27 Year Old Labia Reduction

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So yesterday I had a labia plasty at europ surgery...

So yesterday I had a labia plasty at europ surgery in Poland... my surgeon was dr marta wilczy?ska...
I had always wanted this surgery done since my young teenage years I've always been very insecure and uncomfortable with my labia... from about the age of 19 Ive searched labia plasty in the UK but it is so expensive and I would never have been able to afford it in the UK...
I also felt like I was too young to rush in to something like surgery.... I've now had 2 children and am confident in my self as a grown woman and certain, and strong minded enough now to decide it was what I truly want to... this surgery for me wasn't only for cosmetic reasons. It was for comfort too as certain clothing and lacey underwear always pinched or rubbed which was extremely uncomfortable.... also I could never wear pretty light coloured swim wear/ bikinis as you could fully see the out line which made me feel very self conscious...

So any way moving on to the day of the surgery...

I arrived in Poland at around. 11.45am where Chris the taxi driver was waiting for me at the arrivals he then drove me to the clinic where I was given a question air to fill out and sign some documents... I then met marta for the very first time... I was so so nervous as I had never met the surgeon or had any type of consultation Before the actual day I was booked in I had so many questions/concerns
But then having met marta on the day they all disappeared... she was very informative and knew exactly what I wanted... she examined me and explained exactly what she would do during the procedure to achieve the most natural look (which was exactly what I wanted) I then went in to the room where I was staying which I was sharing with another lady (who was lovely might I add)
Not long after my shower marta come in and took me to the operating room... I paid extra to be put to sleep so I don't remember much after laying on the bed lol....
I then woke up from my surgery with zero pain i had a little peep down there and everything was very swollen. No bruising or any obvious cuts or stitches everything looked very neat... I was completely pain free during the night I slept fantastic the nurse lookin after me was lovely, although she didn't understand English very well she did an amazing job of taking care of me just came and gave me regular pain relief through the cannula I had in my arm (even though I wasn't in any pain) but im sire this is what helped me sleep so comfortably... she offered me sleeping tabkets which i didnt need so i didnt take them... now on day 2 I left the clinic in the morning after being examined by marta... when she had a look and feel of everything it hurt just a little but was fine straight after.... I've been walking around for a couple of hours went to some shops come back to my hotel room which is lovely and I'd recommend booking this hotel as it's rite next to so much it's called apartments 24 wroclaw... I took a shower and applied a liquid marta told me to buy.. still no pain didn't hurt during the shower or going to the toilet... I built up in my head that I was going to be in agony but I'm fine hopefully it stays like this and I recover very quickly.. I'll keep you updated and post pictures once it's fully heald...
I paid £1020 for the surgery the surgery was £800. £200 for anaesthetic (to be put to sleep) and £20 for blood test... I paid all in British pounds..

Day 3 labia plasty

So I'm on my third day now.. still In Poland juts had my final check up with marta and all is good still no pain at all swelling has Gonever down so much in just 3 days still have a little swelling and it's sensitive to touch (Like shocky) not painful have been rotating nurofen and paracetamol (which I really don't need but just taking to be safe as I don't want to feel discomfort) it honestly doesn't feel like I've had anything done down there at all.. it doesn't hurt when I go to the toilet or shower... I've been cleaning it every time I use the loo changing the pad regular... can't wait to see it when all the swelling has fully gone down. Marta said in roughly 2 months it will look it's best but I'm certain it will be long before then as it's look great now... I'm so happy I decided to go and do this... walking isn't a problem either or sitting.. not sure if it's because I have a high pain threshold or if it's because I've been through 2 agonising pregnancies/labour and 2 c sections (nothing hurts more than that lol) I'll post pictures over the nexterm couple of weeks :)


So today is the 4th day.... let me just say last night was the most uncomfortable night so far... still no pain just really shocky/prickly I think where my hairs are growing back they're stabbing (because they're so thick) it's so uncomfortable... nurofen defo helping.. I had to be up at 4am to my flight home so I'm absolutely shattered!! I was sat on my neck ring the entire flight and I'm certain people thought I had piles lol.... plane journey was sooooo op long felt like forever I was so uncomfortable and really hot down there.... arrive to the air port Where I drove to by the way :( I would suggest getting a lift DO NOT DRIVE BECAUSE IT'S FLIPPING IRRITATING!!! again sat on the neck ring which took pressure off sitting.... so after 2hour plane journey 1 hour through passport control and 2 hour drive home I'm finally at mine.... take nurofen and down tones of water (by the way stay hydrated WATER IS KEY TO ANY HEALING PROCESS) had a little nap with my little on in the afternoon and the rest of the day had been fine... been using gel feme pads ice packs which has helped swelling loads and sooooo soothing... recommend buying those... been using the borasol which marta told me to buy in Poland which I swear is a life saver... I'm on my last few but now and can't seem to buy it in the UK so God knows what I'm going to odd with out it :(
So far so good really happy with how it's looking... and minimal to no pain... moment is great not restricted at all :)
Will continue to post updates
Feel free to as me any questions :)

