Tummy Tuck and Large Volume Lipo After Weight Loss

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I've been lurking on this sight for many months,...

I've been lurking on this sight for many months, reading reviews of people who have had similar procedures. It has been exremely helpful in my decision making process, as well as preparing myself for what is to come.

I had gastric bypass 13 years ago and lost 140 lbs. I have gained back 30+ lbs. over the years, and have a great deal of trouble losing now. I just can't get more than 10 lbs or so off, and that is only by greatly restricting my diet, and then I start to gain again if I increase my intake ever so slightly. I got off the yo-yo roller coaster over a year ago, and my weight has remained stable for about 9 months. I have a large, very saggy stomach which causes me lots of trouble. It makes it difficult to exercise, the weight of it creates problems with my back, and I can't even get a decent lower back stretch because my stomach prevents me from being able to fold over. So, I am having the skin and remaining fat removed.

I will have surgery in 10 days, the day before Thanksgiving. My turkey day won't be traditional! I am scheduled for a high-tension extended abdominoplasty with muscle repair, as well as lipo to my flanks, hips, lower back and bra roll. The high-tension facet will create a bit of lift for my hips, outer thighs, butt and upper pubic area. The incision will be extended well into my hips, which will allow removal of excess there as well.

I will post after photos as soon as I can post-surgery. I live 2 1/2 hours away, and will not be going home right away. I will be staying in the area for 5-7 days, and won't have access to my computer.

I'm excited and nervous!

Before Pics

Only a few days away

I can't believe the day is almost here. It seemed so far away for so long, but it has snuck up on me. I've been busy preparing, both my physical and emotional self, purchasing the things that I need for surgery and recovery time, and preparing my home for after.

My pre-op appointment is behind me. Got my prescriptions for pain meds, anti-nausea meds, and anabiotic filled. I already started taking Arnica and bromelain, and bought a few button down shirts and drawstring pants for after surgery.

I will be in the care of a nurse for the first week or so, until my drains come out. We will stay the first couple of days in a hotel near the surgeon's office, and then move to her house until my drains come out, Then I'll come home and my teenage son will help me.

I had my first bikini wax yesterday! I've always wanted to do it, but I was very self-conscious about my fat and loose skin. I just decided to bite the bullet so I wouldn't have to worry about itchy painful razor stubble around my suture line right after surgery. After reading reviews on yelp, I found someone I believed I would be comfortable with seemed highly skilled. Both were true; she was fantastic! I got a Brazilian and feel like a fat porn star! LOL

Got a pedicure today. Tomorrow, I'll touch up my roots, clean house and do laundry. Monday night after work will be any last minute stuff and packing. I will leave Tuesday after work to drive to L.A. to spend the night in a hotel near the surgery center, since I live a couple hours away and have to be there early Wednesday morning.

Day 4

This is my 4th day post op, and I'm doing pretty well. I couldn't pee before leaving the surgical center, so they put a foley in. That came out the second day, Amy my pain pump came out last night. I can feel a bit more pain without it, but it isn't unbearable. Anyone having this done and trying to decide whether or not to get a pain pump, my advice is do it!

I had a shower on my second day, and we took pics while my garment was off. The comparison photos was the night before surgery.

7 Weeks Post Op

Hi all,

i am 7 weeks post op, and while it hasn't been a picnic, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I went back to work at 2 1/2 weeks and very quickly learned I couldn't handle a full day, even with a desk job. I did half days at first, working my way back to full time over the ensuing week and a half. Then had a nice week off work when my office closed between Christmas and New Year's Day.

I've had two issues during recover. Swelling, which everyone has, and I completely expected. The second might be common, but one I didn't expect. I had an opening in my incision that has been stubborn and long to heal, as well as several new small holes where stitches have come through. Part of my surgical tape came up a week and a half post op revealing an opening with yellow stuff showing through. I was told by my surgeon that it isn't uncommon and to wash with soap and water and bandage every day and it would heal on it's own. Further research found others with similar experience and surgeon answers that were the same. But weeks went by and it didn't seam to be getting better. The opening actually got bigger, but the doctor's office told me it was ok each time I sent pics or was seen in the office, it wasn't showing signs of infection, and it did seam to be finally slowly starting to heal. Then I found out about medicinal manuka honey for would care (sterile pharmaceutical grade). I found a tube of it and bandages with it at CVS and started using it a week ago. WOW, this stuff works!! I can't believe how much it has improved in these seven days. I told my surgeon I was using it when I saw him yesterday, and he completely supported it. Anyway, today, one of the openings is closed and the other on the way (it became 2 openings from the original area). I'm including photos of the journey... hope it doesn't upset anyone to see! If you don't like this sort of thing, don't look at the photos in this post.

Some After Photos - 7 Weeks Post Op

I'm only 7 weeks post op, so technically "during" photos, I suppose. I'm still quite swollen, so I know it isn't my final result, but I'm thrilled with my improved body! It's wonderful to have that stomach gone, and I'm feeling better and stronger every day.

The first photo is actually 3 weeks post op when I attended my company Christmas party. I had to go buy a dress that would fit, and it was so fun to buy one several sizes smaller. I felt like a million bucks, and got so many compliments!

The rest of the photos were taken last week at almost 7 weeks post op. My belly area still swells a lot, so it's not as flat as it looks sometimes, usually first thing in the morning.

Comparison Photo

Here's a side by side before and 6.5 weeks post op. Dr. Younai is really a master at this!

I still have work to do, both in weight loss and future surgery (arms and those thighs!), and I'll never wear a bikini, but I look and feel like a new woman!

Dr. Younai is superb at bringing back a beautiful feminine shape after obesity and weight loss has so distorted the original form!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I am most impress with Dr. Younai's before and after photos. Not only does he create a dramatic difference in appearance, but also is an artist at sculpting a beautiful, feminine form. I looked at results of a couple other surgeons who do tummy tucks and high-volume lipo on plus-sized patients, and his results are, in my opinion, the most beautiful. I have met with the surgeon twice, for my initial consultation months ago, and my pre-op appointment yesterday. He is very informative, clearly loves what he does, and made me feel very comfortable. I am so excited to have found Dr. Younai.

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