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Hi, so I've been looking at this site for a while...

Hi, so I've been looking at this site for a while and it's really helped me.. I was a bit dubious about putting pictures up/starting my own review, as I don't particularly want people I know in real life to find this, but I guess you have to be searching for it to come here!

Basically I've hated my nose since my early teens and I started noticing the bump on it (i've got my dads nose). I'm at a stage where I'm really self conscious about it and it's the first thing I look at in any photo. I hate my profile and 3/4 angle. I never thought rhinoplasty would be possible for me because of cost etc. but for about a year or so I've been considering it. My family and friends don't think I need it done, but can see why I want it, so I'm glad I've got that support if I do go through with it. (I'm almost sure i will, i'm just scared).

I've researched online A LOT, and in December went for a consultation with a surgeon. He was so wonderful and nice - he asked me what I wanted done and told me what was possible, he definitely put me at ease about the whole procedure at the time!

What we discussed is that he would perform a closed rhinoplasty - removing the 'dorsal hump' (breaking the bone/making the bridge narrower), take a small bit off the tip to balance out (we both agreed I didn't need much done on the tip) and he would maybe cut the muscle to stop it drooping down when I smile (something I brought up which I didn't like about my nose). The surgery would take about an hour with a one night stay in hospital, where they will take the packs out the next day.

Basically I'm at the decision making stage - it's literally all I think about. I've almost made the call to book it so many times. It doesn't help that I am terrified of needles, so the thought of going through blood tests and general anaesthesia voluntarily is stressing me out haha. I'm constantly doubting whether it will be worth it, what people will think etc.

If you could give me opinions/advice and maybe boost my confidence to book that would be much appreciated!

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online, reading reviews, also it is quite near to my hometown

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