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Nursing three children over the course of the last...

Nursing three children over the course of the last 2 decades took a toll on my breasts. Sagging, stretch marks, other scars and what I would call "puckering" made me really self conscious of my breasts to the point that I concealed them during sex (forget leaving the lights on). And mind you I am a very sexual person.

I completely avoided certain types of tops and purchasing a flattering bathing suit was always a challenge. That said I stocked up on a lot of sexy lingerie. For the most part I have been a high B/Low C and at the height of nursing I got to even an E at one point (huge/engorged). More recently I was "folding" my breast tissue into a size 36C.

I had a full TT 4 years ago and while I contemplated having a BA at that time I still was not certain that it was right for me. After all, with the scars and generally bad skin I figured why would I want to stretch that out. Also, I was having an umbilical hernia fixed with the TT so I knew the recovery was going to be painful to say the least and could not imagine tacking the boobs on at the same time.

Fast forward to last year when my best friend of 36 years got her BA and could not be happier and then another friend of mine got one as part of a mommy makeover in December. I spoke to many of my co-workers (including my boss) that I found had BAs and were happy they had done it. While I received many recommendations and contemplated going back to the surgeon that did my TT (he is in Beverly Hills and I wanted to avoid going over the hill and BH prices), one of my co-workers highly recommended her surgeon, Dr. Saul Berger, in Encino.

I kept his information for some time before finally making an appt. to see him in February. Dr. Berger and his staff were so great from the beginning and his bedside manner, years of experience, ability to convey things in terms that I would understand (to include some great sketches), and his non-BS realistic approach and understanding of my desire to have as natural result as possible really won me over. Within a week from meeting him for the first time I was making my appt. to have surgery on March 20th (pre-op on March 9th).

The postings on this site really helped me prepare for my surgery and gave me a great idea of what to expect and the comfort of knowing that I was one of many who had made this decision in their late 30s. I will say that my teenage children and even my mother was not that supportive of my decision but only because they felt that I was fine just the way I was and imagined "fake". My husband has been SUPER supportive and even though he has always been more of a leg man (thankfully) he is now considering himself more of a boob man.

The kids and mom are coming around....she even took care of me day 2 and 3 (hubby had day 1). My boobs were borderline when it came to needing a lift. The surgeon felt he may be pleasantly surprised upon placing the implant so we knew it would be a game time decision on whether or not he would do a crescent lift (adjacent to the nipple) on both or just one of my breasts (given one sat slightly lower that the other...note that I also have scoliosis). I had seen the results of another crescent lift that I thought turned out really nice so I told him to do what he had to do. Given how I scar, he was trying to avoid any unnecessary incisions. He worked off of photos of what I wanted my outcome to be. I ended up with 425 CCs of cohesive gel implants (silicone) and a crescent on my left breast.

Day one was tolerable with the pain meds and all but day two was a killer with very intense pressure. a rhino was sitting on my chest and as a side sleeper...sleeping on my back was no fun. I did not really have to replace my gauze as I did not have any bleeding and by day 3 I was able to take a shower. I will say that on day 2 I took my bra off to inspect the gauze and when I saw how high and big my breasts were I almost fainted and second guessed my decision to have had the surgery. I was thinking please tell me these things are going to settle down...please don't let them stay this way. I seriously got hot, sweaty and light headed.

It passed and I did some research and reminded myself that it was only day two. The thing that I was immediately happy with was how good my skin looked now that it was filled in. Gone was the puckering and even the stretch marks seemed to disappear. Things have settled down and I am wearing a strap to help even my boobs out (the right one is higher) since my first post-op on March 23rd.

My surgeon does not believe in massage which was a bit of a surprise to me as everyone kept asking me when I would start massaging and even offered to help (hehe). His explanation as to why he does not prescribe it made sense to me. I have my next post-op on April 9th. This week marks two weeks post the surgery and the boobs have been taking shape daily. I am hoping my end result will be no more than a D cup. Hope this helps as I really appreciated all of the stories that I read on this site. ;-)

I did not mention in my original post that the...

I did not mention in my original post that the implants were placed under the muscle through incisions made in my breast fold. The incision under my right breast is extra sore today. I can't believe that tomorrow is already 2 weeks post-op. Really curious to know when the incisions will fully heal...right now they are totally itchy with the surgical glue slowly flaking off on the edges but still fully covering the incision. I guess next week I will get an update on what I can start putting on the incision/scar site after the glue wears off. I find myself rubbing the nipple (over my clothes) with the crescent lift with my open palm from time to time in reaction to the itchy feeling. I must look like a total perv.

So on day 14 my surgeon called to check in on me...

