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I am 5 feet, 8 inches tall and 134 pounds. I am 45...

I am 5 feet, 8 inches tall and 134 pounds. I am 45 years old, and the mother of three children (all breast fed).

In the last two years, I have noticed my breasts have lost volume and are saggy. I started noticing good looking breasts everywhere and wondered if an augmentation might be right for me.

I found Doctor Jewell and I could not be happier. It all started with a consult back in July 2012. I had to think on it a while. In the meantime, I saw the doc for my first botox and fillers. I was so pleased with his care and that of his staff, I knew that if I had the chance, I would get my implants from Doctor Jewell.

I lucked out and was able to schedule the procedure on March 21. I was amazingly calm in the days leading to the procedure. I knew I was in good hands. The valium the morning of my operation helped quite a bit. I was not under a general, but had the twighlight sleep. This, I highly recommend. I have very good memories of the procedure, as I have vague recollections of fading in and out while there. I know there is much debate on general vs. twilight. From my perspective, if you are not fearful of medical work on your body, go twilight.

As most folks on Real Self have done, I waffled on size. I am an active gal and want to continue running, walking, lifting, yoga, swimming, biking, etc. On the other hand, I do love full breasts. Doctor Jewell's team helped me navigate the important issue of size. We had a few options in the OR, but ultimately went with the 400cc implants. In my mind, they worked like a charm. Above the muscle, which was a good choice for me. I feel like a goddess.

I am post op day two and I feel fabulous. I have not yet had a pain pill today, but I am willing to take one if needed. I just feel good enough reclining and shopping on Amazon.com for dresses that will compliment my boobies, so I have not opted for the drugs yet today. I am using frozen peas for the swelling, which provides much relief.

I will post more pictures in the next weeks. For now, I cannot say enough about how much better I feel about myself already -- and I am still in my tube top and unbathed!

Just wanted to write a few words about my last 36...

Just wanted to write a few words about my last 36 hours. First day back to my sedentary job today. After a day of work, I am ready to rest my breasts. Tired. I had some soreness today. My breasts felt heavy. I went into a panic last night after I read about encapsulation. I have avoided lifting like the plague since reading that. I was worried my lunch bag was too heavy. Still loving it when I catch my profile in the mirror.

Just added some new pictures. I am satisfied with...

Just added some new pictures. I am satisfied with the look, but they still feel very foreign to me. I am a bit on the woo-woo side, so I tried touching my new breasts last night before going to bed and embracing them as my own. They still felt big and weird. I practiced walking with my shoulders back today and felt so much more confident, even with the girls disguised in a light sweater.

Question, ladies. What should I wear for my bra...

Question, ladies. What should I wear for my bra sizing? I went to the finest lingerie store in Eugene (we have one!) and they are willing to do it. They said one normally wears a bra, sport bra, or even tshirt to a sizing. I don't want to go with a sports bra because of compression issues. I don't have a bra that fits my new size. Maybe the stretchy slip pictured in the photos?

Celebrating my two week anniversary since surgery. I have had a few shooting pains in my right breast, which seems to come when I have been walking for more than 40 minutes. I think it is my body telling me to slow it down. As a very active person, I thought taking it down to just walking for six weeks would be rough. Now, I am finding that I feel just fine with one or two 30 to 45 minute walks per day. I could get used to this! Of course, I worry about weight gain, but I letting myself get soft for a few weeks in exchange for these wonderful breasts is a fair trade off. I had one bad night when my breasts felt big, hard, and foreign. Today, I wore the stretchy slip shown in the attached pictures. I actually felt a little of that natural boobie wiggle as I walked and thought this was a good sign.

I am just over four weeks post op. I had my two...

I am just over four weeks post op. I had my two week follow up appointment on Tuesday. It was a bit late due to some conflicts in scheduling. This was to be my bra appointment, where the doc releases me to bras and recommends bras. All went well. My doc recommends underwire bras for day to day use. For sports, the staff recommends the Champion with cups. No compression style, which is the type I used to wear. I have purchased two Penache sports bras and they feel so supportive. I am waiting for the six week mark to work out, so I have yet to test them out. For day to day, I found a bra I LOVE. It is called Felina Marielle. Before my BA, I was not a big bra wearer, and I was reluctant to have heavy and uncomfortable breast support. I must have tried on six to 10 bras before I found this brand. It is lovely. Comfortable, soft, and no padding.

My breasts feel great. Very little discomfort. I simply love them.

As for working out, I continue to walk until the six week mark. I am feeling so spongy after four weeks with walking only. On the other hand, it is surprising how easy it has been to get used to not working out. I have just under two weeks to go until I am back into my routine, so I have decided to enjoy it!

I added some new pictures.

I added some new pictures.

Each day is a bit different, isn't it. Did anyone...

Each day is a bit different, isn't it. Did anyone still have a bit of "morning boob" by week four?

Wow, I just went for my first post op massage. I...

Wow, I just went for my first post op massage. I have spent little to no time on my stomach, so I was a bet apprehensive. I can report that there was a little discomfort and some nervousness. I worried my implant might pop, whic probably wouldnt happen with silicone gel. After we were going for a while, it felt so good that I almost forgot to worry.

Back to the gym this week! I started on Thursday....

Back to the gym this week! I started on Thursday. It is interesting, because I am an active person and this is the first time in my adult life when I have gone more than a week or two without exercise. I didn't know what to expect. Running was fine. I used the Penache sport bra -- cute and so supportive! Lifting weights was not bad. Lighter weights to start. But, yoga WAS HARD! I did it so often before my surgery, I lost awareness of its challenges. I attended a one hour class yesterday and it kicked my butt!

10 weeks post op

I still tune in to Real Self daily. Love reading the stories and advice. I absolutely love my breasts. For running, I wear the Penache bra, with racer back engaged. I cannot imagine any bra that would provide more support. For every day, I have fallen in love with the Felina. No padding, a bit of lace, and nice support. I think my breasts have dropped and fluffed, as my bras stil fit, but feel different. I didn't like this at first, because I enjoyed the post op look. I still get some occasional pain at random times and for short periods. The only limits I see are that I do much less pec work-minimal weight on the machine or bench press bar and many fewer push ups in yoga. I don't know if I will ever come back fully in those activities.

Better Pics

I hope these work a bit better than the pics I loaded this morning.

These should work!

I hope these photos load correctly.
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