58 now 59 lol Year Old Lady 40 pounds down over Due well deseved Tummy Tuck. - England, UK

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Hi every one. I am on the real road now had my...

Hi every one.
I am on the real road now had my second consultation now just got date through to day 24 th March hope all goes well.
I have been swimming like a fish this pasted few weeks.
This is a long story but will cut it short.
Since being younger I have always not liked what I see when I look in the mirror.
My mum had the same as me when she was my age and as she got older she had a hernia so big she used to have to push her bowels back in.
She was to old and Not fit enough to have the operation so she just lived with it.
Unfortunately without going into great deatail we didn't get on.
But because of what impact it had on her life when we found out that my stomach wall was very weak and I have the start of an umbilical hernia she said she would pay for my operation because she didn't want me to go though the same as her.
I did go and see someone on the Nhs but less said about that the better.
My husband and i first saw Mr A Marndo i in Dec 2013 the instance we meet him we both new he was the one for us.
He was honest straight talking which is what we like down to earth.

But unfortunately my mum passed away late 2013 so she is not here to see the results. So all can can say is thank you mum God bless.
So we are here today thanks to her.
Just over three weeks to go.
Will update later.


Hi guys just thought I would update you all.
Well it goes like this I am down another 2 pounds that's 34 pounds in all.
I don't know if I am having my bust reduction yet not heard how much extra it's going to cost finding this very disappointing hopefully will hear tomorrow I hope cause I am finding it hard to go to sleep and if I wake in the night it's the frist thing that's on my mind, I know it's stuppid but that's the way it is.
Secondly even if I can afford to have them done at the same time I am fully aware if there's any unforeseen problems there might not be enough time due to being under the anaesthetic to long.
The other night I was dreaming about my boobs and all I could see was two cocker spaniel ears ha well we do have a golden cocker and they were same colour.
When I first went for this is was all about not wanting to end up like my mum having to push bowels back in, in later life.
Now it's all about me and how I look, I have never been that sort of person but
since losing weight i now look in the mirror and think when all my apron of fat and skin has gone how nice I will look and how much I deseve it.
So there you have it not sleeping very well 16 days to go per opp next week.
No more photos they will be after now not much diffarance.

No Brest reduction for me this time.

Hi every one.

Just heared I won't be having breast reduction at same time. But it was just the not knowing if I could or if i couldn't now I know can get my head roung it.
Disapointed about it but let's be seneabale. If the anaesthetists doesn't want me to be under to long,so that's fare enough by me after all that's what we want safety.
So it's a tummy tuck but keep look out cause I might be back.
It wasn't till I came on here that i relisted only 12 days to go till the night before.
Anyway there you have it but I am sure i will be more than happy.

Pre opp done.

Hi every one
Hope you are all well. One week to go now, just been for pre opp every thing fine evan had a heart trace apparently over 50 you have one was very pleased wiegh in at 71kg that's just 11.1 not bad from 13.12.
Went to watershed mill at Skipton for a look round and dinner, feel so stuffed won't be having any thing else all I had was pulled pork bap.
But not been eating much wheat of late so makes a big difference when you have some.
Not given it up altogether didn't want to do that wanted change of life style not a diet something I can stick to fir rest of life.
Found it quite easy really.
Anyway nit much more to report so roll on 24 th lets get it over with now.
Next update after operation.

Count down has begun 18 hours to go

Hi ever one just checking in before I go.
I have packed my bag got everything ready to go. Done last minuite shopping.
Took dog to vets for her check up she was spayed last week so she will know how I feel lol. Git to have a bit of fun.
It's going to be nice to see Andrea tomorrow again at least I will get it over with.
Had a few up and downs last few days, let be honest I have lost my temper a little bit don't know why I do that when I am nervous but I run out of patience very quick.
Can't take the stress.
Any way put a few day before photos on lost a little bit more wieght but really not a lot to loose any way. I am very happy with how good I have done. ( need new colths) going to enjoy buying them later.
Any way guys take care hope very ones doing well and if your waiting it will soon be here.
Will post ad soon as able after.
Good luck every one

Found my Prince Charming but Turned into a coffee perculater Lol

Hi every one hope your all well and had a good weekend.
It's five days since having my TT and I think I have turned into a coffee perculater the wind in my body is so loud we can hear it over the tv so imagine how I feel, just a very good job it doesn't smell.
I cantnot prise Andrea Marando, Matina and his team i only need one word
From the very start of the day I was up at 6 am in the shower, aravied at Gisburn Park At 7.15 within 15 minutes we were shown to our room.

