Going for Rhinoplasty on the 1st of October - Etobicoke, ON

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So i had a consultation september the 3rd with Dr...

so i had a consultation september the 3rd with Dr.Hacker in Toronto, and he was my first consultation and he was AMAZING! he told me what to expect, listened to my concerns about the way my nose looked, did not try to sell the surgery or try to glamorize it. hes really upfront and showed me what he could fix and make my nose look better, he always answers any questions through e-mail super quick! and his staff is amazing aswell. anyways i am booked for the 1st of october so i am 8 days pre-op and i have to say .. im soooo scared to go under!! that is my only worry, can you beleive that? im not worried about the pain afterward, i've given birth before so pfft.. but i have never been under general anesthesia! im afraid im not going to wake up, but im very happy Dr.Hacker does his surgerys in a hospital so it does put a bit of my worries at ease. i have to say i amm soo excited though because i have wanted this since i was 14! and have been looking into it for the past 5 years, im going to be 25 in october so this is huge for me! anyways i will keep this updated!

also if anyone is getting rhinoplasty on the first of october let me know! we can be october 1st rhinoplasty buddies! and keep each other updated!

some pics

ok so its september the 23rd 10:17pm and im close to having 6 days left!! anyways heres some photos... blahhh lol

making my list....

alrighty so i've been making a list for post-op stufffff so far i got down

-pineapple juice (a lot!)
-neck pillow
-protein shakes
-liquids (WITH LOW SALT)
-greek yogurt
-arnica gel
-bromelain pils
-dry mouth spray
-face cleansing wipes

if anyone has any other post-op necessities please let me know! :)

also.. oh my gosh, 5 days left!!

check this out


check that out i found it while googling Dr.Hacker a month ago. if any one is considering him, you really should get a consultation with him! hes great!


here is the article, i dont know why the link is not working

im just going to copy and paste the article :)

One man explains how a breathing problem led to a positive physical change.

Name: Sean*

Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Performed By: Dr. David Hacker

Elevate: Why did you decide to seek out treatment?

SEAN: I had been experiencing breathing trouble periodically, and had come to believe that I may be suffering from post-nasal drip. Upon closer examination of my nose, I had also noticed that it was slightly off-centre and that it had a slight curved shape along the bridge. These things were very minor, and therefore, had gone unnoticed for many years. Once I focused on them it became very hard to forget.

Elevate: How did you choose Dr. Hacker as your surgeon?

SEAN: Already having been to consultations with other plastic surgeons, I went into the consultation with Dr. Hacker believing I knew what to expect. In my meetings with other doctors, I was told that what they would be able to do would only result in very minor differences, and that I would have to decide if I wanted to go through with such a procedure knowing that it may not come out exactly as I imagine it would. There was also a debate as to whether it would need to be an open or closed procedure, and the glamour side of things and spa-type care I would receive during and after treatment was stressed.

Upon speaking with Dr. Hacker, I immediately knew it was a different type of consultation. He confirmed immediately that he could deal with, and improve upon, the deviated septum and then from there went into all other aspects he could improve upon esthetically if that is what I wanted. He also knew that he wanted to perform a closed rhinoplasty. He never once tried to glamorize the procedure. He explained that he believed surgery was surgery, and due to what was involved in the procedure, he performs all his surgeries in a hospital, not in a spa or private location. This sat very well with me. The other doctors did seem very professional, but there was something about Dr. Hacker’s realistic approach that put me at ease.

Elevate: How did you feel after the procedure?

SEAN: After I woke up from surgery I spoke with Dr. Hacker, who told me everything went very well, and he even joked around with me to put me at ease. I knew what to expect in recovery because he explained that thoroughly in our previous meetings, but like anyone would tell you it was definitely an uncomfortable first week. Dr. Hacker was never more than an email away when I had questions and responded to me almost instantaneously with advice and reassurance. By the third week I had healed very well and was beginning to look and feel like myself again.

Elevate: Would you recommend Dr. Hacker to others?

