Songbirdie say's...''Breast implants are Boobie Traps!!!

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I am a singer/ entertainer and have made a living...

I am a singer/ entertainer and have made a living with a curvy body. Now at 50 I only want to be natural again and love myself the way God made me. I first got implants in 1990, I had a new set of implants put in in 1997 and now after 23 years of implants in my body I just want them out. I fill like they are heavy and frankly draw the wrong kind of attention. I have realized that I simply cannot wear certain tops and dresses because it looks too suggestive and sexual. I miss running, and riding my horses without my boobs boucing everywhere. My skin is getting alittle bit thinner and I see that every year my breast sag a tad more. I miss my slim athletic build. So, here I am now sharing my adventure with you lovely ladies. I will post before and afters because I think they are neat to see. I love how the body adjust back. I am getting a lift as well, so I will have scars for a while I am told. I appreciate any and all support. Much Love, SongBirdie

Some friends are asking why I don't get new...

Some friends are asking why I don't get new implants in. Boyfriend is excepting me getting them out, but at first made a comment to leave them in for him at least for two more years so he could enjoy them. He now realizes how silly that is. I think. I am shooting a music video in one month and am alittle nervous. So many thoughts that rush through your head. It's amazing how getting them in was so much easier to deal with. Was it youth or ignorance? Both maybe. OK. that's all for now. I will take pic's of my breast tomorrow and post the befores. Good Night for now.

Just four days from my surgery date. I'll be...

Just four days from my surgery date. I'll be happy when this is all over. I am not that nervous anymore, now I am more excited at the thought of being small chested again. I will never look back. I wish more woman could read this site and give breast implants another thought before they put them in their bodies. I don't think anything foreign in the body is good for anyone. Well, I'll be posting pic's just as soon as I can after my surgery!

Well, everyone my surgery was yesterday and they...

Well, everyone my surgery was yesterday and they are out!!!!! The surgery took about 3 1/2 hours and went so very smoothly. I came out of the surgery a tad nausous and threw up water while I was being wheeled to the car. My boyfriend was and is a little angel from heaven, is taking care of me with so much love and concern. My breast look little, but from what I can tell they are cute. here are the Doctor's details about my implants when he cut me open....
1. my right implant was leaking. He called it sweating. He said right when he open my breast up he could see it was the beginnings of a very sticky, googy mess.
2. my left breast had a hard eggshell type of capsulation starting and said that it would have only gotten harder and more deformed in time.
3. my implants were not 240cc's like I had asked for, but 380cc's. Which shocked and upset me, because all that told me was that the old surgen that put them it did it without my consent. (that's not right)
4. Dr. Younai is wonderful and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.
My experience was A+ from beginning to end. Dr. Younai measured and remeasured my breast to make sure they would be perfect. He walked to my bedside with the biggest most beautiful smile on the planet and I felt that he truly loves what he does and love people. His staff is tops as well. I got the feeling that they are like on big family there. Highly professional and very conciderate.
I will be getting my drainage tubes out on Friday and that is when I will take photos of my little sweet breast. I do feel lighter, free, and healthier. I am beyond thrilled that I went through with the removal of my implants. I will have scars from the lift, but that is a small price to pay to have them out of my body.
To anyone who is reading this and is on the fence about removing their implants, I send you love and encouragement to do it. Find a great doctor and do your homework to find the right one. Don't try to cut corners, most good doctors will work with you and the price as well. It was expensive, but money very well spent. I will be resting all this week as to not mess up my boobies. I love you girls and pray for all woman around the world to love themselves just the way they are. I now look at everyone as my family and see everyones beauty, it just took me a while to see my own.
Love and Peace, Birdie

I am thrilled and so happy that I found a...

I am thrilled and so happy that I found a fantastic doctor and staff that made this experience a lovely one. I will be getting my drains out on Friday. I will post some pic's for you then. Much Love, Birdie there are the first look at my tiny... there are the first look at my tiny boobies 2 days after explant. I feel wonderful and I have a sense of peace now that they are out of my body. I really like the nipple placement and the shape of my breast. I am very happy with the Dr. Younai's work. He was so gentle, patience and sweet. I get to take a shower tomorrow and he told me to blow dry the tape after I'm done. My drainage tubes come out Friday. I don't even really notice them and do not hurt at all. Everything is coming along beautifully. I am getting lots of rest and making sure I do not lift or reach over my head for anything.
I will keep you girls posted. :)

These are pic's of day 3 after explant my draining...

These are pic's of day 3 after explant my draining tubes have to stay in until Tuesday, but at least I was able to take a shower today!

I am amazed at how many women on here are writing...

I am amazed at how many women on here are writing about how their surgens have tried to talk them out of explant or into new implants. I'm finding this very strange. Doctors take an oath to serve our better health. I am hoping that in the near future that implants are banded completely. Is it a coincidence that so many of us that had silicone for many years now suffer joint pain and many other side effects? Were we the ginny pigs? I don't want the younger generations to have to go through the same circus.
I feel like now is when I can make a difference by helping other women on the fence to be fearless and free of implants again. The keg is finding a very good and qualified surgen. They are out there, but you have to look and investigate. Thank God for the web. Anyway, that's what was on my mind as I lay here healing. Blessed be our amazing bodies that serve us so lovingly.

