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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 32 reviews
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 32 reviews
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When I started looking into Hair Transplant...

When I started looking into Hair Transplant Surgery, I had consultations with the firms that have the most exposure through advertising: Hair Club For Men and Bosley. I even met with a well known Beverly Hills Bosley surgeon who had performed transplants on two friends of mine. Although both of my friends are happy with their results, I kept feeling like I should meet with at least one independent surgeon. I did a search for Hair Transplant Surgeons in my area, and the first surgeon that came up was Dr. Parsa Mohebi.

I met with Dr. Mohebi in November of 2014, and I was so impressed by his gentle and professional manner. He gave me such a great consultation that I felt like I was his only client. I walked out of the meeting thinking, “this is my guy.”

During your consultation, Dr. Mohebi will give you a book he wrote that explains in detail the reasons for male pattern hair loss, what Hair Restoration Surgery is and how it works, as well as Pre/Post Operation directions that patients need to follow. Dr. Mohebi has even invented a device for measuring scalp elasticity so he can more accurately determine the quality of your donor site, further proving his dedication to his craft.

My surgery was in April of 2015, and Dr. Mohebi and his technicians were able to transplant 3,468 follicles in about 10 hours. There are so many aspects to cover in a review such as this, but I will try to touch on a few that people have asked me:

COST: Bosley and Hair Club For Men are both chains, and their pricing structure is very high at first. If you don’t sign a contract at the time of your consultation, both firms have the practice of contacting you and offering you a lower price if you have your surgery by the end of the month, or by this time, or whatever the special of the day is. And these offers are presented to you by a Telemarketer. Dr. Mohebi’s prices are all on his personal website, and they are much more reasonable than the aforementioned firms. If you have any specific questions, Dr. Mohebi will actually get on the phone with you personally. If he is not available when you call, he will call you back.

PAIN: A representative at one of the chains told me, “many of our patients have described the pain after surgery to be like that of a moderate sunburn on their scalp.” I get it. We all want to avoid pain, and that description was pretty much true in my case. But there are things they don’t tell you: Your transplant site (top of your head) is not really where the pain will be. The pain will be at your donor site (back of your head/neck), which is where the surgeon removes part of your scalp so the technicians can harvest the hair follicles for transplant. Once the strip of scalp is removed, the surgeon stitches the donor site closed, and many surgeons also close the incision with staples to further aid healing and minimize scarring. My staples stayed in for about 8 days, and my experience with them was extremely painful, like 10 out of 10 pain, and Dr. Mohebi was the only surgeon who was forth coming about the possibility of this pain, and he wrote prescriptions to help alleviate it. The first night after surgery is brutal, and the pain goes in a few days, but the staples being removed is the turning point toward healing.

STAFF: Dr. Mohebi loves his staff, and they love him. Check out his Facebook page, and you’ll see he takes them to Disneyland and other company outings. He is building a practice of awesome employees the old fashioned way, through love and respect. His technicians are all very talented, funny, and dedicated to your satisfaction during the surgery procedure. I felt like I was hanging out with good friends on the day of my surgery. I just didn’t get this feeling at the other firms.

Hair Transplant Surgery is big decision, and I believe in educating yourself as much as possible before undergoing such a procedure. You owe it to yourself to at least have a consultation with Dr. Mohebi, and I truly believe that you will find him to a perfect fit for your hair restoration needs. Even knowing all that I know now about the cost and pain, etc. after my surgery, I would trust him to do it all again. In fact, I’m planning to have a second procedure in November of 2015.

Mohebi Consultation Pics

Here are photos that Dr. Mohebi took during my initial consultation.

Hair Transplant - Day after Surgery Photos

Here are the photos that Dr. Mohebi took the day after my surgery. My scalp was very red and swollen, but the pain on top was not very bad. You can see that Dr. Mohebi graded the transplanted follicles from the front hairline toward the back. My second procedure will fill in some more of the overall top as well the crown, which is quite thin (Dr. Mohebi shaved the top of my head completely for the procedure, so what you see is just the immediate result of the surgery the day before).

Hair Transplant - 6 Months After Surgery Photos

Here are the photos that Dr. Mohebi took at my 6 month followup appointment on October 19, 2015. Here was really impressed with my hair growth, especially at 6 months. He said I have as much growth as many patients at 1 year.

I'm pleased with the progress, but I'm not getting too attached as my next procedure is in November, and he is going to shave my head again. Back to the starting point. The next procedure will focus on filling in the crown area and a little more in the front and hairline.

Dr. Mohebi also recommended that I shave the small tuft of hair that I have at the front center of my hairline to improve my appearance. You can see from the before and after photos.

Procedure #2 - 12-8-2015; 3,212 Follicles Transplanted

I had my 2nd procedure with Dr. Mohebi on 12-8-2015. His team was able to transplant 3,212 follicles in the crown area and in the front to reinforce my hairline. The surgery took about 10 hours, and I have not experienced the same amount of pain after this surgery as I did after the first surgery back in April.

Here are some photos that Dr. Mohebi took just prior to surgery, after surgery, and the next day (12-9-2015) when I came in for a followup appt.
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon

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