I was very nervous but once settle down came too very quickly. After a while the anaethsist Dominique Sebastian came to see me what another lovely man.
Soon followed by Andrea, he then soon turn into an artist how funny that looked.
I then offered to walk to theatre with him but he declined very pleasantly I might add.
Very soon after i was walking down with the nurse and my husband,i climbed onto the bed and they started to prepaid me all I can remember was do I stay or get off and run now, the next thing I new was waking up but only slightly didn't know where I was.
I suppose a few hours had passed and found myself back in my room half awake half asleep.
All that day I was awake then asleep all I really can remember was feeling sick.
Anyway enought about me I ended up spending a little bit more time in hospital for one reason or another no ones fault only my bodies.
The staff the doctors well just about every one was great You could tell they all really loved there jobs and was very good at them.
So if your looking for your PRINCE CHARMING and of course the best plastic surgeon aroung here then I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr A Marando what so ever.he evan came back at 10 pm one night to make sure I was well enough to go home the day after and not satisfied with that he had the anseathist a doctor to check me out before I was aloud out.
If you're woundeing why I had to stay blood count went down a bit and I don't take kindly to anti sicknees tables and pian killers just my body.
Any way no photos yet will not stand up or take the corset off at all so you will all have to wait sorry.

First photos

Here are just a few photos Andrea took about an hour a go at Bridgewater hospital.
Feeling good .

Just few more photos

This is justified to show if you bleed a little this is what it looks like just red.
We put sterile strip down and alls well so glad put my mind at rest.
Let's face it it's not done this before.
The only reason I began to worry was the blood running down leg but once dressing off you can see there's no need too.

The Day Andrea Marando was born the world became a better place God bless this man every need anyone in your corner he's the one

Hi guys
Take it you,ll all no I have been ill. Sorry to say been back in hospital didn,t realise how I'll i was thought it was normal to feel so bad after big opp.
I should have know when the dressings could,nt keep up with the blood.
Anyway had another opp unfortunately had a hematomer that need sorting out but feel great now.
The very professional care I have received from Andrea has been outstanding beyond the call of duty but you know what it's just second nature to him he is so genuine caring man .Nothing was to much trouble before we knew it everything was sorted.
I had a laugh with theatre staff saying put me out quick or I am off but unfortunately I was in no fit state to run, they made me feel so relaxed safe unbelievable. You might think I am making light of this but trust me I feel so loved so safe. I belive that life throws things yor way sometime we might no like but soory just deal with it. My worries were for my husband he looked so lost and worried i take my hat off to him.Stephen I love you and thank you for being just you so supportive, I think the Pearson who is doing the looking after gets forgot about some times and we all must remember it's hard for them as well, they need support just as much sometimes.
Anyway closing for now,but Andrea Marando more than well desevers the inpecable reputation he has made for him self so thank you very much that's all I can say to him .safe hands Andrea Marandos hands.would also like to say a big big thanks to Martina so sweet yes will will meet I can't wait.

Check up at Bridgewater hospital

Hi every one.
Feel so good now just been for check up with Andrea he was very pleased with everything so that's good.
Got up this morning had a lovely wash hair and every thing. Only thing is hp an manage my slef now, so did enjoy my husband doing them ho well at least it's an improvement.
Put a dress on for first time in a long time felt so nice and I must say it looked nice, size 14 and its a little lose how nice. Wieght my slef today well what a shock 3 stones 42 lbs 19 Kgs Just need to get these stockings off so I can get my legs shaved eye brows plucked you know what I mean back to normal looking good feeling good. Sorry no photos this time forgot to take ipad.
Hope every one is well GLYNIS.

