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After a year of intensive research, I have finally...

After a year of intensive research, I have finally made the decision to proceed with the INFINI treatment for my acne scarring. I am 34 years old and suffered from severe acne during my childbearing years. Unfortunately, because I was pregnant, the acne could not be treated aggressively, and I was left with scars all over my face, mainly on my cheeks. The only thing that was able to clear up my acne was giving up 100% of all dairy products. You can see some blemishes still on my cheeks, and those are a result of eating something accidentally that contained a dairy product. I would say that my scars are a 2-3 on a scale of 10 - 10 being the worst acne scarring possible. There are small pits on my cheeks and also on my temples and forehead and some box cars scars on my forehead as well. My left cheek honestly bothers me the MOST and my forehead hardly bothers me at all. As you know if you are an acne scar sufferer, my scars look dramatically different depending on the lighting. I tried to capture a realistic view of what they look like and I plan to document my progress over time. I don't love sharing such unflattering pictures of myself, but I hope that during my journey, I will be able to help at least one person, since this website has helped me so much already.
Dr. Rapaport recommended for me 2-3 sessions of subcision and INFINI, possibly 4 treatments. After some more research, I decided to start out with just the INFINI and see where that takes me. I'm afraid that my skin does not heal well and I'm afraid of the subcision causing extra scarring on my face. I my consider the combination procedure the second time around, however. He says that he does a more aggressive setting on the INFINI and he performs the procedure himself, unlike some practices who hand it off to ancillary employees. I wanted to go to an office where the doctor himself performed the procedure.
I have my first INFINI treatment scheduled for 1-28-16. The doctor's office is far from me, and it involves a lot of coordination on my part, so I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to get there.
I plan to update my progress with photos as we go. I'm looking forward to this and I have a lot of hope. I know that my scars will not disappear but I am really hoping for some dramatic improvement in the way my skin looks.

Got my first INFINI treatment done today

So I had to drive up and stay in a hotel last night since I live so far from Dr. Rapaport's office. I arrived early for my appointment today and they took me right back. The first nurse put numbing cream on that but I had some sort of reaction to it because my face got all read and itchy so they wiped it off. I also got 2 pills, and two shots for the pain and to relax me. All the nurses were very nice and kind and kept checking in on me.
Dr. Rapaport went to start the procedure on my right cheek and it was pretty painful. I asked for two more shots for the pain. I usually have a high tolerance for pain, but it really hurt. After the second round of shots, it was a little but better, but it still hurt. He did three passes on my cheeks and temples and two on my forehead. Dr. Rapaport does a more aggressive treatments than other doctors who hand over the procedures to nurses or aestheticians, and those are the ones that might be calling the procedure painless. But Dr. Rapaport says that he can get results in 1-2 sessions versus 4-5 sessions at a less-aggressive setting - faster and better results is what I wanted so to me the pain is worth it, especially if I see results sooner.
He says that my scars will initially look great due to the welling, but the swelling does go down after a while. I need to keep applying ice and moisturizer throughout the day.
The doctor wants me to text pictures of my face in 3 weeks, so at that time I will update with more photos on here.
My face now looks like it has bad sunburn patches on it and I need to rest due to the double dose of meds that I took. I probably won't do another update until three weeks. I do know that it may take 3 sessions or so to see a significant improvement in my acne scarring, so my hopes are realistic and I'm going to follow the course.
So I've posted photos of my right after the procedure. It's going to be a while before any improvement is shown.

One week post

So this is not a great photo of my acne scars but I'm showing that with makeup I can be presentable in public at this point. Without makeup my face is still red and blotchy.
My scars on my temples are greatly diminished.
The scars on my left cheek were not visible for a few days due to swelling which was awesome, but I can see them now. There are less scars and the ones there appear to be more shallow. I used to have an ugly cluster of 12 holes in my left cheek and can currently count 5 or 6 holes.
I know that results show 2 weeks through 6 months after this treatment so I am trying to be patient.
The photo is of my worst side and you can still see 4 shallow holes and one deeper hole in m y left cheek under my cheek bone.
I'm excited to see how my face will look at time passes.
I will update more.

9 months later

So I have delayed writing an update on my treatment due to my life just being crazy altogether, and not being able to capture an accurate picture of my scars on a photograph. This photo was this morning with no makeup or anything on my skin. It's taken in natural lighting by a window. I took a picture of my left cheek only because that was the worst side. My right cheek has some breakouts on it now which might mask any improvement I've seen. I am still dealing with breakouts, and after 8 years of cystic acne, I'm not sure if I ever won't be (I am under care by a dermatologist). :( My right cheek has some random scars, but it doesn't bother me as much. So, my scars look drastically different depending on lighting, time of day, makeup or not makeup, etc. I have to say that I have noticed improvement in my acne scars on my cheeks after my Infini treatment. Dr. Rapaport said that I would see results through 6 months, but I've seen gradual improvement even beyond that time frame. The scars on my cheeks are still there, and I expected them to be since I've only done one treatment, but they are shallower and sort of wider, if that makes sense. So, they are looking as if they have improved. I took a very long time to heal from Infini, and the healing time is not what is marketed. I was a hermit for weeks! Luckily I work from home. But any sort of down time is worth it to me to see improvement. Unfortunately, since the treatment, I had a very bad breakout over the summer when trying to incorporate dairy back into my diet (per my specialist's instructions - with catastrophic results) and I now have the worst scar on my face right in the middle of my forehead. I will be pursuing more treatments next month. I am not sure if I will go with another Infini treatment or go with subcision, microneedling, and possibly filler as I have a ton of formal social engagements coming up towards the holidays (I know fillers are temporary). Dr. R. recommended that I now do some mirconeedling with PRP. I'm getting different opinions to see which direction to head, but I'm definitely doing more treatments. I know that anything takes a series of treatments to see a result that I want. Dr. Rapaport is far from me, but I went to him because of his experience and I wanted an office where the doctor himself/herself actually performed the treatment. I am in PA and it seems like all of the offices here have ancillary employees do the treatments, which I don't want. I will keep everyone updated. Please feel free to ask any questions.
Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon

I met Dr. Rapaport for a consultation a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure why he gets negative reviews about his personality, because I thought he was great. I saw him in his Old Bridge office. I did not wait long, the doctor was friendly, he sat down and explained everything to me, answered all of my questions, and was not in a rush to leave. I also watched all of his videos on youtube which I thought were very informative and they gave me a lot of information and hope. So far, the experience has been good. I will update more as I get the procedure.

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