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From the age if 20 after having my first child my...

From the age if 20 after having my first child my belly was ruined and full of stretch marks. Fast forward 16 years I have two more children and lost 56 pounds which I'd gradually gained over the years. I've always wanted a tummy tuck but never believed I'd have the courage to actually do it. But finally I did. And it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. On the day I was terrified but my surgeon made me feel so comfortable. I had the no drain procedure. I'm almost five weeks post op and the recovery continues. I still have more work to do with the weight loss but I like what I see so far.

Getting better each day.

I found that reading all the reviews on here really helpful and wish I had started mine from the first day when everything was fresh in my mind. I was lucky enough to have stayed in hospital for two nights and remember very clearly the morning after my surgery when I had to get up for the first time. That is probably the most pain I felt throughout the whole process. Saying that the only painkillers I had taken was paracetamol and hadn't had any since the night before! From day three onwards everything got more manageable.

Feeling down

On my final day in hospital I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I was so tired and it was an effort to breathe. I started feeling panicky like something was seriously wrong with me. But all it took was for my fantastic surgeon to come and see me and remind me that everything was normal and that I was doing really well to make me feel better.

It's a long road.

Nobody tells you have mentally draining having a tummy tuck is. It's an emotional roller coaster. There have been so many days when I've been so down because I'm so swollen and look big again. I wake up every morning so flat then by the evening I look pregnant again. I'm getting used to it now. I understand it's a long recovery and need to be patient. I am seeing a change everyday. Make sure you take lots of pictures everyday so you can see the little changes.

The jeans comparison.

Another good way to show your progress.

Going backwards!

Feeling a bit low again today. I have been dieting (healthily) for the last two weeks and my weight has not really changed. That hasn't really bothered me because I could see how much better I looked but to at nearly 6 weeks post op I am really swollen again. My legs, thighs and bum also feels swollen of fat!!! Is this normal after so much time has past ????

The halfway mark!

So tomorrow I'm 6 weeks post op. So based on the 12 weeks recovery time I'm half way there. Can't believe I've made it this far, what a journey it has Been. I'm excited that I'm seeing Mr Carver tonight for my 6 week check up. I'm so pleased with what he has done for me. I will be eternally grateful. I also have a couple of questions and in particular about my flanks. Either I've put on weight on they are still swollen. In pictures I can almost see a swelling line so I'm hoping that they will settle from the lipo and get smaller. I'll let you know how I get on. X

Crop too shot.

Couldn't resist

Crop top shot.

Couldn't resist. Since the start I've always joked about finally being able to wear crop tops.

6 week check up.

So tonight I saw the amazing man you fixed me. As usual I'm completely reassured after seeing him. He says I'm
Still swollen in the flank area and also from the belly button down. Which makes sense as it's still so rock hard down there. I couldn't help giving him a kiss and a cuddle as I'm so grateful for his fantastic work. He too was very pleased with my results. Could be swollen for another 6 weeks so on to the next chapter.

Forgot this one

6 weeks

I almost feel normal again. This has been one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life but it is so worth it. My tummy is looking flatter by the day. I love it. Just need to sort out the rest of my body!

Things can change so quickly.

In less than a week I've gone from be so happy and flat back to being really swollen. I hope this is normal. It's the lower part of my abdomen that is the worst. I hope at this stage I can't damage myself. Although I'm still being careful.

8 weeks post op

At week 6 my swelling felt like it had almost gone then within a week my lower abdomen started swelling again. And still now at 8 weeks I get the swelling. Apart from that I feel pretty normal again. I still feel an ache when I try to sit up after lying on my back like I've been doing lots of sit ups but nothing bad. I still look in the mirror 10 times a days looking for any changes and wondering when I will see the final result. Still can't believe I actually did it. I'm so happy. It's been a long road but so worth it.

12 week update.

Can't believe I'm at 12 weeks this Thursday. Time has flown. Just a quick update so not to bore you I still get swelling especially in the lower abdomen and flanks. I've had pain on one side next to my belly button for about two weeks think I may have strained something but that seems to be improving. 8 weeks till my holiday and getting into a bikini for the first time with the new belly is going to be fun. I went to the Baftas this weekend and wore a tight bodycon dress probably for the first time in my life. It was hard to get used to. So used to having that flabby belly but it felt nice to wear that dress!!!

Still not bored of taking pictures!

Well I'm nearly 14 weeks post op and am so pleased with the flatness of my tummy. I also love my bb. Only thing I'm disappointed about us my sides. I feel like they needed a bit more lipo as I don't think they are still swollen this far on. They hang over my clothes and I expected them to be tighter. On the plus side another party another dress. Shopping is so much more fun these days! Not much longer until I get to lie on the beach in my bikini. Yay!

One year already!

On Friday it will be exactly one year since my TT. What better way to celebrate than to be having revision surgery. I'm going in to have some revision to my scar and saggy love handles. I have been unhappy with them since the beginning pretty much as they kind of hang over my clothes. My tummy on the other hand is so flat. I love it. Still can't believe I braved such a big surgery but really was the best thing I ever did for me!

Revision tomorrow. Nervous!!!

So tomorrow I go in for some revision to the sides of my scar and lipo to help the sagging love handles. Feeling so nervous but hope I will be happy with the results.

Two days PO of liposuction and revision to scar.

Feeling a bit battered and bruised. Brings back memories. But I can see the difference already. So pleased that my fab surgeon did this for me. Now I can be completely happy with my tummy tuck.

3 years later.

It was the best thing I ever did. If you get the right surgeon you will not regret it.
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