SEAN: I would most definitely. He was professional, realistic and always there when I needed him. Even months after the procedure if I had any concerns, he never hesitated to book appointments with me to come into his office and make sure everything was on track for a smooth recovery. As for the procedure, it has affected my life dramatically. My breathing has improved and I feel as though I am breathing clearly through both nostrils now. I am no longer experiencing the feeling of constant congestion and post-nasal drip. The overall appearance of my nose has changed very much, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. To me, it has changed dramatically, but to others, it still looks like my nose and predominantly goes unnoticed.


Dr. David Hacker, MD, FRCSC, otolaryngologist head and neck surgeon, Toronto Rhinoplasty Clinic, nasalcosmetic.com

Elevate: What were Sean’s initial concerns and what was your plan for addressing them?

DR. HACKER: He came to my office with complaints of nasal airway obstruction, as well as unhappiness with the appearance of his nose—specifically, he didn’t like the fullness of his nasal dorsum and felt that the tip of this nose was too bulbous. In terms of addressing his concerns, I suggested first and foremost that we needed to correct his nasal obstruction, which was due to a deviated nasal septum since regardless of how good the esthetic outcome, the operation would be pointless if he could not breathe properly after. As for his esthetic concerns, he is a very good looking gentleman to begin with and I did not think he required a radical change to his nasal appearance—rather, more of a ‘tweaking.’ I suggested we take his dorsum down to a level that is just slightly more concave than a straight line to soften his appearance without making it look overly ‘scooped out’ or feminine. As for his tip, I suggested that it be addressed by trimming the cartilages and narrowing them with meticulously placed sutures.

Elevate: Did you have any concerns regarding his candidacy for treatment?

DR. HACKER: No, because there are very few contraindications to this type of surgery. In general, I expect patients to be in good overall health and have a healthy sense of body image. Patients need to understand that there are limitations to the procedure and that noses can’t simply be sculpted into any shape they want. There are many factors that have the potential to limit the outcome of a rhinoplasty operation and we consider it our job to let patients know what those limiting factors might be ahead of time. The most common limiting factors typically relates to skin thickness—the thicker their nasal skin, the more difficult it is to achieve a small, sculpted appearance.

Elevate: Are there specific post-procedure steps patients need to follow?

DR. HACKER: Patients need to avoid injuring their nose during the initial healing period. We typically suggest that they keep their nose clean with gentle saline irrigation and application of Polysporin to the nostril rims. If possible, sleeping with the head elevated helps reduce swelling, as does periodic application of ice to the nose. Once the cast is removed, we advise patients as to how they should tape their nose, nightly, for one month. In addition, we ask they use a good sun block if they’ll be in the sun for extended periods.

Elevate: What is the average cost of rhinoplasty?

DR. HACKER: We charge a standard fee of $4,799 for any primary rhinoplasty procedure, meaning the patient has not had any prior surgery performed on the nose. This fee is inclusive of all charges for consultation, anesthesia, surgery, hospital facility and followup visits.

*Name has been changed to protect patient’s identity

ohhh boyyy

HOLY CRAP YOU GUYSSSS!! i have one day 11 hours to go till wednesday! wow... i've been waiting impatiently and counting down for this for close to a month, and its almost here, its weird i thought i would be a ball of emotions, but im not? which is weird... maybe this past month i got it all out, i mean i was like all over the place with worrys and excitement! right now im pritty zen... im hoping i stay that way!! :D


omg , i got my surgical time!! AHH THIS IS HAPPENING! 24 hours to gooo!!


So tomorrow right now i should be on my way home! BUT in the event something tragic happens i have instructed my man to come on here and let you all know , im hoping it does NOT come to that haha (sorry nervous laughter) if i do make it i will come on and let everyone know everything went well! (even if im in a groggy daze) :P

lol wow

i sound like a debbie downer, im sorry guys im just worried, i've never been "under" before so this is new for me haha


hey guys! thing went great i will up date tomorrow right now im feeling sooo light headed .. i must need more liquids in me heres a photo! i cant believe how tiny my tip is! also can anyone tell me how long im going to have these clots at the end of my nose? i had bubbles come out everytime i talked and swalled now its totally blocked with blood clots

exactly one day post op right now!

