REVISION done from 350cc HP to 470cc UHP Natrelle Inspira - California

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I am 5 ft 5 128 pounds. 40 years old, My base...

I am 5 ft 5 128 pounds. 40 years old, My base width is 13cm & 13.4 cm. 28 inch rib cage...measured right under breasts. above breasts from arm pit to arm pit im about 33 inches. 26 inch waist. incase someone wants to know exacts to help them decide on their size choice. (4 perfect kids. 2 boys 2 girls) Just stopped breast feeding my 1 year old 4 months ago. I had surgery 4 years ago. (350cc round smooth high profile silicone mentors under muscle) They feel 100% natural even my husband thinks so and he was against me having surgery. They look natural and I work out, run lift weights do yoga they have never been an issue. I have always thought breasts were so pretty and spent most my life being envious of all the girls with curves. From around age 13 I had wished I had boobies! I thought about it all the time. I was always about a B. Then had a few kids and after breast feeding lost most of my volume. Finally at age 36 I had the ability to afford surgery. I had thought about it for years! Then did HOURS of research and had surgery done but soon after I had a few more children. I have a 17 yr old, 14 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old now. Turned 40 in Sept. I have NEVER regretted having surgery but ..... I like so many others do wish they had been larger! I imagined 350CC looking larger on my body and in clothes. But the amount of self confidence I have gotten from having surgery is priceless. It has changed my life and I am so grateful. But after having 2 more babies that I breast fed I have lost additional volume. Im happy my breasts are still in good shape and perky even after more babies. I just wish I had more upper pole and volume. They are SO discreet in clothes and I wish I looked a bit more curvy. They look pretty good naked , larger than when im in clothes. I hate padded bras so I hardly wear them. I am disappointed how small they look in a sportsbra. They feel so natural. Ive had NO problems these 4 years so its really hard for me to decide to have a revision to go larger when what I have is pretty and no issues. But I spent my whole life wanting boobies and I have wished they were larger since 6 weeks after surgery. Then with pregnancy they got huge so I had to deal with that and then after losing baby weight they seemed extra small to me. I have been researching so much on textured and my wish would be to have in the larger 500's range but I know they can come with more issues so would be smart to not go above ( 475CC round high profile textured under muscle) in hopes that they would look rounder and a little firmer and stay there in a swim suit when lying back.I have looked at hundreds of photos and have so many wish pictures but when I showed them to my surgeon he just said you will never look like that. I also wish I could find ladies on here 5 years post op with around 475CC and see how they have aged. If the skin has ended up sagging rather fast or if they still look great. Every girl on here with that range of CC's and on up look awesome but I think we all look awesome the 1st year. I want to see years later. Just so concerned to go up in size just to have them sag in 3-5 years and then be sad about making this decision. So I am just looking and reading all of your ladies stories trying to decide. :)

My Photos

Wanting to upgrade from 350cc to 475cc Textured

wanting to see 3-5 years post op pictures???

wanting to see how you ladies have done with larger implants in the 450-600cc range after a few years? trying to decide if its worth a revision to go larger or will I just regret that a few years down the road?

found another great wish picture!

This is exactly the outcome I had hoped for. Just worried will this size just mean too much sagging within a few years with a 40 year old like me??

another picture

this is a photo of a girl with 300cc round high profile so I just don't understand why with her having less cc's she still looks great and full in a bikini. I don't have near this with 350cc


updating pics

more pics

wishing I had more fullness but doing research to see if going from 350cc to 475cc would even make the diff I want. trying to read and see if textured would help etc.

revision to go larger.......should I go to a surgeon who uses sizers durring the surgery????

Had one consult a few months ago then had another consult with a diff surgeon today. This surgeon says they do not do the sizer test in the office because of how innacurrate it really is and that too many patients come back with the reality of wishing they had gone larger. The surgeon uses all the pictures you bring in for the look you want and then uses sizers in the operating room puts them in you sits you up etc to get to the point where you look like the pictures you brought In. How many of you ladies have done this kind of surgery?? Were you happy with the outcome. I have 350cc and wish I had at least 450-500 cc

cohesive gel implants 475cc??

still researching to decide if I should pursue a revision to go larger. wondering if my hopes are achievable by going to 475cc? and would a cohesive implant help with this rounder fuller look than the smooth round I have?

Revision done

Switched from 350cc round smooth high profile silicone under muscle to 470cc round textured ultra high profile Inspiras under muscle. Love them already after 4days post op. Still have drain tubes but no brusing no pain as of today. Very happy. (although...I would have thought they might have looked a little bigger...but I did not want over 500cc due to complications that can come from larger implants.)

