31 with 4 Children Waiting for TT - Eugene, OR

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I have been wanting a TT for over 12 years since...

I have been wanting a TT for over 12 years since after my first child was born. I knew I needed to wait until I got my tubes tide before having this surgery, but now here I am waiting :) I have 2 days until my surgery! I am so excited and scared, I have moments of feeling selfish for doing it but know that if I wait for the right time I will be waiting forever. I have a hernia and was having to go under the knife anyway so I decided that I might as well do it all.

My Tummy tuck

I just got my tummy tuck yesterday and love it! I feel amazing :) I know it's the pain meds but I thought I would be hating it since it's the day after. Here are my pictures from my day after check up.

Surgery TT

The doctor told me they removed 1 pound of fat with the lipo and another 1 1/2 pounds of skin and fat that was removed below my belly button. I found wearing a cotton dress that slipped over me to the post-op appointment was great also Dr. Jewell gives you a black tube top which is amazing :) I found it perfect for clipping my drain tube to.

Night time

My husband has set his alarm so he would wake up in time to give me my pain pill and help me walk to the bathroom. I do recommend doing this so you stay on top of the pain. I go to the bathroom every time I take my pill just to get some walking in. I can't tell if I have to go pee really because I'm still numb, but I know I've been drink a lot of water so I try and sure enough I pee. The pain feels like a little tugging at times and like some one is putting a cigar out on your belly so stay up on your pain pills. The doctor also had me clear my bowels the day before surger which I think is such a good idea because I don't have to worry about having a bowel movement for awhile. I just want to say I had the best doctor !:) so thankful!!!

2 days after surgery

I always read how the 3rd to 5th day after surgery seem to be the more depressing days of recovery but honestly I am feeling good. I hope the recovery continues to be this good. I've had to re-wraps my waste because I felt like I wasn't getting enough air but after adjusting the girdle I feel way better. I already wish I would have gotten breast augmentation with my surgery. I feel out of the two my stomach was much needed and happy about my choice between the two. I will be saving up for the breast augmentation.

Little updates

I had my surgery Monday and now it's Thursday, I have been able to walk to the bathroom by myself but I think having someone near you is a good thing, I still get light headed and a little wobbly from my pain pills.

More on my TT

Some more pictures day four after surgery. I have some swelling but I have been able to go longer between pain pills and think after tonight I might be able to wing myself off of them. I'm drinking lots of water and avoiding salt! I have stayed camped out on my couch for the past three nights. The couch has been easier on my backside doesn't flatten it out like the hotel bed did after surgery.

Drain area

Ok so I have been doing great with healing until last night I grabbed my drain tube by accident. I think I might have broke the stitch holding it in place? Now my bandage area is bloody and gross and other then the drain area burning I would feel great. I think I might call my doctor to see if he even wants me to mess with it at all? I get the drain removed Monday and can't wait!

Standing up

I woke up this morning and found that I was able to stand up straighter. I have no more pain pills and feel good. I'm sitting up straight with my legs under me. My tailbone has taken on most my weight this week so, sitting like this makes it feel so much better. I am using the pillows on the end of my couch to prop up half of my body to make sure I don't strain the incision area. I plan on taking a sponge bath and putting on my make-up to help me feel normal. I had my sister visit me yesterday, she couldn't stop laughing at me trying to walk to the bathroom which made me laugh but I'm telling ya, you don't want to ever laugh:( hurts so bad ! My sister just laughed harder and told me I looked like death! I decided today I would try to look better and maybe it will help me feel more normal.

The worse pain ever

I had surgery on Monday and now it's Saturday, I hadn't had a bowel movement since before my surgery. I decided to take three woman's laxatives, about a 1 1/2 later I started to have labor pains in my stomach broke out in a cold sweet and wanted to die! My surgery and all the pain I have felt since didn't even compare to the pain I was feeling. My advice to anyone is ease into the laxatives so they don't hit you sooo hard like they did me:( I feel 100% better now :)

Getting my drain tubes out today :):):):)

I get my drain tubes out today and I can't wait :) i will keep you posted! I think I will feel more normal when I can start taking showers and no more sponge baths.