Hey guys so as you know things went good! i got to the hospital at 9am got blood work, got an IV, talked to the anesthesiologist and Dr.Hacker, then around 11:30 i walked to the OR with one of the nurses, i was totally calm before i got on the table as soon as i got strapped down i started to cry i was so scared! all i coukd think about was not waking up! missing my family forever! the nuse was so nice though, she told me to sqeeze my hand and thing ok something nice, Dr.Hacker came in told me everything that was going to happen and then i got a towel wrapped around my head, still crying Dr.Hacker put on some music, remined me of Nip/Tuck! haha they told me to breathe they held a mask over my face i started to calm down i breathed and breathed and BOOM knocked out, the next thing i know im in a recovery room looking at the clock and it said 1:15 apparently i arrived at 1 so i was out for 15 mins, when i woke i was coughing quite a bit my throat was sore, a nurse offerd me a popsicle but i refused i was so dazed, after i woke up a bit more i got my popsicle, took some meds because my nose was burning and my pain was an 8 out of 10, i layed in there till 2 then i got wheeled to another room. where i stayed for another 50 mins my pain went down to a 7, and i got dressed and went home! i was super dazzed and out of it because of the meds, i took one pain killer at 6 another at 10, i havent taken any since last night at 10pm and i have no pain really just slight pressure of my nose and around my head, but nothing that i need to take the hard core pain killers, im just taking one pill of extra strength tylonal i took one at 11:40 and im doing realy great! Dr.Hacker is amazing i recomend him to everyone! here is a photo i took at 1:00pm today! not much has changed, i swear to tons of pineapple for my recovery!

2 days and 3 hrs post-op

Hey guys so today right now im 2 days 3 hours post op, I get ny cast off next Thursday omg, could it come any sooner!? My nose is itchy ,the skin next to my nose is slightly swollen, not by much but its noticeable, it feels like someone has my nose in a vice grip, maybe its the swelling pushin up the cast .. Idk.. but its annoying, im drinking water like crazy yesturday my hands were swollen now they're not, im not sure what that had to do with my nose but I thought I would add that. I took my drip pad of yesturday around 1:30 pm, my skin was so irritated from the tape, it was all red and super hot last night where the tape was, im glad I dont have it on anymore, its much easier to spoon yogurt applesauce and crushed pineapple and soup into my mouth without getting all over my damn drip pad, I slept a good amount last night and this morning, sleeping upright for two night's now is a pain in my ass... literally. Im not having much pulsing in my nose as I did yesterday, I am able to breathe in through my nose(sightly) but breathing out you can clearly hear much stuffiness. Im sooo bored , I swear yesterday was such a long day and it seems like that way today. Can we just fast forward to thursday? :p


heres a new picture just taken..

3 days and 5 hours post-op

So can anyone tell me when I can start spraying saline up my nose, I hate not being able to breatheeee =( 5 more full days until I get my cast of ughh I need to itch my nose!!

4 days almost 2 hours post op

Under my eyes is like a pretty light color palette, beside my nose there is still swelling , everytime I laugh I literally have to hold my nostrils down because when they stretch it hurts, when I yawn I do the same thing.. I woke up today and it was a nice change not to have the feeling of a tight band wrapped around my head, I never knew how much I would appreciate not having the feeling of pressure on my brain haa.. 4 days to go then I get my cast off yay!

24 hours till I get my cast off

I have 24hrs till my cast is officially off, im a mix of emotions right now, im terrified my nose has collapsed (omg what if it happened!!!!!), and im excited to finally get this uncomfortable thing off my face once and for all!

cast off today!!

hey guys got my cast off a few hrs ago! worst, feeling, ever! ugh it was like huge suction gettng that thing off , so awful!, so glad its done though! i do have slight brusing on my nose and lots of dried blood on my nostrils so dont mind the uneven look i will take another picture once its gone, took just over an hour to get home and by the time i got home i noticed my nose is started to swell up abit, but when i got the cast off omg, i was shocked he made my bridge so slim! i LOVE IT!!!!!! omg and it only gets better! YAY FOR DR HACKER!!!

