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Excellent surgeon - Upper Arlington, OH

Breast Augmentation


Doctor Review

26 Oct 2016

1 day ago

Excellent surgeon - Upper Arlington, OH

After two children I was left with I like to refer to as "tube socks" for breasts. I went to Dr. Heck initially for a consultation about my umbilical hernia and decided to ask if there was anything that could be done with my breasts. He told me there was nothing "wrong" with them, I disagree as they were not even close to my pre-pregnancy breasts. I went from a small A/B to a 38 E and shrunk back down twice! Enough about's been 2 years since my aug and I couldn't be more pleased. My OB and family doctor have both asked me for his name and said they were impressed with them and that there was hardly a scar....I mean you really can't see one and I tend to have an issue with scarring. I highly recommend Dr. Heck for any cosmetic/plastic surgery. His bedside manner is professional and he is a great surgeon. He also is the BEST for Botox!