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I have thought about this for years now because I...

I have thought about this for years now because I have always been flat chested. I have no children at 27yrs old. I consulted At Grossman plastic surgery, Dr. Raskin, Dr. Spiers, Dr. Murphy, and Dr. Millard. Finally I found Dr, Buford. I listened to each different surgeons, each had their own style and preference of implants and incision site. I think a good plastic surgeon is well rounded and confident his results. Dr. Bufords staff was helpful and friendly. I elected to go with 375cc HP smooth implants through my areola. I am black and hate how i scar. I am very nervous about the risks of an areolar incision but I feel confident in my doctor. I will also b doing some lipo of my tighs n such so, the price stated above is only for my breasts. I will try to keep updating my progress. I am 4 days out until my surgery.
Dr. Bufords office was able to schedule me on short notice because of my schedule.

Surgery time

Well I got a call a couple hrs ago Saying they want to push my time to later on the day. Im already nervous, maybe this is a sign I shouldn't...

1 Day Post-Op

Hey ladies,
Im not sure how many cc I got because I won't be able to speak with my Doc as yet. It is 1 day after my surgery. I has some lipo with my breasts implants through the areolar. I dont feel as bad as I expected so I'm happy about that. I feel like I'm a bit smaller than I expected but I have no other complaints. It feels like like I've been working out my tights n pictorial muscules. I hope that it continues to decrease tightness but so far so good. Thank you Dr. BUFORD.
I will try to post actual pics when I take my garments off. Stay tuned:)

Bit Disappointed

I really wanted at least 375 cc. I learnt that I got 350 cc
????. I have not gotten a chance to speak with my doctor directly yet. I'm still swollen and they look tiny swollen. I think I look like I'm wearing a push-up bra because my shirts still fit the same. I hope to hear from him, even a check up call.

Nervous/Need advice

Its has been 6 days. I feel like I have 2 rocks sitting on my chest. is this at all normal. They feel really tight especially my left side, they are not dropping at all. But the feel so heavy n resstricted. Help Pls!

???? serious advice pls

Every time I look at my breasts now. I question myself. Because they look deformed. I just wish someone would tell me the truth if they will change or not. Because I see so many people that are a week post op and they look fine. Maybe my body is rejecting the implants...

23 days Post Op

Hi guys,
Well not much to update. I got the go ahead 2 days ago to remove my bandages. So now I have silicone strips on them for the scars which are periareolar.

Scar and swelling

Well as promised I am posting pics of my scars. I have been trying to remain optimistic. My left breast is very sore and seem more swollen/higher than my right. It is still super hard but the left feels strange. My scars are still fresh and have a long way to go. I am 3weeks out still early...next week I'll be a full month. I do hope my body figures it out soon because I don't like the swollen look or the franken-boob (boob from the side). I have no idea whag my true bra size yet. I have not attempted to do any bra shopping yet. I am more concerned with the healing process. Give me your honest feedback girls.

Also, I had and still have horrific bruising from my lipo and still haven not seen any difference. DI'd anyone do lipo with bruising??


My 2nd update today. I wish I could have just edit my earlier post but the site doesn't allow that.
I added some photos of myself in the breast-band that I was instructed to wear everyday. I am finding it hard to wear everyday because the last few days it stares to irritate my arm-pits. At first it was okay but lately not so much. I still sleep in a reclining position propped up on pillows at night. I was always a belly sleeper so, it is not at all comfortable to sleep on my back.
Today was a difficult day for me because my chest felt very tight even this morning. I woke up at 1a.m because my chest felt restricted by the breast band. I did not go back to sleep 'til after 4a.m.
All day today I was sore my back, armpits and left breast was aching and hard....plus I didn't get any sleep.

Almost a Full Month

I had my surgery on May 11th. Today I had my 2nd post op appointment. My doctor wanted my to massage 10 times a day. I dont think thats realistic because of my schedule I'd probably be walking around rubbing my breasts all day. But I intend to try. He thinks that I am still too high for one month out of surgery , and I agree with him. So I will try to massage 10 times a day and wear my breast band also which I have been pretty good about. I only take my band off when my armpits get irritated. My scars are healing, I use scargel+ and silicone car tape intermediately. I still do not have sensation in my nipples yet. If anyone is having the same issue please give me feedback. I was aware that it might be because I chose the nipple incision. I did that because my nipples are dark and I usually scar badly. I would like to know how often did your surgeons have you massaging also. By the way thank you ladies for your encouragement.

