40 Years Old, 3 Kids...and Feel 20 Again (Literally:-) - Englewood, CO

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Cannot say enough about this amazing man and his...

Cannot say enough about this amazing man and his incredible staff (Jackie, Brandy, Wendy and Andrea)...
This is a doctor whose field is about as hard as it gets in which to accomplish a scenario where it feels comfortable to have an appt..much less go through surgical options with frank discussion without cringing.
Dr. Aguirre is both world reknowned for his techniques AND manages to make (what would otherwise be mortifying) appointments a walk in the park.
He is easy going, matter-of-fact and debonair at the same time, so he appeals with a bedside manner that allows you to discuss your issues in a way that lets you feel confortable as a woman, but also reminds you of a male perspective. After all, when dealing with vaginas and sexuality..the issues are not just ours. They are the ONE body part that also can significantly affect our male partners!
I went in after waiting WAY too long..with physical issues that related to bladder leakage and advanced rectocele as well as significant uterine prolapse.
I ended up having surgery four weeks ago and after the initial (fairly excruciating) first week..had all that fixed and while he was at it... a vaginaplasty!
I cannot believe the quality-of-life difference I am experiencing already, despite post surgical discomfort. I sneeze and I dont pee!
Imagine that at the office..how nice!
I am not mortified at the bulge caused by a rectocele from a tough third pregnancy.
And (excuse the TMI)..but, although I am not cleared for sex yet, when I gingerly checked it out myself, I feel like I have never had children down there!!!
I am so excited to have sex again-as much for myself as my love!! He is going to be in awe of a man he has never met. Lol.
I didnt have money for the labiaplasty which was extra (and I definitely need also.)..so no pics..but that will go on my bucket list for sure.

Got a complimentary microdermabrasion with Brandy from my surgeon!

They had given me the gift certificate with my surgery package. Brandy, too has great technique, and has vast knowledge of the skin. She is their (stunning) resident nurse aesthetician (she also does botox and laser treatments,etc.)
What a lovely post-surgery bonus (especially after hanging out in baggy sweatpants for five weeks during the healing phase!) My face is glowing thanks to this amazing practice now too!
They are a full service place- they take care of your insides and out.:-). I am a fan for life.

6 Wk. Post Op- My Vagina is So Tiny!!!! SO THANKFUL to Dr. Aguirre. He has changed my life forever!! Now I cannot wait to get l

I almost cringed when I finally saw the before pics. (I apologize in advance for the scariness.)
This man is a magician. Even though I have yet to have the labiaplasty portion done, he has still managed to make my womanly parts look and feel perfect again.
I had a LOT more than just cosmetic issues going as as y'all will see...so its hard to even illustrate how much he has changed the size and texture of my vagina...But oh my gosh...I will try my best to explain with captions what you are looking at. ONE of his fingers fits in comfortably...TWO is okay...but slightly uncomfortable..:)
It's like being a virgin again at 40 years old. Unbelievable!!!

Cannot wait to finish it up and do his work justice by doing the labiaplasty when I can afford it.. You can see in these pictures, it is beyond ridiculously in need of his gorgeous work.
(He is one of the few surgeons who also does clitoral hood reduction, so if you care about having optimal sexual experiences afterward, it is the way to go.. (Who wants to have to move skin off the clitoris to make it "available", whether pleasuring yourself or when your partner is doing so..?
(Sorry to be so blunt, but this is a forum in which can safely be such.)

This Doc is a Gifted Cosmetic Surgeon

Just wantes to add rhis as, though tbia scar is not related to elective surgery, it is telling.
Dr. Aguirre warned me before my uterine suspension that in order to "do the best job possible", he would have to go through my belly..which (at forty) was as taught as it gets (without being a body builder)..and scarless from three vaginal deliveries.. (hence all my need for him down there.) He said my scar would be akin to a C-section scar. This picture was taken THREE WEEKS post operatively, to give you an idea of his artistry :-)
(The little tiny up sweep on thenone side is my doing..arrgh..from peeling at the scar glue)

