Macadoo Didn't Come Through for Me - Hialeah, FL

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I Had to pick lipo because I have already done a...

I Had to pick lipo because I have already done a review I guess. But I had a BBL July 20th. Things stated out bad from the beginning I was suppose to have Dr O he refused to do it because he wanted me to do a tummy tuck. Then they said Dr Macadoo would do and I had to spend 2 extra days in a recovery house my husband didn't get paid for missing them extra days and the airline wouldnt let us change our ticket so we had to buy another flight home. I met Macadoo he was nice seemed to understand I wanted a big butt like Kim K. I showed him pictures of her backside and her in clothes we agreed on pear shape. My nurse and I too him we wanted it big. After survey it looked really big then really flat then the garment was cutting off my circulation and when I visited his office he had his nurse cut out the butt to give me more room. He cut it so much there was no way to form my butt and th damage was done I had a huge dent that was extremely sore and noticeable. I was told fat would move don't touch your butt and everything would be fine. After staying on Maimi 6 days 4 massages and flying home I have not say on my butt. I have payed on my stomachs. In the car I lay down on the back seat flat on my tummy. The only activity I have done is cooked meals and walked about 30 minutes a day broken up because it's so hot I break out in the heat I can't be in it long periods of time. I don't know what happened to my butt. I feel like it was just full of saline solution and once I peed it all out and the swelling has went down this is what I'm left with. Does it look better then what I started with I don't think so. I was flat before but not deformed with indents on my body and what looks like a roll of fat trapped. Making this decision is very emotional and costly and something I condsideree for years. It affected my marriage and me severely I didn't walk around naked. I never let my husband see me naked from behind. So then to save my own money. Research. Commit to the procedure and go to walk away with nothing more then some hips leave me in tears. When I first had the procedure done my husband was happy excited wanted to see me and I wanted to show him I bought panties and was gearing up to improved sex life and all the position I wouldn't let him do befor because I had no butt. Through the last 3 weeks things have changed dramatically. I tried to contact the Dr and his nurse gave me her personal cell number because I broke down in the dr office when I saw the dent and deformity then. Nobody has reached out to me. I've sent pictures and emails and tried to get answers tips and suggestions and nothing. Am I just naive and dumb because I thought I made a food choice and that Macadoo cared about me as a patient and wanted to deliver results? I just don't know what to do. I clearly need a revision I need the projection and volume that I showed him on the pictures. I have to know I was conned and now I'm being mocked and talked about from the few people that knew. Now my butt isn't something my husband even has interest in anymore. I can't blame him after helping me willing my behind cleaning up after me heping me and out the car not cleaning the house and doing all the things a wife does to have the result be something like this I think he is disappointed for me. He is upset we had to spend an extra 1000 bucks for them extra days he missed work and to see the pain I've been through. I can't talk to him about it so I just for the last week been laying in the bed. Really trying to figure out what to do. How can a Dr perform any procedure and not follow up with the patient or have any compassion to reach out put together a plan offer suggestions? This is my life whether it's cosmetic or not we diet lose weight dye our hair buy fancy cars big house as an outward expression to make us feel good about ourselves. Sadly I feel worse then before because of time money and effort I committed to for a change. I've posted pictures on my regular review from start to finish and just will post a few now. I don't even know if I got enough fat in my arms and inner thighs to do a touch up. Was this worth it no because I was not respected or communicated with nor given feedback or support. It wasn't worth spending 6k total I'm not a dr I work a regular job pay check to pay check saving what I can outside of helping my kids with college. I guess because it's a meat market in Miami values and morals don't come into play when dealing with so many people. If I sound hurt I am. I'm just not used to treating people like they don't matter or they don't exist and not caring how I have affected them when I have them my word on something I'm suppose to be the professional at.

Clothes on pic

Clothes on

No clothes

Would you be happy? The dent never went away

Inverted triangle

Can someone post a pic of one I need to make one for my back. Or tell me where I can buy one please

Butt lifter and waist trainer

Now what?

He won't contact me. He won't answer my questions respond to my pictures

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