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Hey Everyone! So I have the same reason for...

Hey Everyone!
So I have the same reason for getting rhinoplasty as most of you guys. Never liked my nose, especially the side profile and 45 degree angle profile.
I did a lot of research and found Dr. Tobias! He is a no nonsense doctor as everyone says but I really like that in a doctor. He was straight forward and to the point and my favorite part was he said that he was going to give me the best version of my nose, not someone else's. I went to a consultation with him ($150) and felt really confident with him so 3 weeks later I went into surgery! To be honest i had no real problems with the front of my nose just the fact that you could see the bridge...
Dr Tobias and I discussed not touching the tip, taking down the bridge and smoothing out the side ridges so it was straight and even. Exactly what I wanted.

Post-op day 1 and 2

Hey all, Ive been really lazy for the past two days, just resting and keeping my head up. I have been taking my pain meds so I don't feel any pain but there is definitely pressure on my nose. Im still dripping blood and mucus which is also annoying and I'm too scared to clean around my nose. Im a little worried about my profile at this point. I can't tell if my cast is showing an accurate representation of my profile (I hope to god its not) or if underneath the cast it will be a straight and feminine looking profile. I called my doctor yesterday to see how everything went. Apparently we had talked when I woke up but I was so drugged that I don't remember any of it. We talked and he immediately told me that I should expect 90% perfect and not to be upset or nervous about what it looks like when the cast is off. It made me feel kind of nervous that he said 90%. I expected that he would say he did a better job... or at least say it in a different way. I don't even know what 90% better looks like...
Any words of wisdom or encouragement are greatly appreciated

Closed Rhinoplasty

By the way it was a closed rhinoplasty. There are not cuts on the outside of my nose, only inside my nostrils. I wanted him to keep the bottom of my nose the same and just take down the hump as well as narrow the hump on the top. My dorsal hump not only stuck out but was also wide. I had an "hour glass figure" nose.

Day before cast removal!

Alright guys, tomorrow is the day of my cast removal and I am so excited to see whats underneath his thing. I wanted to let everyone know my experience with healing because it seems to be really different than everyone else's. First of all I didn't prepare at all for my surgery. I planned it and 2 weeks later I went under the knife. I didn't take any anti bruising supplements or eat a specific diet, in fact I broke some of the rules. 2 nights before my surgery I had a vodka red bull with some friends and a few cigarettes. Of course after I called my doctor so nervous that it was going to affect my surgery and they said I would be fine. After my surgery I did not get nauseous only because I am very prone to nausea and they pumped me full of anti nausea medication. And that was it I came home. From that point on I was in no pain (only pressure as everyone else mentions) I walked around a little, watched tv, walked up and down stairs, felt fine but obviously still on drugs, and slept with a few pillows under my head. I tried to ice my eyes for about 4 minutes each (but it was hard because I kept feeling like my nose was being pushed from the ice). The next day I woke up and saw the beginning of my bruising, (now I say the beginning because I have researched enough to know it only gets worse.) And it didn't. My bruising was just a little light blue shade under my eyes, without con sealer they were barely noticeable, with con sealer I looked normal, (other than my HUGE face cast...) My upper lips stays down to the middle of my teeth, which is normal and my breathing isn't coming through my nose yet (however I haven't cleaned my nose yet from all the shit inside either so that doesn't help.)
So far I have had a really amazing recovery but that is due to the fact that everyone heals differently and you can never know what to expect.

Best day of my life!

Got my cast off!! So incredibly happy with the results! It is exactly what I wanted!

Cast off

Dr. Tobias takes out the packing within the first few hours after surgery (you usually don't remember it) so the only thing I had today was taking off the cast and cleaning the nostrils. I almost fainted/threw up. I don't know what happened to me but it just really freaked me out. anyway so glad its over with! and so happy!!!

Cast off

So today has been the first and only day that my cast has been off and it has been so far the best day of my life!!! My nose has gotten a bit more swollen since the morning and it feels like a balloon. Anyway Its been the best day of my life and I'm obsessed with looking in the mirror. Im so happy with the way it looks because it just looks so natural!

day 2 cast off

Hey everyone! its my second day with my cast off! still loving my nose even though now its a little bit more swollen than yesterday. You can't tell too much in the looks but i can feel that there is much more pressure. I wanted to share a picture of my nostrils because I think that my nostrils are more even now than they were before so thats awesome!! Also a question, How do i clean out my nose??? q-tips?

Nostrils before

More before (demonstrating the hourglass nose)

Peak of swelling

Hey guys so I just woke up and its my third day with no cast so anyway my swelling should be more and my doctor said in the morning it will be worse. I wanted to show you guys the peak of my swelling. And still even with the swelling, it is so much better than the old nose:)
Also sorry guys, my skin is greasy and my eyes are puffy because this is actually the first thing I did when I woke up haha, enjoy:)

Feeling self conscious

Hey guys! so Its been a little more than a week since my nose job and Im starting to feel really self conscious! I know its swollen, and that might be why I dislike it so much right now. I feel like its fat (which is obviously because of the swelling) but I dont like my profile or 3/4 profile. Im feeling really bad about myself right now and I know its all part of the process but the way I feel is there isnt much of a change in my nose.

I know this is all part of the process of healing, including the self conscious part...but it doesnt mean I like it...

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