Tummy Tuck - So Happy! (Almost 4 Weeks)

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No "dog ears" you read about on the net. No...

No "dog ears" you read about on the net. No off-center belly button (mine is so fricken cute!), no shaky, wobbly incision; instead very precise, clean and perfect. And to top it all off, Dr. Daniel has a warm, fun sense of humor to boot. :) I just had my surgery on March 22nd, so I am almost 2 weeks post-op. The first week was tough; I could barely move, needed help getting up, walked hunched like a little granny, and needed help to get up, etc. All normal. Week 2 is so much easier, but my energy is zapped so easily. Even now, just bathing makes me feel like I need to lay down and rest. Anyway, I love my results and will be posting my before-and-after photos shortly. Just waiting until I can stand up a bit straighter. =) (I love that I can't stand up straight yet; makes me feel like I really got my money's worth!) FYI...I had two other procedures done at the same time besides my tummy tuck, so maybe there was a price break for that...I'm sure pricing probably varies per situation and each person's body.

FYI...the $4,000 for the surgery did not include...

FYI...the $4,000 for the surgery did not include the cost of the surgery enter or the Anesthesiologist which were paid separately. The total cost was just under 8k...but I paid for a longer surgery time as I also had two other small surgeries done as well (facial scar revision and implant correction from a previous Dr.s job) that I had to pay for. The surgery center charges for every 15 minutes of time used.

I just changed my surgery cost to include the...

I just changed my surgery cost to include the surgery center and the Anesthesiologist. I should have done that in the first place. They just charged separately for each, so I got confused.

Boy do I feel like an idiot! I just looked at the...

Boy do I feel like an idiot! I just looked at the calendar and now realize that I'm a week off in my recovery time! This past week I was telling people I was 2-weeks post op......holy cow! I'm 25 days post-op! How embarrassing!!!!!!!!! Ok, so I am not obsessive with how many day post-op I have been. Hence losing track. But my goodness! I'm really embarrassed. The only reason I can't stand up all the way (makes sense now) is because I've been babying my incision, purposely avoiding any tension in fear of separating my incision. Purposely not trying to push it and not trying to stand up all the way. I think it's time to relax a bit and start walking like a normal person! LOL

I give up trying to keep track of how far post-op...

I give up trying to keep track of how far post-op I am. I was right in the first place. Tomorrow will be my three week mark. I thought I wasn't accurate in my post-op when I looked at the calendar on my Blackberry. Turns out I was couningt the first week of April twice. That explains why I'm not walking all the way. I will take a rest from this messaging here and come back when I've made more progress. I'm too post-op to be have anything new to post other than what I've already posted. =)

I am posting a new photo of me at 3 weeks post op....

I am posting a new photo of me at 3 weeks post op. I struggle with doing that. Scars are ugly, so what am I showing off? An ugly scar. But...then I realize we are not here participating in a beauty contest. We are here to share our experiences, our healing processes, and to be open to what we all experience. Also, that our photos offer insight to what a patient goes through after surgery. =)

I'll be so happy when my swelling finally subsides...

I'll be so happy when my swelling finally subsides. I know there is definately swelling because my upper and lower abs feel very tender to the touc, and they are hard as a rock due to being engorged. I've been feeling a bit depressed lately. I love my results, so that's not why. Maybe part of me feels like my life has been put on hold. I feel like a prisoner to the waiting game. I'm also bummed that I can't wear the same jeans I wore before my surgery. I'm so sick of my sweats. I feel so unattractive and blah right now. I can't even exercise to begin to get back into shape...not for 3 more weeks. And going for a walk? I'm almost walking up straight. But then that means walking in ugly sweats. I should have invested in cute ones. I didn't have sweats before surgery, so I bought some just before surgery that were too large intentionally as to have room around the tummy after surgery. Go walking in those? They look dorky...two sizes too big. Oh...and to top it all off, we are down to one car because mine was stolen, so my car/FREEDOM/fresh air time is limited these days. I'm just feeling like a huge big baby and a huge complainer. My husband is on a business trip with the one car, so that's even worse. Ok...pity party is over. I need to stop feeling sorry for myself! LOL

Last night I felt so miserable, lonely, and...

Last night I felt so miserable, lonely, and depressed. Several of you swept in to my rescue and made me feel so supported. Please know that I appreciated it very much.

Word of mouth....I've heard nothing but good things about him. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Daniel and his staff. From the warm and welcoming greetings and interactions to the fantastic bedside manner of Dr. Daniel himself, I immediately felt comfortable putting my surgeries in his hands. Dr. Daniel has an eye for detail; he's more than another surgeon trained in cosmetic and plastic surgery. He has an artful and precise eye, and I now have an amazingly beautiful tummy!

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