One week after second Opperation doing ok.

Well it's one week today since I had to have a hematomer removed. I felt much better after this one than the first one, think it was something to do with the 2 units of blood I had.
I also didn,t have any pian killers other than paracetamal which was great no anti sicknees table ect much better than being sick after opp. That's what might have done it heving up you never know. Any way yesterday I got up to warm tea coloured fluid running down my leg so I called Adnrea right away, he soon put me at easy it's just build up of fluid coming out normal can happen for up to 48 hours just means changing dressing more often to try keep it dry and my husband is an expert at now lol.
This morning it's no where near as bad jut a little fluid it's like a weak tea colour nothing major.( No blood in it.) was going to have a shower but will just have a good wash wiat another day or two found it hard work to go up to bathroom today not been up for a good few days. Got a commode down stairs if you have no down stairs loo it's a godsend to have a commode don't know what I would have done without it.
So it's just rest and relaxation for me for a few more days.
Going for check up again Wednesday.
sorry no photos but just haven't got round to it. Update in a weekd or so.

Not two weeks through few photos

Been to see Andrea today I love these outings had dressing changed alls well feeling great.
I cant belive the difference keep having to pinch myself am I dreaming.
Put a summer dress on today looked brilliant even though I say so my self. Stephen keeps saying my goodness the difference is unreal. My son came today after we got home should have seen his face. Mum! Don't loose any more you look great and this is just the beginning its all going to get better. It was lovely to see them all. any way not a lot more to say only I am so happy.

4 weeks today since second opp.

Hi guys well it's 4 weeks today since opp.
Time has gone very fast don't know were it goes. Out of corset Evan though I wore it all day yesterday to see if it made any difference.
I bought some suport knickers there ok but seam to make torso more swollen.
So I bought some all in one suport underwear that you wear with your own bra,
These seam much better. I am very swollen these past few days but from what I have read it's normal, don't like it but all good things take time.
My scar is almost heal all the way now it's so fine looks brilliant so far.
Got the itches though very tender itchy might do better if I could get in shower and have a good stub.
Got two dressings on for 4 days so having stand up washers doing best I can.
No photos yet waiting till all dressing off now .
I will tell you one benefit I wasn't expecting to be as good as it is, can't eat a lot,
Before I never felt full now I never feel hunrgy just making sure what ever I eat is all good food. Like salmon,nuts salads, chicken keep the protein up.
Been very tired this weekend fibromayia setting in for a bout I think all joints sore and aching all over, feels a bit like flue without them runny nose,lol.
I hope every ones well take care look after your self.

My new Grandson not me but like to share with the world.

Well it's five weeks tomorrow since opp all healed up but still a lot of swelling above scar hope this goes soon fed up of seeing it. Can go swimming now.

Any way on a good note I just became a new gran. Little boy 7.3 so beautiful he is .


Few photos having a moan today

Hi having a moan today so swollen today not Seen any on here after 5 weeks still so swollen.
Just have to wait I guess at least all dressing are off and I can go swept minig but waiting another week or so don't feel ready yet !

Photos would not upload

More photos won't all up loads together ho well

Guess what more photos

7 or 9 weeks which ever you want to take it from I say 7 weeks

Hi every one its 7 weeks since last operation and I am still the same very swollen and feel very heavy down there think it's all the swelling see photos, when I walk upstairs I can feel it on top of my legs and can't bend over without it stopping me I can just feel this lump stopping me.
Any way decided to loose more wieght and see if that helps instead of dewing on it ,drinking water with fresh lemon in heared this helps some what. I have put these photos on so that if someone else gets bad swelling they can see.
I have looked and looked to see if I could find anyone so swollen at 7 weeks all over web and can't find any, but I take it it,s because it's been opened twice don't really know.
I wanted to share because later when it settles down I can show it does go ok in the end just don't know how long it will take.
If I could have found someone the same and see the end result it might make me feel better.
Guess I will just have to wait and see.

