Suspected Rupture of Silicone Implants, 29, 5 Years Old - Exeter, GB

I have an appointment on the 24th August, to...

I have an appointment on the 24th August, to discuss a possible rupture of my implant on my left side.
I am a very active person, so when my left side under my arm pit started stinging a couple of months ago, I assumed I had just pulled something doing pole.
But it comes and goes so I've made a doctor's appointment with my original PS so that we can discuss my options and figure out if anything is wrong.
I first got my implants 5 years ago, after spending a long time feeling ashamed and upset about my 32AA breasts. I had received a lot of criticism from people around me for a number of years,and I constantly felt undesirable.
So after a horrific break up with my first boyfriend I decided to get breast implants, he had always made me feel bad about having a small chest and routinely cheated on me with big breasted women and after dating a string of guys who said they liked me "even though I didn't have boobs" I felt very low.
So I talked my parents into helping me get a loan, then found a doctor nearby that could do the procedure. I found Mr Devaraj online after emailing a couple of other doctors and he just seemed so genuinely nice that I met with him.
Everything went very smoothly from there and I went up to a modest 32B which is what I had asked for, but the boobs didn't fix my self confidence (I know shocking) but at the time I was young and I thought that I would instantly feel good about myself.
For a good year after I felt just as bad, I hated them and even went back and complained at poor Mr Devaraj, who took it all really well because he is a great Dr and I've always felt bad about my behaviour.
I met my current boyfriend around the year mark after getting le boobies, and he's really been the turning point. He's helped me love myself for who I am and supported me going through counselling, he's just been amazing. Time and the right people in your life really do make all the difference.
So I made my peace with the boobs, I've gained weight and gone on contraception since having them put in, so they have ballooned from the 32B that I was originally to the 30DD/E that I am now (I also got properly fitted hence the band change.)

So after a couple of years of feeling happy about my BA and just feeling good in generally, after growing in myself and just a month ago paying off the loan in full. I realise that the pain I've been feeling isn't just a muscle pain it's deeper.
Haha life always has a funny way of surprising you, so I've spent a while looking at all the reviews on here, and coming to terms with the fact that I might have to be natural again, if they are ruptured I'm not getting them replaced. It's just not worth the worry and money I can't afford to keep replacing them.
I am nervous for the 24th but come what may I know it's going to be okay in the end.

Went and saw my PS on the 24th

Which was a while a go now and after feeling my boob and doing a couple of tests. Said he suspects a silicone bleed as there is definitely hardening on that side.

I was going to wait until I could get an MRI on the NHS but it's pretty screwed at the minute so everything is taking 4X as long. So I had a talk with my boyfriend and we are going to save and look at getting them removed early January next year.
London Plastic Surgeon

Mr Devaraj is a fantastic doctor I had a great experience with him and would recommend him to anyone.

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