Tube removal

I got my drains out and it was the weirdest feeling ever. I was given some spax to start wearing and I love them way better then the girdle wrap thing I had to wear for the first week. I love Dr. Jewell's office the staff are nice and super helpful:) I have decided to wait a year and go back to get a breast lift and implants!! Can't wait:) I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. My healing has been amazing, I have been without pain pills since Friday night and haven't had to take any over the counter pain medicine. I had my surgery a week from today. I have been able to walk into two different stores,shop around and have lunch at a restaurant after my doctors appointment this morning.

Can't wait to heal

I made dinner tonight :) I was a little tired after but feel good. I have been wanting to clean my house so bad but don't want to over do it! I love my husband but he doesn't notice the things I notice. I walk around picking things up with my toes and bending my leg behind me to grab it. It's funny how you adjust to things. With four kids there is always stuff dragged out and I hate that I can't bend over. I just sit and think about all the things I could be getting done and it's driving me crazy!


This morning I woke up, my swelling has gone down. I know it's short lived and by the end of the day it will be back. It just gives me an idea on what my stomach will look like :) don't mind my bloody belly button I plan on letting the shower soften it and take it away. I think today I might be able to shower since my drain tube holes have scabbed over:)

Over did it:(

I woke up feeling great!:) then I started cleaning the house and knew I would pay for it, now I am!:( swollen laying on my couch watching the 100 :)

Back to work soon

I feel really good :) this is a picture of me this morning. I am fighting the swelling but think I will be going back to work Wednesday ! I think the more I hermit away the more anxiety I get about going back out in the real world. Can't wait until I can work out :)

This morning :)

Having a lot of hardness

I have had a lot of hardness from my belly button down to the front of my pubic area. I have read this is normal but shoot how long will it last ? It's like clay texture CRAZY! Gonna talk with my PS on Tuesday at my check up. I feel good other then that just waiting for the glue to peel away so my scare won't look so gross:)


I went back to work yesterday. I am only taking one client a day so I can ease into working again:) When I got home I swelled up like a tick :( but it seems to go down a lot by morning. I had a cut & color today and once again swelled up,when I got home I started to have spasms in my belly button area that would last for a few seconds at a time. I worry that I might be over doing it with my hurnia repair that was done with my tummy tuck:( I decided to take the day off tomorrow and rest it up!

Wish the swelling would go away!

I can't wait for the swelling to end and I can go back to feeling normal. I have swelling in my lower pubic area and around my incision that gets so tight at night I fear developing new streach marks:( I keep my garment on all the time but still can't avoid the swelling:(

Feeling great:)

I have notice that my swelling has been getting less and less every day.:) I'm starting to get feeling back in my pubic area and between my belly button and scare. I am finally me again! I look at it this way, if I was to get in an accident and needed to have reconstructive surgery to get myself looking like I looked before the accident I would have surgery in a heart beat. why wouldn't I have surgery after having kids to get my body back to the way it used to be because my body did get damaged though my pregnancies :) just a thought!;)

Working out and loving it!

I have been working out for the past week and loving it! I'm not focusing on ab workouts yet but I slowly going to ease into them.

Loving my new stomach :)

Tummy pictures after being at the river all day!:) I made sure to cover my main scare but my belly button got more sun then I wanted it to get:( I go in for my 10 week check up this Wednesday. I can't believe it's been 10 weeks already :)

10 week check up

I just wish I would have got a TT 4 years ago because I love having my stomach back :) I think my belly button looks better then the one I was born with !lol

Working out

I have started to see my muscles in my stomach and can't wait to have a six pack :) loving it !:)

Almost a year :)

I love my tummy tuck couldn't imagine not doing it! Wish that I would have done it sooner :) here are some updated pictures also with swelling it only happens when I have worked out or I think when I have a lot of salty foods but it's so miner. I am so happy with my results!

Best thing I ever did for myself :)

It's been almost 2 years since my surgery! I love having my body back. I think it's better then it's ever been. Dr. Jewels did an AMAZING job!
Eugene Plastic Surgeon

I love him !:) Dr. jewell is an amazing plastic surgeon. I love his staff, they are the greatest. Dr. jewell is such an experienced surgeon. I was in the best hands and wouldn't go to anyone else! I plan on going back for a breast lift with implants next year with no fear because I know he will do an amazing job :) I know three other girls that have went to Dr. jewell for TTs and breast implants, they loved there results. If you live in Oregon or not I recommend Dr. jewell.

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