3.5 months post

I have soreness when I use a tampon because my vagina is much tighter. I was used to using super plus, and I didn't think about that with my first cycle afterwards and almost cried when i pulled it out. (Maybe tmi.sorry;-) The sex for ME was MUCH better better because I could feel my guy so much more!! :-) For him, it was interestingly the same. He always thought it felt great, though, and said it felt the "same" size, but I think that's because i had SO much prolapse that what HE was feeling before was all the walls caving in so that gave the illusion of being more snug. Ftankly it is impossible that it is actually the same size because I feel HIM SO MUCH MORE. HAHA. (AND when I check it out myself to see hiw its doing, one finger fits in there snugly.) I will say that post sex (the first time after surgery) I was very sore and swollen for a few days, so be prepared for that. And I waited 8 weeks!) I am very, very happy, though. And... no more sneezing and peeing! I DO have to wait after going pee and then make sure i go a little more (to fully empty) as my bladder is still getting used to changing the way it works (post bladder suspension.) I am sorry I haven't updated in forever. LOOOOVE my doc and tbis has been life changing for me. Cannot wait to be able to afford the labiaplasty and post pics of the full shebang;-)
I started a new job and went from 8 weeks of resting and taking it easy to working 45 hour weeks and running around all day and sitting upright as of a month ago. I have been feeling very sore in the last two weeks (and swollen) and started to panic that I have "undone" his amazing work.
I now think its a combo of just getting used to regular over-drive activity again, combined with my (still untouched) large labia and extra skin that's still there, which is also getting used to uncomfortably being squished or rubbing the wrong way again in tighter pants, tights and sitting all day too. (That part of me also "got a break" post-surgery and it is very uncomfortable (hence my desire to also go through with the labiaplasty eventually.) What a joy it would be to not have that part be sore and uncomfortable every day!


Amazingly, I just googled "labiaplasty pictures", saw the grid of potential images on my phone screen and tapped the one I thought was the prettiest.
I read the description, then scrolled down to see, to my astonishment, (although, knowing his work, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.lol) that the doc who did the procedure (in this entire WORLD) was my doc!!! Unbelievable! #Dr.Aguirreisthebest!

Feel 20 inside, Now about to LOOK 20 outside! Dr. AGUIRRE AND STAFF ARE AMAZING!

Labiaplasty scheduled for Thursday!! Cannot believe it! They had a last minute opening for a procedure and I am going for it! I went to my pre-op today with Brandy, Dr. A and Jackie. (On a side note, could not stop staring at Brandy-Dr. Aguirre's aesthetic nurse- during pre-op..She is my age and looks 28, so people, go to HER for skin and dermal asthetic stuff..)
Good lord..between Brandy, Andrea, Wendy and Jackie, it's like Charlie's Angels (plus one) there.Lol.
All are gorgeous and look cast out of a TV show.;-)
Dr. Aguirre is as charming and handsome as he is professional and easy going, as usual. For the second time, I was shocked by how he is able to minimize the mortification factor of having measurements and pics (of my giant labia and hood) taken. Truly, he has the best "bedside manner" a surgeon could possibly have, especially when dealing with such a touchy set of body parts and issues. Between Brandy, Dr. Aguirre and Jackie, they all made me feel absolutely comfortable and (key word), SAFE... both talking about my issues and exposing myself physically. This is so rare. That alone (of course, in combination with his craft), is worth using Dr. Aguirre for ANY vaginal rejuvenation surgeries.
Anyway, super excited for Dr. Aguirre to work his magic on my "outsides". I am tired of having soreness and swelling after long days at work with my long and large labia rubbing against everything. I am equally excited to not have to move them out of the way for comfortable sex...(or, in pleasuring myself, not having to move skin aside to find my best spots.;-).
I will also start a new review under labiaplasty, and of course, post "afte: pics.. But, for now, here is a "selfie".. (This is not even CLOSE to how bad it looks close up.).
Also, I earned today that Dr. Aguirre gives a travel credit! So...whatever people spend on plane tickets, for instance, he will discount that (or a portion of it) from the surgery, if one has to travel to use his expertise! I thought that was awesome. I don't need it (because I am here), but for anyone looking for the best surgeon to touch your body (in a way that will literally alter your entire life), it is worth considering!
Denver Urogynecologist

Dr. Aguirre is the best if the best. I feel so lucky that he is practicing in Denver. I love every one on his staff. His bedside manner is perfection; from the very first consultation, he renders you utterly comfortable speaking about a subject that is a difficult (and personal) one to navigate. He then matches his personality with the best techniques in the country and surrounds himself with a staff that does his attitude and talent justice. They are responsive, communicative, empathic and informative. Overall incredible experience. I cannot say enough about ASC in Denver. (I feel like a 20 year old again and overnight my embarrassing health issues have completely been eradicated. And bonus: Even his incision line on my tummy (from the uterine suspension he had to do) is perfection. Thread thin and pretty (as a scar can be at least;-)

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