High Tension Abdominoplasty W/ Liposuction of Lower Back, Flanks, Lateral Chest/ Plus Hernia Repair - Encino, CA

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I had gastric bypass in 2008, resulting in me...

I had gastric bypass in 2008, resulting in me losing a lot of weight and obtaining a hernia. I am at a place in my life in which I would like to get my hernia repaired and remove the extra skin and belly fat. I got financed for a the entire amount I had to use CareCredit and Medical United Credit. I am really excited to get this surgery, however, in order to get the surgery I have to get my Iron levels up 4 points. So I an currently operation Iron..... Iron however makes my stomach very very very upset. I have just struggling through it.

Operation iron

In my research I found some interesting information about gastric bypass and iron http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nHYyNUHzEDI so I purchased a different kind of iron/ heme iron.

Got my new iron in the mail....

I just got my Proferrin ES in the mail yesterday. I started taking it yesterday and it causes absolutely no stomach issues. I don't even have to take it with food. I decided to take it along with my regular iron supplement. I hope it works to bring my iron levels up. I have been dedicated to getting my iron up.

I decided to get iron Iv

I hope this iron works

Getting ready for my surgery!!!!!!!!

Picture of me now.

Less then 2 days left till ...

Hernia Belly/ before pics

My surgery went well!!!!!

I'm in a lot of pain right but its all gonna be worth it. I left the surgery center with a cathador/ pee bag cause I was unable the urinate. Although I'm swollen my waist looks really tiny.

Ez P

Post op

Dr. Younai did an excellent job on my....my waist looks so tiny even though I have on a compression garement and binder.

Post op pics.. I'm so swollen.

5 days post op

Things are looking better but still very swollen

Swollen belly pic


I still have drains 24 days later because I am draining over 25cc a day.

I finally will be able to wear a bodycon dress when the swelling goes down!!!!!!!!!!! I'm roll free..

My 1st bikini

1st bikini ever, still swollen with a drain and an open sore on the left side because my left drain failed. I only have 1 drain now.

1 drain for 31 days today :(

36 days with 1 drain. I'm free no more drains


For the past couple of weeks I've been feeling depressed because I was not healing as fast as I would have liked to and also because I still can't fit my pre-op jeans (too small). But after I got my last drain out it has totally lifted by spirits. I am feeling much better and now I am able to put things into perspective this TT/ lipo will take time before I see the final results. I'm feeling hopeful and I have decided to start eating better in order to lose some weight. My experience with Dr. Younai and his team have been excellent and very attentive to all my needs.

The scar

Feeling better...

I had to put it all in perspective. I am waiting for the final results and taking control over my eating an emotions. All and all I am a food addict and when things don't go well in my life I start to eat down the house even with the gastric bypass.. I have figured out all of the eating food tricks. I am less focused on the day to day. I read a post last night that put things into perspective. I am waiting for the final results/ waiting for the whole picture. I also think that external stress and the pain medication had me going crazy. To be honest I just got custody of my little sisters children because they were detained by DCFS age 7 wks and 19 months. Lots and lots of stress and got very little rest. I'm doing way way better and learning how to take care of children day by day.

My official before pics 10mins prior to surgery :/

Another official before pic

I really did not know my pic looked so bad. I'm so happy I decided to have a tummy tuck.

Another before picture

My Halloween costume

About to start working out

Another tummy pic

New stretch marks on my upper stomach.. Above my belly button...

Everyone says its rare but I have new red stretch marks above my belly button. My doctor gave me a RX for retina-a to help reduce them. I'm still very happy with my tummy tuck results. My results get better and better each day..

Fractured Foot... More rest and relaxation..

I fell at a pet store trying to avoid stepping in poop..I consequently fractured my 5th metatarsal bone on my right foot. Not good for my activity level and now I'm gonna have to wait a little over a yr from now to get my boobs and more lipo done. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Just trying to look on the bright side of things. :)

Swollen at night. :/

Well, I've noticed that when I wake up in the morning my tummy is super flat but as the day goes along my tummy gets swollen or if I workout/ do a lot of activity my tummy swells up like crazy.. Also, it's been a couple of wks since I've felt normal and back to myself. I no longer feel the muscle tightness, muscle spasms, muscle pain and/or skin pulling.

Another pic

The scar

Minimal body changes now..

Another flat tummy pic

I'm so happy that Dr. Younai did such a grat job on me.... It gets better and better each day. What's next the bbl or the breast lift/ breast aug. I had a consult with Dr. Hughes for bbl's and breast Aug but I'm still contemplating if I'm gonna use Dr. Younai for my breast he did such an excellent job on my tummy tuck.

My newest scar treatment

I purchase ScarAway in Amazin for $21.00. I will give an update on how my scar had improved over the next couple weeks

My newest faja

This is the best and most comfortable faja I have worn yet. It's smooth, soft and it does not dig into my skin. It's a Vedette, blk, size 38, 136B. I purchased it on Amazon for $49.00. I'm wondering lady's how long should I wear a Faja after a tummy tuck? I really do feel most comfortable wearing one during the daytime.

No swelling in the evening!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first time since I had my tummy tuck that I'm not super swollen at night.. I think it has to do with me wearing my Faja all day and the fact that I'm healing nicely..

Another side picture

I usually don't post side picture because I look the best from the front.

Oops forgot to attach the pic

I decided to also add a pic of me sitting.. I love my tummy tuck but I want more lipo to re- define my stomach.. Overall, I'm still very satisfied with my results..

Winter vacation bikini and scar pics

It's almost my 36th birthday!!!!!!

I want to get some lipo to refine my waist

Enjoying my tummy tuck

The swelling has really subsided. My tummy is not so temperamental. I have been able to wear all the little dresses I only dreamed of.. I've been wearing a but pad lol. So my next obsession is going to be a bbl and breast aug. Soon there will be no more padded bra's or butts. Lol I'm so glad I had my tummy tuck. It has made all the difference in my shape, confidence and body image

I decided to put a pic of me prior to losing over 100 pounds

Another pic of me in a dress

I feel fully healed from the tummy tuck. I have absolutely no side effects. I'm back to all my normal activities. I noticed that the mederma works better then the scar strips for me, I still have new stretch marks above my belly button but I'm ok with that.

Another bikini pic

I had to find just the right angle

Waist pic

More pictures

All my pics are starting to look the same

I'm very happy with my results.. I believe my results have currently my final results.

More of the same

Everything is going well.. No more major swelling.. I am really starting to enjoy my tummy tuck

Just a pic update more of the same

My favorite dress

I'm ready for my next plastic adventure.. I'm starting to take my iron to prepare me to get a bbl.. I'm really excited and I'm looking forward to having a nicely shaped butt..

Another tummy tuck pic

I'm in a size Med Faja now!!!!!!!

I have been wearing a faja daily ever since I had my tummy tuck.. I moved from a size large to a med because the large was no longer holding me in. I plan to wear a faja for the next 5 months.. Maybe longer if I get my bbl before then.

I'm really enjoying my Tummy Tuck

Updated pics

Nothing much had really changed. I'm still enjoying my tummy tuck

200 pounds

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr. Younai on 7/6/13. After meeting with him 1 time I was convinced that I trusted his work plus one of my best friends underwent a Dr. Younai tummy tuck and she looks great.

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