Bridgewater hospital.

Hi guys I have been reading all you worries about Bridgewater hospital well you can catch up on Manchester evening news, it's all on there.
No one knew about this I think it would have been a shock to Mr Marndo as well.
Just give him time and I am sure they will sort it out for you all.

Lymphic drainage massage

Hiya every one hope your all well I have just been for my lymphic massage.
We what can I say it was fabulous, relaxing felt great as well no problem round my scar.
Hope it helps with the swelling only time will tell going again next week again.
found her on Internet but wasn,t easy so she lives in great hardwood so if any one needs any treatment near here here's tel no 07742430144 it's not just massage you can have nails eye lashes top to toe .
I haven't done photos because there's no changes well not as we can see anyway.
Which it would go down at least a little bit but I will just have to to wait till it decides to go.
Take care hugs to every one .

Two months now.

Hi everyone.
Well it's been 8/10 weeks now no change in swelling/ well it isn't swelling Aparantly with having the hematomer looks like I might be having a revision late September or so. Just goes to show I thought it should be better than it is, that's why I put it on when you can't find any one with same as you on Internet gets you thinking.So Andrea he said he doesn't think it will go down altogether!
Will go better as scar softens but not enough for him he was so nice understanding nothing is to much trouble for him he wants it perfect.
Well we will just have to wait and see what happens been massageing the scar every night now , getting back to normality in stead of still resting hoping it would help the swelling go down. Going to go swimming Monday I have had this feeling as soon as I stretch out to swim I am going to spit in half. Andrea smiled at me and said you will be just fine you won't be calling me from the pool,lol it's funny what goes through your mind I think the second op just shook me up more than I relised.
Off to meadow hall tomorrow was hanging on to get a few more fitted colths to let the swelling go down but no point now cause it's not going any where for a while and I need a few more things for my holidays, swimming custom, thrown my old ones away 3 size to big that was a great feeling.
Not going to worry about something I can't do anything about no more what will be will be as long as it,s all ok in the end that's all that matters and I am here to tell the story.can see the what I call the lump .still lot better than before so can still get much better yet.
Take care will leave it for a few weeks now .

My new grandson poseing.

Nothing much to update about me but my son and his wife has some photos done. Just like to share. They don't leave him in the bucket lol

11 weeks and so fed up

Hi guys just letting you all know I am not putting any more on here.
I look at all the photos and wish mine was like that.
These things happen for a reason and I don't know why it's happened to me.
I know it's just one of thoughts things nobody's fault.
Might be back later if I have a revision done in October or so if it's a happy ending. I put a few photos on so you can see why I am fed up. I will just have to wait my time which is very frustrating. These were taken this morning and all I want to do cry at the sights off them. The hang over in the middle is awful.

I wish you all the best for a full and great recovery. Take care .

Nearly 4 months now.

hiya everyone.
Just thought I would put an up date on.
Well I went to see Andrea a couple of weeks ago will need a revision because of the hematomer no one fault just one of those things, in the past week I think my little lump has gone down a bit, or I am not swelling as much.
I have just though ho well I have a holiday to look falward to and will deal with it later not going to ruin my holiday so I have been out and bought my first ever bikini whether I wear or not is a different matter lol .
When I look at the picture in it and look at before pictures I am amazed at the difference. I am much happier now but will be Evan happier after revision.
Andrea is so understanding,caring.and compassionate about is work nothing less than perfect is excepted. I trust him completely.
So here are some photos that I never in this world thought I would put on my fridge never mind the Internet. There not very good but it's hard on your own .

Side by side photos

This is so you can see from the beging till well nearly the end. Lol

21 weeks since my TT

Hiya guys I haven,t updated much thought I would do it after my revision.
But just to say anyone with douts go for it.
I am seeing my PS again on 16th September to discuss revision .
My scar and little lumb as gone much better I think so it just goes to show how time heals one side is nearly flat altogether now.
Put a few picture on I took other day so you can see the diffarance between last time.
Hope your all well
Take care Glynis

Before and after

Just so you have better idea .

