Extremely Talented Surgeon - My Results are Already Looking Great

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Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Dr. G is a remarkably talented surgeon and a very good listener. I had lipo & butt augmentation (via fat - not implants) with him, and although I am still early in the overall healing process - it's already pretty obvious what a good job he did. I was also a bit of a hard case for him because of how fibrous / dense my fat turned out to be (this can't be predicted in advance) - and he kept working for 5 hours to make sure it turned out perfectly...with no power assisted lipo or ultrasound or laser... he got all that fat out manually through the tumescent technique. That's literally thousands of passes of the cannula for 5 straight hours. There are so many surgeons out there who will do 3-4 cases a day, rushing through like the McDonald's of plastic surgery. And, I likely would've had a bad result from that kind of surgeon. That is NOT Dr. G, and I didn't want to go to that kind of doctor. I wanted to go to someone who is focused on me and making my results as best as he can, and that's him (by the way, look at the facelifts on his site - they are incredible - a surgeon who can do such amazing body AND face work is a rare talent) He really paid attention to little things I said here and there and wrote down the details of the issues I was concerned about. He answered all of my (many) questions without getting too annoyed. Again, many surgeons don't do this. They sort of pretend to listen and then do what they want in the end. They often brush off questions and give vague answers. I ended up with a problem in a former procedure due to doctors like this (and that's why I ask so much now). I saw many many surgeons (over a couple years actually) and reviewed many websites before deciding to go with Dr. G. He's the only one who had many male photos (and didn't give the "guys don't give permission to post photos" line like so many surgeons which I am not even sure I believe) and his male photos looked like me pre-op -- and now I look like his post op ones which was exactly what I wanted to look like (and I should continue to improve over time). He has a fantastic staff too. Also, unlike other surgeons, there are not 15 people running around the office doing a million different treatments and handling different aspects of your procedure (which also makes it confusing to know who to talk to / ask about what). As you can tell, I am not a fan of these kinds of high volume / high staffed practices because you just are like a double cheeseburger to them. He has one billing / patient coordinator who is super nice and answers everything. He has one assistant who has been with him 17 years and also had lipo with Dr. G himself. The front desk staff are super nice. His anesthesiologist is the nicest & most thorough anesthesiologist you'll ever meet - and when I was really nervous before surgery, she made me feel so much more relaxed. She is also very detailed, just like him. I never had an anesthesiologist like this before - usually they wheel you in and say "allergic to anything"? So, my overall experience was very good. Anyway, Dr. G is great but no matter who does your lipo - it's a hard procedure to heal from, so just be prepared. It can really take a lot out of you, and my first week or two was quite exhausting and painful (this varies by the person, but there's basically no way around some pain and recovery). He stitches the incisions closed at least, so I wasn't flooding my bed with fluid. (My swelling went down at the same rate as others who have open incisions). Anyway, I'd recommend him for any guy who is having a hard time finding a very experienced doc with male lipo, which was my situation. His fees aren't the cheapest (and bargain hunting for PS is not a good idea IMO), but he's also not overpriced either like a few docs I saw who wanted 5-8k more (yet had fewer male pics available - go figure). His photos from other procedures look great too, so if I wanted to do something else, I'd definitely want to see him again for his opinion at the very least. So, thanks Dr. G and everyone in the office. My body looks great - there would've been no way to do this transformation through diet and exercise. I had highly resistant love handles and a flat butt that no amount of cardio or squats could change for years.

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