Breast Implant Revision to 840's

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Hi everyone. I currently have 460/520's round,...

Hi everyone. I currently have 460/520's round, ehr, overs. Love them, love the shape but not big enough. So going for bigger. Surgeon can only fit in 840's. was hoping for 1000cc but hopefully these new girls will be big enough. I'm 5ft 5, slim build and currently 32F. So here we go again. At least I know what to expect this time. Only two weeks to go.

Before surgery pics

Less than a week!

Not long to go now. Had my MRSA test through to do at home. Can't wait to see what the 835's will look like. Hope there will be a noticeable difference. How many other people are getting theirs done next week? Anyone out there?

A few hours to go

Only a few hours now until my surgery. Surprisingly not too nervous yet. Will be when I get to the hospital. Can't wait to see what they look like.

Day of surgery update

Had my surgery yesterday. Morning surgery. So far so good. Not too much pain but incisions very sore. A lot sorer than last time. Taking meds and antibiotics. Not seem them yet. Have to keep stockings on for 2 weeks and no shower until PS appointment next weds. More movement in arms than last time. Hope I like them. Boobs not swollen much. For 835's they dont seem that big led down.

B-lite implants

Forgot to add that they are 835 round b-lite full projection implants.

Day 2 Post Op

Still going ok, although feeling a little sick this morning. Think it might be the effects of the various medicines. Have added first photo taken yesterday. Pain good and tolerable so far.

Day 1 Post Op photo

Day 3 Post Op

Recovery going well so far. A little tightness and incisions are sore when getting up from lying down position. Taking less meds now. Felt weak a couple of times today, probably need to keep fluids and food up. Went out for very short walk and even managed a couple of hours out with friends. No drinking though. Love the b-lite implants. Day 3 Post op photo added.

Day 4 Post Op

Recovering well. Right incisions sore tonight so will have to monitor that. Had to take codeine. Wanted to stop it today. Photos taken of incisions but can't see much. Lots of foamy dressing and that might be what is making it sore.

Day 8 Post Op

Had appointment with my PS today.
Really pleased, he's a great surgeon. Dressings now off and tape on for 2 weeks. Surgical stockings can come off. And I'm allowed to wear a sports bra and normal bra. Mainly sports bra and normal bra when I'm socialising. Sports bra to be worn at night until 6 weeks. So far so good. Healing well. Loving them totally. Really happy I went for it.

Day 7 pic

Bra shopping for big sizes

Hi ladies. A question for you girls out there in the G, GG, H ranges, where do you buy your bras?

Have had two bra fittings. One less successful one with a major chain store and a very successful one today at a local lingerie boutique. I have been sized at 28H, 30GG, 32H, 30G depending on the different bras. Which makes it more difficult buying online. But are there well known brands you buy? Any advice would be most welcomed.

2 weeks update

Well it's two weeks since my Revision. Everything still going well. Right incision a little uncomfortable today so taken ibruprofen and let them loose for a bit and seems to be easing so could be the tape and being squished into the recovery bra. Have added a pic taken today.

3 weeks and 4 days

Don't know where the times gone. Although a bit mad to have the revision near Xmas and go back to work a week later, everything has gone well. And had so much to do with Xmas preparations and then Xmas that the recovery time is flying. I can now do some leg exercises which is great as I want to start doing some squats again. Just got to buy loads of bras and sports bras. Decided I'd get fitted for a few and then look online for same bras in different colours. The implants are great, they feel good and not heavy at all. Still sleeping on my back. Never really got out of that habit after the first set in May. Definitely would recommend my surgeon. And would definitely go to him again.

3 weeks 6 days pic

Here's a pic of the new girls 3 weeks and 6 days after surgery.


So I've been trying to buy new bras. The problem is that when you get to a certain size a lot of the brands think you want to cover them totally up and the bras shouldn't be sexy. Well I've paid a lot of money for these girls and I need sexier bras. Anyway here's a few pics of bras purchased to date. I've haven't yet found a bra that I'm totally happy with.

Nearly 5 weeks incisions

Hi. It will be 5 weeks on Tuesday since my surgery. The incisions are bigger then last time due to the size of the implants. Had dressings on for 10 days and then had tape on for two weeks. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of incisions after tape come off so nothing to compare to. Incisions are healing but not as quickly as last time I don't think. I sent a couple of pics to my PS earlier in the week and he said they're healing well but don't like the look of the red spots on one side of each incision. You can see it more clearly in one of the attached pics. Anyone got any comments on what they think?
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