28, 5'4, 125 Ibs, Mom of 1, Mentor 325/350 Mod+ and lipo of abs & flanks

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Hi everyone! I am scheduled to have my surgery May...

Hi everyone! I am scheduled to have my surgery May 6th and cannot wait. I have always had smaller breasts and wanted a BA but after going to a DD during pregnancy and breastfeeding, back down to a small B that is not full on top I am going forward with surgery. I had my consult a month ago and am having my pre-op appointment next week. I am not sure yet how many cc's I want to go with but probably around the 350 range as I want to stay proportional to my body and have a smaller frame,my goal is to have roughly the same D-DD size I did while nursing, I have always been thin but every since about 19 years old have had a pudgy tummy and love handles so after talking with my Dr decided to go ahead and have lipo of the abdomen and flanks at the same time.

Pre-op appointment

So I had my pre-op today, I was super nervous for the appointment and making my final decision on size but it went well. My doctor likes to have a range and decides what is best in the OR so we are going 325-375cc, with 350 being the goal :) Can't believe how fast this is all moving now, I waited almost 4 months for my consultation and now everything is happening in just a few weeks. I tried on some rice sizers before my appointment to give me an idea and the bikini is one that hopefully will fit a lot better after my surgery so I'm using it as a comparison for later :)

Paid in full!

Paid the hospital and anesthesia fee today, so I'm all set for my surgery in just 16 days!! I also went to Walmart today to find some cheap front close bras I can wear until I can buy underwire bras. I'll post some pics of the fruit of the loom bras I found, only 7.94 each. I'm normally a 32 band (rib cage measurement 29) but I got the size 36. The 34 was pretty snug and i was a little worried it wouldn't stretch enough for my new boobs :) I'm getting really excited and nervous and hope this two weeks flys by.

Surgery done!

I had my surgery yesterday morning at 730am. I arrived to the center at 630, got an IV, a bunch of pills for pain and nausea and then I walked into the OR and laid down on the table. That's all I remember until I was waking up around 1030, it took me awhile to wake up from the anesthesia and be able to walk so I left for my hotel around 1230. I spent the entire day/night falling asleep and struggling to stay awake. Pain is bad but the pain killers are helping. I was suffering from
Nausea all day yesterday and threw up once in the afternoon and couldn't eat anything. I'm able to walk myself to the bathroom now and the pain is improving but omg is my lower back so sore!! I am wrapped up pretty good and still a bit out of it so I will try and take pics after my post op this morning. :)

Day 2 update

I've been taking pain killers every 5 hours since the surgery and it's kept me pretty sleepy so I've been comfortable. Swelling has definitely gotten worse and is moving down my body. I was able to take a short walk around my cauldesauc today and just finished taking a shower! So it was the first time I've really gotten a good look at my new boobs. I LOVE them :) I think they turned out pretty close to what I wanted but we will see when they settle. I ended up with 350cc in my smaller breast and 325 in the other to balance them out. The original plan was 375 but he wasn't able to fit them in. Here is a pic of the progress so far. My next post op will be Friday hopefully and I get to take off the tape and really get a good look at them :)

Liposuction results

I am Sooooo glad I decided to do the lipo of abdomen and flanks while I was getting implants. I've always had a little belly and love handles even before kids that was always there even when I worked out. It's super swollen right now but even with that I am beyond thrilled, I cannot wait to see how it settles

8 days PO

I had my 1 week post op appointment yesterday so I was finally able to get the tape off and really see my new girls for the first time. I am pretty happy with the size they don't seem as big as I thought they would be but its really early on so im happy with them for now. Not taking any pain medications anymore but still taking it easy. Having a lot of pain in my left breast still and still having a little trouble extending my arms all the way as my incisions are in the armpit so it feels awkward/hurts to stretch that out. Took some pictures in some of the things I tried before my surgery!! Pretty excited about those :)

Liposuction Results

I forgot to add pictures for my last review :) Still waiting for swelling to go down but excited for the results.

23 days PO

Decided to take a couple more pics today to see if there's really been any progress. My right breast had kind of angular squarish thing from the side which looks like it's softening out now. Over all they're still high especially the left but they're softening up a ton. Still not doing any lifting or exercise, I picked my daughter up a few times and that hurt my muscles so I definitely will wait another week or two to start working out again. I was sleeping elevated on my back per my surgeons orders for the past 3 weeks which was torture. Last night I slept flat and on my side (oops lol) for the first time. That did cause my some pain in the sides of my breast and even worse on my hips and sides from the lipo, the bruising from that seems more visible today and the swelling is worse because I went to the pool today and wasn't wearing a compression garment at all. Overall super happy with the decision still but have my moments of being upset about it because I'm having a hard time dressing myself everyday without being able to wear a proper bra. And it being super hot and humid now and not feeling comfortable in low tops yet. My left boob still looks so high and awkwardly flat from the side in shirts that I feel it's like super obvious I had the augmentation and I'm trying to avoid everyone knowing about it! Anyways sorry for the long rant haha. I will probably do more pics after my next appointment

29 days PO

Today I went to VS to try on some bras, it looks like I'm a 32DD/32DDD depending on the bra style. The floral bra is a 32DD and looks good but it was probably a little too small. I also tried on something a little sexy just because I've never been able to wear it before! Haven't noticed any change this past week in position both breasts are still high and are getting softer but still have that shiny tight skin look and the nipples are way low. I haven't worn my compression garment for lipo the past two days and I think I have swelling from it, or at least hope so because I have a bump in my tummy I'm not happy with :( I really hope it settles flat because that was the main reason I did the lipo to get rid of that. My next appointment is in a week and a half and hopefully I'll be able to start exercising after that.

6 week update

I will have my one month PO this week to see how my doctor thinks things are going. I have been having conflicted feelings about my results. I'm trying to reserve judgment until they settle properly but so far I'm disappointed with how big they are, I feel they're too wide for my body and am having a hard time with finding bras and clothes that fit well. I don't know if I just need to adjust but I really don't like even thinking or looking at my boobs right now. The left boob is still high and kind of square looking on the lateral side. This side got a 25cc larger implant so I'm wondering if that's why it's taking a lot longer to come down. Healing has been okay, tried working out last week but it made my chest muscles very sore and I can see that the muscle hasn't relaxed totally yet so I'm going to wait a couple more weeks of any lifting type workouts. Here are some pics, I will update after my follow up.

7 weeks PO & 1 month check

I finally had my 1mo post op this week, as I suspected my left implant is riding up too high and the doctors aide confirmed it may need a revision to lower the pocket and put a stitch in to stop it from riding up. Hopefully it will resolve and that won't be necessary but my surgeon is going to look at it again at my 3 month checkup in August. Other then that I'm getting more comfortable with the size and loving the right breast as its settled in well and is starting to look and feel much more natural!

My liposuction results are also healing well, I still have random stinging or numbness in some areas and tightness on the sides were I had the most bruising. There is still slight swelling present but I'm thrilled with the results as I've struggle my whole life to loose stubborn belly fat! I do have a bulge on one side of my belly button which is potentilly left over fat but am hoping its a strange pocket of swelling. The aide took photos of it for their records and luckily that can be fixed in office if it's still there in a couple months. I will post pics and updates in a few weeks :)
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