So on day 14 my surgeon called to check in on me at 7:30am. I asked about getting out of the sports bra and he recommended that I purchase a cheap bra (Target) with no underwire but that would give support. He recommended something semi disposable as the breasts will continue to take shape and may shift in size. He was ok with the use of a regular bra as long as I wore it in conjunction with the bandeau (strap) to continue to help my right breast drop (still slightly higher than my left). For the itching around the surgical glue he recommended some hydrocortisone cream around the edges of the glue and some Benadryl at night. I asked him what I could use to minimize scarring now that the glue was starting to come off but he said he would give me his recommendation at my 4/9 post-op visit (he mentioned the name of a cream but it escapes be right now). He mentioned no need for ointments like polysporin. I was really glad he called and took the time to answer my questions.

On Day 15 I called my surgeon's office to talk ask about the scar cream as the glue started to come of the incision under my right breast the night prior and there was now less area with glue than without on that breast. The nurse consulted the Dr. but told me not to worry as long as the incision was closed and that he would go over his recommendation at my next post-op. The incision is actually looking good in my opinion. I can tell that the rest of the glue is going to start falling off soon on my other breast. Although I think most of it will still be on for my upcoming post-op. I am feeling a lot better these days but still need to remind my self that I am still recovering from surgery and in healing mode (whenever I get a twinge of pain). I did take some ibuprofen within the last week for discomfort with my right breast and my back (still sleeping with my head slightly propped and on my back).

Tomorrow is my post-op at 20 days....looking forward to getting his reaction to my healing and how things are settling and will ask when I can get back to the gym....I am getting soft in all the wrong places. ;-) I have posted a couple pictures of the new bra (so comfy) and a picture in an old button down and sweater...I need to go shopping!

Just had another post-op visit on this 20th day...

Just had another post-op visit on this 20th day following my surgery. Hooray I have been given the ok to sleep on my side (what a relief)! The Dr. recommended bioCorneum cream for scar treatment which I purchased at his office. It was pricey so I hope it works. He wants me to be a little more agressive with the wearing of the bandeau and placed it a little higher and tighter than I had been wearing to try and coax my right breast down further. He says another 7-9 days of wear and we will see where it sits in a few weeks. That really limits the tops I can wear...bummer. He recommends I slowly start back to the gym in 7-9 days with light aerobic workouts and gradually reintroduce exercises/machines/weights to the upper body towards the end of 3-4 weeks leaving anything that impacts the pecks for last. Although I am eager to get back to my work out routine I will follow orders as I don't want to F things up. I have a weird thick vein that popped up under my left breast that is a little sore when I lift my left arm (it runs vertical bellow my breast near my ribs). He says that happens and that it should subside on its own. I guess only time will tell if the boobs will even out. My next appointment is May 11th just before a trip to NY.

So this weekend was interesting. I decided to go...

So this weekend was interesting. I decided to go into Nordstrom to get a proper fitting just out of curiosity and because I want to buy one pretty underwire bra for and evening out on 4/20. The fit specialist started out by measuring me just beelow my breasts/above my ribcage. She noted that I had a small frame...32. Then she brought in a few bras that she called fit bras to gauge cup size (all the same nude bra in varying cup sizes). She then said not to freak out as she put me into a.....drum roll please....32G! After catching my breath she told me not to be startled because a G is just a Quad D. Still not comforting. And then she explained that bras don't sit the same on implants than they do on real tissue. By the end of the fitting I walked out with the most beautiful La Perla black stretch lace bra in a 34DD. I will post pictures later today. It is the only one I am buying for now until things, hopefully, simmer down. Remember...I was shooting for a High C/Low D...although I am not entirely disappointed but I know that at 27 days post-op I still have a ways to go to final state. The glue is completely off now and I am impressed with how thin the line is on the crescent adjacent to my nipple.

Well I am 33 days out now and things seem to be...

Well I am 33 days out now and things seem to be shaping up nicely. I finally posted updated photos. I wore the underwire bra on Friday and Saturday night and it was actually very comfortable. The scars in my breast fold area are healing very well. I stopped wearing the bandeau (velcro strap) last Wednesday and it looks like my right breast has dropped further (it is still just a little bit higher). I have posted a picture of me in a dress that shows a little bit of the lacey underwire bra.....they don't nearly look as big as my bra size. I am very happy with my results so far (all things considered at this juncture).'s their 5 week birthday!! So a friend...'s their 5 week birthday!! So a friend of mine asked me if I named the twins. I said they are fraternal twins since they have different features and my left is Luna (which means moon since it has a crescent scar) and my right is named Sol (which means sun because that nipple is lighter and brighter/perkier and it's the one that still needs to drop some...or should I say set?). So Sol y Luna. Hehe!

