37 Year Old Mom of 4, 5’5", 124lbs, 34A to ?? - Encino, CA

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I cannot believe this is actually going to happen!...

I cannot believe this is actually going to happen! I have wanted bigger boobs for more than 20 years – actually, maybe more like 30 years! I remember wearing a bathing suit under my clothes at 7 years old so I’d have something to stuff with toilet paper. But the boobs never came – just not in my genes. I’ve been a 32A to 34B my whole life. After breastfeeding four kids (first when I was 19 years old), including twins, and losing then gaining then losing the same 12 pounds in a year, I have sad little deflated boobies that are ready for a makeover. I did have a C/D cup when I was breastfeeding the twins. I loved it!! Since I’m done having kids and the twins are 7 now, I feel it’s time to finally get this done! 30 years of pads, water bras, push-ups, triple stuffing, and taping clothes, swim suits and bras to fit my chest is ENOUGH!

I actually gave up on the idea a few years ago. I just figured it would never happen, that it was too expensive and since I’m happily married I’ll just live with what I was dealt and leave it at that. But then my husband came home with a plastic surgeon’s business card a few months ago. It was given to him by one of his customers; the wife of a plastic surgeon. I carried that card around for a long time, and then after I researched the surgeon, I made a consult appointment. As I was driving to my consult, I was thinking “this is ridiculous, I’m not going to be able to do this…I have four kids to support, a house to run, a job to go to every day…I can’t take a week off, let alone spend who-knows-how-much money on something as vain as boobs!” But after meeting with the PS, Dr. Bresnick, and his staff, I was immediately and completely hooked on the idea again!!

I booked the pre-op and the surgery date right then and there. I had a few things to work out before I could commit 100%, like obviously talking to my husband, my best friends, my neurologist (I have MS), a hypothetical question to my 16-year old daughter, doing lots of implant and BA surgery research, and working out all of the calendar issues and logistics, it is set – I’m doing it!! My pre-op is on March 6 and the surgery is scheduled for April 2 (which also happens to be my nine year wedding anniversary).

I mentioned above that I have multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed in 2010. I’m on a ton of meds to help with my symptoms and the disease itself – my neuro says I can continue all meds and there are no contradictions between having MS and an elective surgery. She talked to me about the general anesthesia, and how it could cause pseudo-attacks in people with MS. But I get those anyway, and that’s nothing to stop me from doing it, and she gave me the green light. Yay!!

I would like a full C, I’d be happy with a small D, too. I have no idea how many cc's that is until I have my pre-op next week. My husband says “don’t go too big”, but he also says to get whatever will make me happy. I do know I’ll be getting silicone (Mentor Memory Gel), submuscular placement, with inframammary (under) incision. I do have a little asymmetry and PS says he could do a lift on the one that is lower but I’m opting to not do that. That would mean periareola incision, and that freaks me out. I’ve been completely obsessed with collecting wish pics of boobs this past week so I’m sure to have exactly what I want! I’ve also been reading a lot of reviews here on Real Self and you are all SO helpful! I already have lots of questions that I’ll be asking when I have more time.

What did you tell your kids?

How did you tell your kids about the surgery? I told my 16- and 18-year-old daughters with no problems, but I don't know what I'm going to tell my 7-year-olds. I don't know if I should tell them before or after the surgery, and I really don't want them blabbing it around first grade that mommy got a new set of boobs! Any suggestions?
Oh, my husband and I went out to a friend's birthday party last night and he gets wasted and starts announcing all his friends that I'm getting a BA!! So like five guys (who are my friends, too) were standing around talking to me about it, asking me questions and giving me advice. Super awkward.

My Pre-Op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment on Thursday, March 6. First I had to read and sign a ton of consent forms. Then I met with Dr. Bresnick's nurse, Debby. We went over my medical history, all my current meds, and pre- & post-op instructions. Then I had my blood drawn and had "before" pictures taken. Debby was great, really pleasant and friendly.

Then I met with Dr. Bresnick. We went over the wish pics I brought with me, my wants & don't wants, and he took some measurements. With a breast width diameter of 12 cm, he recommended I go with the High Profile in the 350-450cc range to get the full C / small D I want. Which is awesome because I had 400cc as a perfect number in my head. If I waned to go with Mod Plus, I'd only get 350cc max because of my narrow build. I didn't try any sizers, instead he will match me with the HP implants in that 350-450cc range during the operation that give me the results I want. I totally trust that he will give me exactly what I want. Dr. Bresnick spent a lot of time with me, he was patient, went over all my options, answered all my questions (I had a lot), and I never felt rushed.

Elina is the patient coordinator I've been working with; she is super nice, helpful and attentive. I could not be happier with my experience so far. I got my appt time for April 2 (12 noon) then made the whole thing official and paid.

Then...I got a phone call from Debby yesterday and she told me some of my blood test results came back a little low (I'm mildly anemic...have been for as long as I can remember) so I need to take iron supplements to get those numbers in range before the surgery. I'll have another blood draw on March 25 to check the numbers again.
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