Tomorrow I get my drainage tubes out. I want to...

tomorrow I get my drainage tubes out. I want to be more active and I am ready to start riding, running and working out again. The big boobs really made all of the above a royal pain. I feel healthier already. Something that I just thought of was that my right nipple piercing was always getting a strange kind of leakage like a fluid. Now, that the doctor said that the right breast was the bag that was leaking it makes sense that my body was trying to get rid of it from the closest opening. ThinBlonde just sent me a link to watch on information on utube about how toxic silicone implants really are. I'll check it out. I hope it spreads around.
Today as I took a shower I felt an overwhelming love for my body and how it's so willing to put up with whatever we put it through. It really is our temple. I wish for everyone to feel this way, then I think we can start rebuilding this beautiful earth again, because she shedding all the toxic junk we get rid of too. Wouldn't it be just lovely to be organic again? Live as one just the John Lennon song "Imagine". Yeah.

The link was sent by nonfatblonde for the utube on...

the link was sent by nonfatblonde for the utube on toxic breast implants. check it out. more>>

I saw the doctor today and he removed my drains. ...

I saw the doctor today and he removed my drains. The tubes felt real trippy when he pulled them out. I had no idea how long they went in. It feels good to have nothing there now. He told me that my tape can come off in 2 weeks and to rub coco butter on my breast and help the circualtion by lightly rubbing them.
I actually have feeling in both of my nipples which suprized me, I thought I would have no feeling for a long time if ever. I have less bruising, but I don't think I'll take a picture until my tape is off so you can really see the scars. I'm not worried about the scars at all, they actuallly will be my victory scars. I am so relieved and it's like the old saying....when you rid yourself of a bad thing you intantly feel like the weight of an elephant has left you.
Well, the other news is that my relationship is over and done. Another big weight off of my chest. I kept trying to make it works, but he was just too angry of a person. He was nice the first 2 days after my surgery and then the mean spirit in him came out. I don't have the energy or the time to engage in anything negative anymore. Too exhausting and too much work.
So, I am free in more ways than one. Good Night Ladies.

Hi Ladies, Well, my tape came off today, because...

Hi Ladies, Well, my tape came off today, because it was getting really yucky looking and was barely sticking to my skin anymore. I took pic's of my little Tiny's and I can see that the scars are fresh and one nipple is slightly off from the angle of my piercing (which is fine) It makes me laugh. I didn't have as much rest as I wanted during the important healing time, because of living on a ranch alone with lots and lots of work. So, my boobies feel alittle firm and the doctor told me to massage them and give them time. I had a little gob of goo work it's way out of my nipple piercing, and I know that was from the ruptured implant. The doctor did a beautiful job, but I am sure that it's tremedously hard to get every little tiny bit out. I'm glad I was knocked out during surgery, I would never want to be awake while they are cleaning you out. My breast have lots of feeling in them along with my nipples which I am very happy about. I am not worried about the scars or anything like that. I am just so relieved that they are out. I watched a utube with a Plastic Surgen opening up a breast capsule and a breast implant to show what it looks like and I felt sick. I would have NEVER gotten them in if I would have seen that. The silicone was so gooey that he litterally could not get it off of his gloves. It is not pretty.
I am thrilled for all of the women explanting and I hope that this message keeps traveling so breast implants will be a thing of the past.
Much Love, Birdie

New pictures of tiny tits without tape. Yahoo!! ...

new pictures of tiny tits without tape. Yahoo!! They feel firm and I can start messaging them to help them soften. The scars will take a while to soften, and that is fine with me. I'll take the scars anyday over the implants. My left nipple piercing is a wee bit crooked, and that's ok as well. I'm sure when the skin was cut and tighten the nipple can only be moved so much and the piercing was already a little cocked. I cann't take a bath for another month and that's a bummer, because I love soaking in a tub. I had a little gob of silicone work it way out of my nipple piercing and that was the right breast implant that was leaking. I'm sure when the surgen cleaned it out, it's was hard to get every last tiny bit of it. I'm sure it's a bloody gooey mess when that are cleaning it out. I think it was about after a week and a half after explant I felt kind of sick and I do think it was the after math of all this silicone that was leaking. I am going to find a infered sauna place and take a few of those and tomorrow I have an appointment with my acupunturist. I will have her stimulate my immunity and organs to help assist my body in cleansing. I've been drinking lots of water and been getting plenty of fresh air so I'm sure that helps. If there's one thing I can say that tops all others is that I love and appreciate my natural body so much more now. I hope that if ever I can influence even one woman to remove her implants or not put any in that would give meaning to this journey that I went through., to save another woman the pain.

Trying once again to upload the new pics

trying once again to upload the new pics

Yesterday I had my first Infrared ion detox...

