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I got smart lipo exactly 22 days ago on my...

I got smart lipo exactly 22 days ago on my stomach, flanks and inner thighs. I decided to do this procedure after trying diets, gyms, personal trainers, etc. I was gaining muscle, but not losing the fat in my stomach and flanks (or any weight for that matter), plus my inner thighs were rubbing together when I walk which felt gross. My muscles were getting larger than I wanted, and the fat wasn't going anywhere which was really frustrating! I tried different kinds of workouts for that, but I am just one of those people who gains bulk easily. I admit, my diet isn't perfect, I could drink less wine :-). I don't consider myself overweight, I was about 160 and 5'6" at the time of the procedure (but as I said, I have a good amount of muscle). The problem was, form fitting clothing seemed to fit poorly because my belly was popping out, and I had those annoying side fats that stick out of the top of tight jeans (yuk!). I only wanted to go down from a size 8 to a size 6 so my clothes would fit again! Anyways, here is my review.

First, this is not a procedure for the faint hearted. The procedure (mine was 2 hours) itself was painful, both during the numbing part and during the fat sucking part. Especially when they got close to the rib cage, and my inner thighs. Not pain the entire time, but at points it was bad...especially when they suck out the part that is numb. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a breeze either.

The first week was very painful. I have read a lot of reviews saying it was only painful for a couple of days, so maybe I am a wimp but, I found even the second week was full of swelling and pain and it was hard to keep a regular work and life schedule. I rested a lot, and didn't venture out much. The good news is, in general, it gets a little better every day. Very slowly. Some days are slight set backs, but that is usually end of the day swelling and not permanent. I would take a week off work if possible, especially if having multiple areas done.

Also, you have to deal with the fact that you will probably be larger the first week or two than you were pre-op due to swelling. Then the swelling gets hard and sometimes lumpy. Luckily, that is slowly going away and it doesn't seem like you need to do much to help it go away except wait. I didn't do any special massages or anything of the sort.

My doctor banned exercise for 3 weeks because it can make swelling worse, and to be honest, I wasn't up for it until now anyway. I applaud anyone who was at the gym before week 3! Personally, I want to get to results fast, so I refrained to ensure the swelling would go down as quickly as possible. My doctor said anything that raises your heart rate could increase swelling.

I absolutely hated the compression garment, and only wore it 24/7 for the first week. I found it so painful and difficult to pee, even when I got one with the slit in the crotch. My doctor said after the first week I didn't have to wear it because it would not make a difference in final results. So, I ditched it after 7 days, and only wore it maybe 3 more times on days when the swelling was bad, or when I wanted to dress up for something and not have a weird shape. I read reviews of people saying they are still wearing the garment 6 weeks later. I have no idea how anyone could like it! :-)

The second week I worried a lot because the swelling was going down unevenly, and it looked really strange...like I had a fat roll almost except it was completely hard. It wasn't attractive.

Today is the first day I can say, it is starting to look awesome! I am so happy. My stomach is flat, and the swelling is really minimized compared to before. The thighs are still settling, so I don't see much of a difference there yet, but I can see that it is still swelling, and I am hoping I see the difference when that subsides. The flanks look about the same, but they feel hard as well which means still swollen. So really, the stomach area is the first to fall into place, but it is very encouraging for the rest. I feel like if I continue the healthy eating (so far I have lost 5 pounds since the procedure, they removed 4.3 pounds of yuk) and now with exercise added, I think my results are going to be fantastic!

What everyone says here about being patient, that is the key. I am not a patient person, so that is difficult. Don't expect to look "good" for a while after the surgery. Your results directly post op will not last, you will swell up and look a mess. DEFINITELY DO NOT do this before a special event unless you have a few months to prepare.

I'll try to add some pics and more updates as this process continues.
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