.

I never experienced the severe bruising and discoloration. I did not swell up down below. I was extremely swollen with minor discomfort. Still not terribly excited with the outcome so far but must remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. Wearing the compression garment is now becoming comfortable still doing a lot of pulling and tugging but more bearable.

Long Journey

Well as to date I'm 7 weeks out. The dr seems more happy with the results than I am. There is still some swelling and tingling which he says is normal and will continue. He says that even though I'm still a little swollen that I'm about 65% healed.

On a good note he has given me the green light to start back to lifting again. I must say going back at 3 days out was not my greatest idea.

I can see a difference especially when he put pictures side by side. I moved from the compression garment to a waist belt which is more comfortable. Which going back to the gym he did forewarn me about possible swelling. In my opinion he could have taken more out then he did but again I do see a difference. Personally I'm not completely sold on if this was overall worth it but we will see in the end.
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon

My dealings w/my Patient Coordinators (Seppy and Jeryl) were excellent in the handling of all the administrative data and scheduling that happens before hand. I started of w/over 10 Dr's and finally chose Dr. Lickstein of the Bitnar Institute in Virginia. He was very honest and upfront about the procedure and the amount of pain that would be involved. We discussed other methods such as Coolsculpting, Ultrashape, and Ultrashape Lipo and the results that you could expect with each in retrospect to the shape I was wanting to achieve. As well as doing it under local and general anesthesia. We went in depth on skin elasticity, muscle tone, and the amount of time to achieve the final results. I told him to be aggressive and thoroughly explained my expectations. He was very open to discussion and made himself available to all of my questions. Keep in mind I'm saying this now before surgery. I will update once the procedure is finished.

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