Wow...this coming Tuesday marks 7 weeks post-op. ...

Wow...this coming Tuesday marks 7 weeks post-op. The girls seem to have completely dropped and fluffed so now it's lock and load. My bestie gave a Victoria's Secret gift certificate as a happy boob day present and I put it to use last weekend buying some t-shirt friendly bras (no padding or push up features). I am really happy with how my scars are healing (under my breast fold and the crescent near my left nipple). I bought a new wrap dress today and love the way my new curves stand out.

I have been lazy about getting back to the gym regularly (I have only been twice since surgery). I have a post-op appt. on May 11th so I should get the all clear to get back to some weights and machines and working out my obliques and more of my upper body (that may be more motivating). I will be asking my PS if he thinks I should go with a crescent on my right breast so the nipples match better as far as how they are positioned.

Today I cleared out my bra drawer....22 bras gone just like that (some really nice ones too). It's going to take some time to rebuild my inventory. Next I am going to clear out my button down shirts that now open up too much around the chest or I can't even button them in that area. I tried on some stretch lace lingerie that I purchased pre-surgery and wow...I fill them in so much better now. More like the girls in the catalogs LOL.

I am making a trip to New York with my best friend in less than two weeks and am so out Big Apple, here come the big peaches!!

So to sum it up.....I am so happy I did this! :-)

It's been a while since I posted an update so...

It's been a while since I posted an update so thought I would catch up and add some new pictures now that I am 12 weeks post-op. My last visit to the PS was on May 11th and he seemed happy with how things were progressing and that my right breast had fallen further into place (I followed all his recommendations and the strap really helped). I did let him know that I was thinking that my right breast could potentially benefit from a crescent lift like I got on my left. My left nipple looks straight/forward but I feel like my right has a little bit of a "lazy eye" effect... LOL. If both of my nipples are hard it is not as noticeable but when they are not the right seems to veer ever so slightly to the right (has a little bit of looseness compared to the left). He recommended that we wait and see how things settle by September (the next time I am scheduled to see him) as the left may still be settling and may look slightly different in a couple months. I am cool with waiting.

I asked him if things were pretty much settled at this point as far as size was concerned and if I should expect them to drop any further (I did not want them to as they were just where they needed to be at the close to 8 week mark). He said they were pretty much where they would end up and said I could start wearing an underwire bra more regularly and that higher end bras could actually help "shape" the breasts nicely. I also asked him if I should still wear the sports type bra at night and he said it was not necessary and that I should be able to enjoy my BA without feeling constricted at that point. That said, if I wanted to continue wearing it that would be fine (I have opted to continue wearing it and I thing it has contributed to a nice recovery/outcome).

I did tell him that I sometimes second guess whether I should have gone with a lollipop lift but he reassured me that we went with the best most natural approach that minimized scaring (I usually scar pretty badly but the crescent scar he gave me is healing so nicely). I also asked him about the three knots I feel under my breast fold when I am applying the scar serum and he told me that they are the knots from the stitches from when they back out of the incisions and those take the longest to dissolve because the stitches are actually tied at that point. Makes sense to me....I think the whole process of closing you up is amazing when you think about it.

He could not stress enough the importance of sunscreen on the scars. Even if wearing a bathing suit the sun can do damage and darken your scars so he recommended even putting a bandage on my crescent scar when wearing a bathing suit. I think that is how my tummy tuck scar got so dark...the direct exposure to the sun the first time I sunned myself (lowering my bikini bottom) thinking it would be less noticeable with a tan...duh!! He did say that scars usually look better at fist and then they look wider and darker before they start fading and looking narrower.

I have purchased a few more bras..still 34DD (at least in VS bras). I have invested in a couple new dresses that really show off the girls and I'm loving how I fill everything out. Although it can be a little bit harder to find a dress that fits you on top without being too big on the lower half. My teen daughters have given me a hard time here and there for showing off more cleavage than they have ever been accustomed to. On the other hand the hubby can't get enough of them. It has really turned things up in the bedroom. Hehe!

I do still get twinges of pain/discomfort here and there but nothing too bad. I guess it is just my body getting accustomed to the new additions.

I am adding a few new photos. I guess we'll see what happens (regarding the need for a crescent lift on the right) in September when I am 6 months out and turn 40. Bottom line...I am so happy I took the plunge and Dr. Berger did an amazing job!
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The Dr. and his staff have been great. They made me feel really comfortable which was very important as I was so self conscious about revealing my breasts to others. His office was in a great location and the fact that the surgery center was on the premises was a big plus. Dr. Berger really listened to me and the follow up from his staff has been really good.

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