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I've contemplated getting a TT for many years and...

I've contemplated getting a TT for many years and now I've finally decided to go for it. I've been to numerous consultations but weren't enthused by any of the doctors. I finally went to Evolution after seeing the results of a patient who had just completed a procedure. I didn't know her but when I saw her, I could tell she recently had surgery and I must say she looked damn good. I asked her where did she go and she highly recommended this location. I did research on the doctors at the facility (FB, IG, Realself, Google, BBB, others). I was very impressed. I then scheduled a consultation. Upon my first visit to Evolution, I was filled with amazement. It seemed as if nearly everyone in the office had a dream body. There were post-op patients there with banging BBL and stomachs on "flat-flat"!! I was in awe. I immediately booked a day for my procedure and left a deposit. I went in about two weeks later for labs and to meet with the doctors. I met with Dr. Zayas and Dr. Velilla. Initially i'd anticipated getting Lipo first with Dr. Velilla but I was unsure. After speaking with the doctors, I decided on TT first with Dr. Zayas. What I liked most about Dr. Zayas is that he broke everything down to me better than any of the other doctors that I've met with in the past. He told me what my options were as far as getting TT or Lipo and expressed his opinion of the outcome depending on the order of procedures. I know that I will need to get Lipo later on in order to maximize my results but for now I will be focusing on my stomach. I really hope to get a flat stomach.

3 days post op

Hi everyone. It's been 3 days since I've had my TT procedure and first off, I'm thankful that everything went well. The first night after my surgery, I was in excruciating pain and could barely sleep! I went back to the doctor the next day for my follow up and I was given a shot for the pain which was a great relief. He also prescribed stronger pain meds. They put me on 2 wraps which also contributed to the pain because the wraps have to be sort of tight. But overall, I feel fine. The doctor and nurse made me feel great after listening to how impressed they were with the outcome. The nurse said my belly button came out really cute so I can't wait to see it. In the meantime, I'm still very swollen so I think I'll wait to post more pics once the swelling decreases. Ok ttyl

Avoid Evolution Md

I am so disappointed with my outcome! I initially went to evolution to have Dr. Velilla perform my procedure but he threw me off on Dr. Zayas for a tt. After listening to the recommendations of Dr. V, I agreed. That was the worst thing I could've done. I look like I've been butchered! I've been more depressed now than I've ever been pre-surgery. It's been 6 months since my procedure and my stomach looks like I'm five months pregnant and I followed all the orders. Now I'm thinking about going elsewhere for a round two in an effort to fix this mess but I'm afraid!

I just wanna be snatched

I'm going for a second round nut this time it'll be for lipo
Miami Internist

Dr. Zayas is an older guy with lots of energy and a wonderful attitude. He's very thorough and eager to answer any questions regarding your procedure.

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