Revision done

Here is a Before & after side by side. I heal pretty fast. I drank so much water..took lots of vitamen c and green vegetable juices. Lots of protein. I Believe all that helps

Before & after photo side by side

Side by side photo

More projection....from 4.7 to 6.2 Inspira

I love that they are finally full! Left shows 350cc HP( right shows 470cc UHP)

1 werk post op Revision from 350cc HP to 470 UHP

1WEEK POST OP pain seems to no swelling. They feel normal. And with a revision you don't have all the nerve pain and sensitive nipples to go through. Everything feels the new numbness or anything. I'm really impressed at how easy it was. Not that surgery is easy or good for our bodies but my recovery has been impressive. I did juice a lot of fresh greens and take lots of researched suppliments and protein before hand durring and still.

12 days post op

Had some muscle pain the last 3 days and then Today they seemed to have dropped more into place.I wish they would stop. I was happy last week! I wanted them to stay high???? just the way my body is...I must have a long upper chest because now that the fullness on top dropped down into the pockets I don't see the fullness in a tank top. But still very happy. My scars are pretty gross and lumpy not sure why. But feel good...they are soft and natural looking., implants really look great on people now days.

Terrible scars 12 days post op. ????

I've had no post surgery blues....however seeing my scars has depressed me. My first surgery with same surgeon they were not this ugly. I don't understand why they are thick,lumpy,over lapping. They have not hurt much and have not been red. But they are truly ugly. Anyone else have anything near this ugly? And did they ever flatten out? ????????

2 week post op....

At 2 weeks there is Pretty much no pain...even the incisions don't ache anymore. And I'm sleeping on my side with lots of pillows to prop and no discomfort in any way. Crazy how easy this was. I was hoping I wasn't seeing much swelling those 1st 10days but I was???? they have gone down in size. I honestly thought 470cc would seem larger but they look the same in clothes and work out tops. I don't even have more cleavage in clothes like I had thought I might. I do lool better in my bikini top But I guess something about my body/chest shape whatever it is I don't have the wow factor. I would need 650cc for that I think. But again I'm 42 so I have to remember larger would just be tough on my skin and what I have right now looks good and healthy and natural .....even though I wanted a slight rounder unnatural look lol. UHP isn't something to be too worried about...mine really don't look like they are too full or round.

Bikini comparison

Ok I at least feel better in a bikini! I hated how my( 350cc HP Smooth) looked when laying in a bikini. Made me really sad. And now with 470cc UHP textured They have shape when I lay down. So happy about that. ????

4 weeks post op

Everything feels great. Not a single bit of nerve numbness. Feeling softer. Rt side just dropped this last few days. I still keep tape on my incisions and rub on coconut oil

4 weeks post op no Excersize...????

Going 4 weeks without Excersize...up 6 pounds and jeans are all right...squishy belly. Surgeon told me do nothing for 6weeks. I know some people get to workout sooner but he's adamit about nothing. I'm just following rules because im,too afraid of complications at age 42. So being causious. But all u ladies in my shoes it's a little depressing! I am getting soft and for ULTRA high Profile they sure aren't very ultra lol....full body shot and they just seem average. I'm happy with shape and grateful after nursing 4 kids that I don't need a lift...but I sure imagined these being larger. But yes I'm happy. I love following all of you ladies on many of you are inspiring! Stats...5 foot 5. Currently 134pounds And can't wait to get Back to 128 and a little firmer!

Questions about Capsular contraction 5 weeks post op

Wanting to know if girls that have dealt with caosular contraction have firm breasts all the every single Angle and position...or can the implant feel soft in certain positions? My right is still a bit higher And is firm. More as the day goes on. "Softer" in the morning but tighter with activity. But even in the evening when it's the tightest if I bend forward I can totally squish the implant And it only feels full because it's the Inspira but not tight. Once I stand straight it's firm. So much that I'm sure it's felt if someone were to hug me. Just so nervous. Just has me needing to know if girls with contraction have no position where the breast softens. If I hear they do feel soft in some positions then I probably have it beginning....but still looks pretty shaped so far.

10 weeks post op

I have no discomfort I'm sleeping on my tummy again and everything feels normal. ( they are inspire so feel a little rounder and fuller though when I sleep on them) The right is still a little high and firmer but isn't very noticable. I don't massage because they are textured and if you massage textured it can cause the tissue to tear because they are adhered to the tissue. Then that can cause capsular issues.I still look at myself and can't understand why 470cc ULTRA high profile implants look fairly small on me. I've read surgeons say they look unnatural and protrude etc and this scares some girls away from ultra high but imagine if I only had chosen moderate profile! They would have looked flat. I know all our chests are shaped differently but for some reason I can't achieve the full large Breast look even though I've seen,470cc look large on other girls. I had hoped for a little more side boob. All the surgeons say 470cc is a "rather large" implant. I should send them all my photos so they can see they are not necessarily large and dont protrude too much. So don't let a surgeon turn you away from these. Don't be afraid of high profile or ultra high I've had both and They are not obvious. They look Pretty darn natural if you ask me? I'm 5 foot 5. Weigh132 pounds. I am 42 years old. Natrelle inspira round silicone textured under muscle ????
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