I need feedback.

Almost 7 weeks

I dont have much to report. Last week I went to the Victoria Secret sale. When I entered the store the 1st girl sized me as a 34B, I was most disappointed. However I decides to try some bras. Non of them fit me. The fitting room girls sized me again n said I was a 32DD.....OMG I was so happy.

On to other news...my breasts are still hard from time to time. The other day a friend of mine hugged me tight n it really hurt. Almost 2 months, is anyone having the sane issue? When will I get the shape of my breasts back? They are still high. I have been massaging the life out if them but I can't see any real difference. Im such a worry wart, I don't want a capsular contracture. Please give me feedback. I will post more photos on monday my actual 7 week mark.

Full 7 Weeks

Next week will be a full 2 months since my surgery. I am liking them more and more. There is still plenty of dropping to be done. I have been trying to sleep on each side at night equally. I still sleep with by bandeau strap for half way through the nights. My scars are healing nicely. They are not very visible to the eye but are a bit hard to the touch. I still do not have full nipple sensation back yet. I recently donated my old bras and got new ones. I hope that my breast start droping and fluffing more because my nipples are still pointing low. I have been massaging regularly during the days.

Week 9

Hi ladies.
Well it's now more than 2 months post op. I love how my breasts look in clothes but without clothes I'm not seeing much dropping and fluffing at all. I'm afraid that they will permanently remain like this. I have my next appointment with my surgeon in the 1st week of August which isn't very far. I know he will be just as disappointed as I am with the progress of my breasts. They are still high up even with my daily massages. Sometimes they are soft and other times they feel super hard. I hope they change. I am able to sleep a bit on my stomach with proper adjustment. I was naturally a stomach sleeper before my surgery. My scars still feel hard. I had bought vitamin E oil and capsules as recommended by some of u ladies. I massage my breasts and my scar area with the oil as well as take the capsules daily. I have been having fun bra shopping also especially with the pink and Victoria secret sale that past recently. I have gotten a few compliments on how my boobs look in my tops which I like. No more updates for now. I will keep posting as time passes.


Its been more than and I have been looking at picture when I just had my surgery and now. I am still just as high in the upper pool as I was after surgery. I am worried that it won't change. Please be honest with me. I have uploaded pics for comparison. I have been doing my massages. It scares me that I will have to do a revision a yr from now....did my doc not make a good enough pocket or is my body just not accepting the implants??

3 months

Time flew by so quickly. It has been more three months now. I had my 3rd post op appointment this past Thursday. It went well but not very much to report. I think I have been dropping somewhat. My doctor was happy with my progress. My left breast is still loosing the race. I like how my scars are healing . No one would know that I had my breasts bc the scars are not noticeable. I appreciate the support from you all. I still sleep with my breast band at nights and massages during the days.

Just saying Hi ...update

Hello ladies. As you know I'm at 3months (3mo &5days). I recently accepted that sports bras are my friends. Before I had my surgery I only owned 2 sports bras that I didn't wear. Now I have to take the paddings out and I have bought more. Even in regular bras I find that I prefer no padding now. I still have bras with paddind. My breasts are dropping and are feeling more normal everyday. Except sometimes I feel my muscles get tight around my implant when I am tense or working too hard. I still use my scar gell and moisturise my breast area because I don't want stretch marks and I also want my scars to soften.

Hi ladies

Photo updates without a bra

Botched by Buford BE AWARE Please

I decided to get my breasts done 6 months ago aswell as liposuction of my inner and outer thighs, abdomen and love handles...I we have been severely botched. Neither my breasts or lipo was done as expected. I will upload pictures if requested.

At my consultant they were really nice and assuring. Dr Buford did not give me the size implants I specifically requested. My tighs are severely scarred and un even and my abdomen was not done.

I have reached out to their office multiple times and they have been unwilling to fix the problem. Or revise my surgery. I have become depressed because now I cannot wear skirts or shorts because I am so scarred and uneven.

Every solution they gave me was at a cost. I spent $12000+ with them. Why would I spend more that's just encouragementioned yo keep screwing up women's bodies.

Be Aware especially if you are a woman of color. Chose your surge well.

Denver Plastic Surgeon

Would not recommend. After care is poor.

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