5 days post op

So today finally my bits look amazing... can't believe it's been 5 days already... time iso flying and I seem to be healing wonderfully... swelling is minimal now don't look like I have a gigantic clit any more (still slight swelling) I haven't taken any pain Meds at all today last pain killers I took was around 2pm yesterday... finally my pee isn't going in a million different directions it's flowing out normally lol
I've drove normally today with no pain orelief discomfort... been food shopping and collected my son from school all fine no pain at all... still can't have a bath for 2 more week -.- and I love baths... only allowed showers... Ive starter rinsing with warm salt (pink himalayan salt) water and then dabing with the borasol as I'm trying to rashon this because I only have a small amount left :( will probably start using detto or savlon spray over the weekend...
Really happy with the wayse it's looking...

1 week post op

So today is 1 week since my surgery... back wearing jeans... no swelling no pain still sensitive to touch (wipe/ dab when going to the loo) honestly don't feel like I've had surgery... been using coconut oil to help keep it soft and take the swelling down... now run out of borasol and waiting for delivery... been using dettol spray mixed with warm water to rinse every time I go toilet..
It looks amazing now after one week can't imagine how happy I'll be in 6 weeks once it's all healed properly :)
Never felt so happy and confident in all my life...
Will update in a weeks time :)

15 days PO

So it's been just over 2 weeks....
Still have stitches still can't bath (only shower) for another week :( literally losing my mind because I love baths and absolutely hate my shower :(
Still a little bit of swelling on the left side and still little sore to touch when cleaning... bought 3 bottles of borasol so have loads to use.... have had no irritation at all I've been using coconut oil when I feel like it's stating to itch which instantly helps so I've had no problems with itching or anything like that... come on a few days ago which was sooooo annoying made it very awkward to clean -.-
Over all I'm still very happy with my results and can't wait till Im back in action:)
Also missing working out been feeling so sluggish still have at least another 2 weeks till I can comfortably start training again..
Still don't want to post pics until it's fully looking it's best... plus I haven't even showed my partner it yet so don't want to post until late he's seen it first :)
Will post back in another week or so

Almost 4 weeks post op

So I'm almost 4 weeks post op..
This week I've had a love hate relationship with my results.... it looks amazing then Its swollen and I keep finding bits I dont like... ive been really up and down and nit picky... but then I remind my self how awful it looked before surgery and how much more happy I am now with how it looks and feels... now I'm looking into fat transfer in to my labia majora to plump the outer lips... over all I'm still happy... the swelling keeps coming and going depending on underwear I'm wearing or how active I've been... really can't wait for it to be fully healed... I can finally have baths now so I'm super happy about that :)
Will post back in a couple of weeks

9 months PO

Hi. Here's my update. I haven't reviewed for ages. But I think it's relevant I document the problems I've been having... so since having my surgery I've had a number of problems which I've never suffered with before! First one is. I'm constantly getting thrush. I've had a urine Infection twice this year. Sex is now horrendous. Literally every single time I have sex it hurts so much. Not on the scars or anything but I think because of the lack of labia it stings and feels raw it's literally like fire every time. I'm way less sensitive now and it takes me so long to orgasm.. visually it looks amazing but other than that is hate it. I wish I never had the surgery to be honest. I never ever had issues down there especially climaxing. I honestly wish I'd left it well alone. These problems I'm having since my surgery are not worth it at all.. it's so uncomfortable. And I literally dress having sex. It isn't unbearable it's just so uncomfortable and it's like fire after. That's the only way to explain it.. I have no underline issues as I have been to the doctors and had every year you could think of so my health is fine. I honestly think woman's lady bits are designed for them. Messing them up with surgery is going to cause you problems that aren't worth it! I just hope this is the only problems I have and nothing worse will happen in the future.. ladies honestly think carefully about what you're doing. Your labia are the size they are for a reason. I wish I would have embraced what i had. But it had given me way more confidence and visually it looks so much better. I just hope over time this burning feeling will go away. Other than that it's perfect. And Marta is an amazing surgeon. I just think my body needed my labia. X
Dr. Marta Wilczyńska

Marta is an amazing surgeon she is very kind very understanding and listens to what I wanted she's very professional and I would highly recommend her for this type of surgery for sure Hopefully I recover fully with no complications ....so far so good... Marta speaks amazing English too she explains everything Inow detail so you know exactly what she's going to do... :)

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