no more bruising :)

i can finally report that ALL of the bruising under and inner corners of my eyes is offically gone! i still have slight bruising on my nose though but its on its way out :)


so i woke up this morning at 6am and i noticed my mouth was closed and i was breathing through my NOSE!!! ahh it feels SOO good to be able to breathe through my nose! i mean im not back too 100% breathing but im about 75% which is good enough for me, and the best is using saline spray then gently blowing my nose, i can breathe close too 100%! ahh you never know how much you would miss breathing through your nose untill you go almost 2 weeks breathing through your mouth, im still trying to train myself to breathe through my nose, im so used to having my mouth hang open like a weirdo, im not used to "nose breathing" haha, as for my nose its sooo swollen... it probably doesnt help that i've been eating salty foods, i try to avoid as much as possible but yesturday was pizza day at metro and we got a pizza and YUMM! after being on a liquid LOW sodium diet for almost 2 weeks its SO nice to eat normal again! im going to try to tone down the salt on the weekend though and go back to the diet i was on the 1st week, because i swear my tip is like a balloon! lol. im also so excited that dr.hacker gave me the green light for light cardio! last thursday he said sit tight for one more week then you can start with light cardio for two weeks (i believe it was two weeks) and i still cant lift weights not for another 2 weeks as well, but hey i can start working out again!! (you have no idea how hard it is to not be able to work out, i've been working out every.single.day for the past 3 years).... i mean i cant start running just yet *eye twitches* but i can do SOMETHINGS! Yuuussss :)

ok soo..

im going to be brave and post an update ... here is my nose, i am 3 weeks 1 day post op, im soooo swollen, you guys have no clue! my diet hasn't been low salt, i have been working out every day for an hour,anndd i kind of been slacking on my water intake and i do love my PSL'S! im not going to give up my life just to have a less swollen nose atm, only because i am in the early stages of healing, so its to be expected and i know with TIME, the swelling will go away! even though i have bad nose days, im still very,very happy with my decision :)

as requested, for above post


ew you guys look at this swelling going on! it has never been this bad! im upset right now, i have a huge party to go to tomorrow, i thought it was bad before, oh man.. can any one give me last minute tips? for slight swelling reduction? should i chug lots of water? idk what to do this is embarrassing! omg.. like i mean this wouldn't usually bother me but tomorrow is huge for me.. i so hope the swelling goes down a bit, i have no idea what the heck is going on.. maybe today is just a bad nose day..but this is the worst swelling i have had by far since my cast has been off..


just side by side comparison, the swelling is comical sometimes, the last one was taken today as you can see im not as swollen as i was on the 30th but my bridge is looking a bit lumpy which i dont like =S but its to early to say if i love it or not, every day it looks a bit different..

9 weeks post already?

wow... so crazy how time flys.
not much to report, i still wake up with a rock hard super swollen nose in the morning , salt is not my noses friend hahaa, neither is alcohol, nope my nose gets upset and swells up lol, so through out the week *when i do not drink* my nose looks good :P . also massages do help take down the swelling when it is , which is nice because then i know *not like i didn't* its just swelling. i guess i thought all of this would be somewhat resolved by now... i mean Dr.Hacker did say i would see changes through out months so like at 3 months then 6 and so on, i do like going out in the cold though, my nose shrinks! i love it lol. anyways here are some new pics taken today well yesterday the 3rd.

a before and after (still have much healing to do though)

so i was going through an old photos when i came across the one on the left, i had to post a before and after the one on the left is from 2012, the one on the right is this past January 10th, eye brow game has definitely changed since then hahahah

8.6 month update

hello all! its been quite a while since i updated! so i had a check up today with Dr Hacker, and my nose is healing well, aside for one thing... my bridge is not as narrow as we hoped it would be =(, i have been noticing it for the last 4-5 months, and dr hacker pointed it out as well, he is not happy with it, and im not either, he said it is a good out come but he would like to make it better, i agree.. of course he wont be touching it until after a year ( so the end of this year), my next appointment is in november so i guess we will discuss more of it then, but on the hour long ride home i've made up my mind, i want a revision... he said it would be closed and he would just be breaking the bones and pushing them back together and best of all free of charge. But i would love to hear from all you second timers... how was your revision? do you regret it? are you happy you did it? i would love your feed back! heres an update photo i just took! 260 days post-op

photo update

heres an update pic 260 days post


ughh, i really dislike this photo


Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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