6 months

Just a quickly let you all know how things are going.
I been to see Andrea today and we have decided to do a small revision in October.
Only a little bit left but won't go on its own so needs must.

Before revision

Hiya guys hope you are all as well as can be, just updating pictures before my revision.
You can see just how far the swelling gone down and I will put after pictures on so if any one is thinking of having a revision you can judge for yourself if you think it is worth it.
Hope this helps you make your minds up.
Just have to wait and see, but I will tell you if it felt alright now I don't think I would bother having it done, just not sure, my husband say I won't be happy if I leave it and will regret not doing it,
My ps says it will be much better and the only reason I am having it done is because I trust Mr A Marando 110% . Could not of wished to have found a more dedicated, professional, caring person, to which I have had the pleasure of meeting him loads of times what a bonus .
Sorry guys photos won't up load but will get them on later hopefully.
Take care every one.
Till next time Glynis.

Revision done.horay.

Hiya guys home from hospital feeling just great. Best thing about it I got to see Andrea again he,s so nice.
Well got there for 11am was check in by about 12ish stockings on .
Andrea came to see me had a laugh again.
Went down at 12.50 back up on ward sat up feeling great, can't believe how good I feel just now.
Has cup of coffee x2 then tuna sandwich another brew home by 6pm.
Sting a lot but that's about it only had paracetamol .
Any way just thought I would let you all know I am home and very well.
Take care have a good week end.
No photos till next week.



Revision day after.

Hiya guys.
Well we slept down stairs last night on electric recliner, it takes some getting used to was 5am before I hot some sleep and worke up at 8.30.
The pian is nothing like before just nipping a little around the top of the corset and it's very tight.
Feeling good, slow getting up but can stand striaght up which supprised me.
Going to try going to bed tonight, really hope I can I love my bed and my husband won't go to our bed and leave me down stairs so he slept on the settee.
Up date later.
Take care


2 nd day and wow.

Hiya every one hope every one is happy and doing well.
I know it's early days but already I feel much better than before, I can stand straight up without feeling any pulling what so ever.
Back in bed last night had a lovely sleep can't wait to see the result on Wednesday . Will take iPad to take pictures. I know there will be some swelling along the way again but from what I have already been through I know this will go.
Feeling happy and good.
All I can say again is thank you God for putting this man on our planet Andrea is such a perfectionist and dedicated to his work nothing more than perfect is good enough for him.
I would not have any hesitation in recommending Andrea for any surgery.
Should anyone be contemplating having cosmetic suryery look no further ..
They say the proof is in the pudding well I have had my cake and eaten it .
Take care

Wow so happy revision

Hiya every

Well I really don't no what to say only yippee so happy, can't belive the difference would never have thought that this was even possible with my body.
Been to see Andrea again today ho this man makes my heart melt makes me smile, God certainly made a good one this time,lol
No seriously Andrea is so talented an artist, professional all the way even though.
I am a person who calls a spade a spade don't mix my words don't stand on ceremony just an ordinary working class person who likes a laugh bit loud at time or so I get told, but you know what I have felt very comfortable with Andrea and Martina from the beging.
I am so glad that we found Andrea and went with him our very first instinct was right.
Ok things for me wasn,t striaght falward we all know that but it was just one of thoughs things they happen get over it.
All I can tell you is that Andrea has been and still is there for me anytime I want, I haven't had to ask for nothing it's just been given.
Had more aftercare than I needed infact I have tried to get out of some appointments but he was having none if it I had to go to every one, don't get me wrong I love seeing him but twice a week sometime.
Any way you can all judge yourselves the photos are what my Husband took and he,s not good at this sort of thing and I am led down.
Will do more later but this is only 5 days since op.
Anyway anyone out there like I was thinking if to have a revision done go for it I wish I could have found a review like this one .
Ps I have been asked how much it has cost. Nothing he won't take a penny.
So a nice bottle of wine we thinks because Andrea has not hesitated just actually told me he was doing all this.
Hope this helps guys. All I can say is a very big thank you Andrea and to your parents for bringing you into this world God bless you.xxx
My very best for you and your family
Glynis Xxxxx

Just a few photos?

