Breast Uplift Without Implants (20yrs) - London, GB

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I'm due to have a breast uplift with no implants...

I'm due to have a breast uplift with no implants on Monday (13th June 2016). My boobs have always been on the larger size ever since I was about 13 and I am now a size 34E-F. After researching and talking to different surgeons I have chosen to have a breast uplift without implants as I still have volume.
I found it difficult to find many pages and information of women similar to my age who have had this procedure therefore I wanted to create this page and help others who may be thinking about this procedure.

Before my surgery

2 days till my operation. Here is my before picture! As you can see I have a lot of volume but I am missing the perkiness. Super excited for Monday and can't wait to share my results with you all!!!

Day of my operation

Just a little update to say my surgery went very well. Pain is minimal, nothing like what I expected. Mr Richards and his amazing assistant Aggy said they are very pleased with the results.
I can already tell they are going to be amazing! So excited to see the results fully next week.

The day after my operation

So yesterday I had my operation, woke in revocery with very minimal pain, I just had a slight stinging sensation down the centre of my boobs which the nurse gave me pain relief for. I also had a special machine around my calves to help prevent DVT, which the nurse has just took off. I've had regular paracetamol but have not asked for them because the pain is so minimal. Believe me I've had migraines which are on another level to this...
I've just woken up from my night stay in hospital and I slept very well, again no pain at all. Nurse just came to check my BP, give me some meds (paracetamol and anti- inflamitry), she also looked at my dressings to check they had not leaked through etc, all was well.
So on a whole I am so happy!! Even 1 day post op my boobs are no where near as swollen and are very perky!!!
I'm awaiting a cooked breakfast so will catch up with you all soon. ????????

Two days post op

I was discharged from hospital yesterday and I was so happy to be in my own bed, I slept like a baby.
Thought I would take some pictures of how they looked this morning, I have not experienced any pain at all will my boobs which I'm so happy about.
As I can't take the support bra off I thought I'd just pull it aside to show you the new girls.. As you can see I have some bruising under my right boob. I am still waiting for them to fall into shape as they are a bit high but I am in love already! As you can tell I finally have perky boobs!!!

6 Day Post Op

I can't stress enough how happy I am with my boobies!!! Firstly yesterday (5 days post op) was the worse day I've had since surgery, my mood was low and I was so tired, I feel that because I haven't had any pain I may have been more active than I should've been. So yesterday (5 days post op) in my rubbish mood I just chilled in front of the tele and did nothing all day. Also my boobs felt more tender yesterday so had a sneak peak and no wonder I was feeling rubbish and they were tender because the bruise had come right out. I'm pleased it has bdcause that means it's healing well etc. I've also noticed little bruises near the front of the arm pit and my ribs also feel bruised but I'm sure that this is due to the surgery itself. Back to the boobies, they have softened so much and are both still sitting well and are equal! Mr Richards, you have done an amazing job!!! I have my one week post operative appointment tomorrow so will keep you guys updated!!!

3 and a half weeks post op

Just wanted to update you on my progress so far. So I am now 3 and a half weeks post op and I am still majorly in love with my boobs.
After seeing my results my friend has planned to have the same surgery!
Following my last post, not a lot has changed, I still have not experienced any pain at all. However I was at a party and when I drank vodka my nipples had a sharp pain, very strange!
Since my two week post op appointment I was advised to keep wearing the tape until my six week post op appointment and to change the tape every 3 to 4 days. So I get a sneaky peak at them!!
I'm still so happy with my new boobs and can not wait to go bra shopping!!
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