Hiya all hope you are all safe and well.
Just a few photos from this morning it's amazing only 6 days since operation, can't believe it.
I am expecting some swelling later on as from past experience tells me.
So here we are hope every one has a lovely week end.

Revision. And only a week on .

Hiya every one hope you are all well.
Just putting review on here as well I have started another review on revision.
I am so pleased that Andrea insisted on doing the revision, l had no idea that it would be so painless and excellent results.
It just goes to show how much you can trust Andrea and his team, nothing less than perfect it three goal.
Few photos for you all so you can all judge yourself.
From the very beginning to the end well, nearly.
Hope this helps any who was like me woundering wether to go through with a revision.
Trust me there were many times I change my mind even on the way for just a checkup before I had the revision told my husband to turn round and go back.lol.

Lovely so happy.

Hiya every one hope your all good.
Well only three weeks since operation, went to see Andrea last week think he's as happy as me lol.
Feel much better now I would even know I had a operation only having to take thing a bit easy.
Anyway got all clear can do what I want know, going away up Scotland next week in a cottage in middle of no where just Husband dog and me, going to be so nice, log fire wine can't wait might stop.lol.
So here's some photos so you can see for yourself. Spot the scar if you can lol.
Take care

Before and after.

Just making it easy to see the big big difference.judge for yourself . I think it's worth every bit and more.

Merry Christmas to all.

Hiya guys just wanted to say it's been 8 months since my TT and I am loving it.
Managed to stay same wieght,loose a little more infact only a bit but every bit counts.
So here's a measage don't spoil it at Christmas we have all worked hard gone though so much. to give in now. Chilli out.
Wishing you all good health for the future.

WHAT a man if you every need any one in your corner Andrea is the man you need. I had my Opperation at Gisburn park on the 24th March. The attention both my husband and me were outstanding. Andrea was there when I came to don't remember much about that visit he did as he said he rung Stephen striaght away to inform him it all went well. That night not sure what time but Andrea came back to check on me but if your like me I love my sleep so all I wanted was to be left alone Andrea just laught and said see you later then. Wednesday I didn't feel great which was to be expected, so I Had to say in again Wednesday night. Thursday blood count down but felt better but bleeding a little Andrea came all way from Manchester to have a look and change dressing himself can't get better than that, it was decided I would stop in one more night. Went home on Friday just felt very tired weak which I thought it was normal after such a big Opperation. Went to see Andrea on Wednesday he tried to extract some blood but they weren't much and I felt fine. Well on Easter Saturday morning I woke up covered in blood so we changed all dressing and went back to sleep I just thought some people had drains in for days so it has to come out some how. When I woke up again we had to change dressing again so I rung Andrea had a word and decided between us would see how it went. Sunday morning back covered so I rang again he decided I needed to go get check out. By the way Andrea was in Italy for Easter and left some one to cover. Within 10 minutes he rung back made arrangements for me to be seen at Beradwood at Blackburn remember this is while he is away. We arrived at hospital Easter Sunday seen by a doctor who I think dicided I had a hematomer. From his holiday Andrea arranged for one of his colleagues to come and assess me. So in the end Andrea cut his holiday short hired a car drove all way from London to come and look after me short out everything they were no theatre for Monday but true to form the theatre was open up staff called in and was all over and done with by Easter Monday no hesitation what so ever. I would like to say thank you and sorry to all the people that had to give there holiday up. Since then I have gone from strength to stenght lost count how many times we have seen Andrea. I have wrote all this so you all know your safe in his hands outstanding care nothing to much trouble. Andrea is such an amazing,caring, deadicated man. My husband and me owe him so much gratitude and are amazed at his care and dedication to his patience. We feel so blessed we meet him. Hope this helps anyone you can't go wrong with Andrea Marando.

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