Yesterday I had my first Infrared ion detox treatment. My acupunturist did the treatment for 50.00. I put my feet in water and the toxins are pulled the bottom of your feet. The water turned almost brown after the 30 mins. I want to do the sauna next if I can find one. That pulls the toxins out of all of your pores. I read that the negative/possitve ions work with the water in your body. It's also important to eat and drink living food and water. When you microwave your food or water you kill the DNA and all the living organizms in them. You are injesting dead food/water. If you were to water a plant with microwaved water the plant will die in a short time. That says it all.

These are my 3 weeks post pics

these are my 3 weeks post pics

It's been one month since my explant and lift. ...

it's been one month since my explant and lift. Here are some updated pictures. I feel great my breast seem to be filling in more and are feeling softer. They have full feeling and the scars are getting lighter and fainter everyday. ") So happy I did this. If you are on the fence about this procedure just look at all of us happy gals that have done it. That says it all.

I am posting pic's of the implants and capsules...

I am posting pic's of the implants and capsules after they were removed
it's somewhat graffic, but that's the point to see what we are doing to our bodies.

Well, I still haven't recieved my Merena...

Well, I still haven't recieved my Merena compression bra. I'm looking forward to seeing how good it compresses. haha. I'll let you ladies know. I really want something that going to give me that extra support when I'm riding, running or working...after looking at a bunch of them on line I like the Merena the most.
I have popped acouple of stitches and I had no idea that at 6 weeks you could even pop a stitch. There are moments in the day where the stitches itch and I know that all the nerves and tissues healing. There are some spots where the areola looks wobbley from where the stitches that popped or desolved. Also, I noticed that I got some little whiteheads around the areola where the stitches were desolving. All these foreign substances that our body wants gone. I'll take a close up of the nipples later so you can see what I am talking about. I am very happy and relieved in so many ways. I love my results and am feeling healthier everyday both phyically and mentally.

Ok Ladies, I have uploaded pic's of me flexing so...

ok Ladies, I have uploaded pic's of me flexing so you can see the indent from where the implant was, also a pic of the little stitches that popped, and me in a little sweater that never fit right with implants, now it fits perfect. I feel great and the healing is coming along. Still haven't recieved my Merena compression bra in the mail yet. :(

Ok. I'll try again to upload the pic's.....

ok. I'll try again to upload the pic's.....

Correction with the spelling of the one bra. Is...

Correction with the spelling of the one bra. Is "Isavela" webpage is model # BRO2-MD-BE
I paid 23.00 on ebay for a new one with free shipping. :) Remember with these bras to hand wash in cold water and drip dry. :)

Had my 8 week follow up today with Dr.Younai. ...

Had my 8 week follow up today with Dr.Younai. Everything is going very well. The deeper stiches are popping through the skin here and there causeing little whiteheads. The doctor said that is normal it's just the body pushing them out. He told me I can pop the little whiteheads and to message the scars so they soften up as they heal. He told me I can use the Silicone Scar Sheets that you buy at the drug store on the scars to help them become less visible faster. He said that in time with coco butter they will become less and less visible as well. I am going to just let them heal with the coco butter and message. I will take new photos for you ladies and post them in a little while.

I wanted to write about one of my experiences...

I wanted to write about one of my experiences while I was searching for the right surgen. I had a consultation with Dr. Bandy and I want to warn any women about her services. This might only be narrowed down to me, but she quoted me 8,200 for just the explant and told me that if there were capsules that we would not remove them for that fee, that removing capsules would be another added charge. Along with that then she said that if I had a leak in one or both of the capsules that that would also be more added charges. I told her I just want it all done, the explant, lift, capsules removed and if there is a leak I want that covered too. The quote almost doubled to over 12,400.00. When I talked to about 3 other surgen's they said that was nothing they had ever heard of. They stated that while you are out and cut open of course they will romove the capsules and clean up the silicone if they are present, that is included in the explant fee. So, just a heads up for any women are concidering her services. This is just my experience and am not saying this is something she does with everyone.

I just want to add the compression bra information...

I just want to add the compression bra information just in case anyone wants to know. The two compression bras that I really like are the Marena comfort wear bra style #B2-3436-H and also the ''Isavela'' model # BR02-MD-BE I picked the styles with the 2''band because I like the extra support, but they also have a choice of a 1''band for a lighter feel and look. The isavela cost me 22.50 on ebay and the Marena cost me 44.00 on They have excellent compression because of the high elasticity in the fabric it's a F5 surgical fabric. When you get your bra hand wash in cold water and drip dry. You don't want to reck the elasticity by the use of heat. Happy Healing!!!

A friend forwarded me this link. Check out what...

A friend forwarded me this link. Check out what this explanter has to say about implants and capsules if left behind and not removed.

Another mention about how red lazar lights or...

Another mention about how red lazar lights or infrared saunas can help in the healing of scars and tissues. Look into it. It works wonders. I used the red lazer light on an old scar and the scar almost disappeared. When using these lazer lights you cannot look at them, because they do damage to the eye.
There is information online. In Europe you can get the lazer lights much easier than in the states. The infrared saunas also help by working with ions, positive negative charge moving your blood, getting rid of toxins, which improves the skin. Anyway, I felt these were worth a mention. :)

My computers out so I'm using my phone and do not...

My computers out so I'm using my phone and do not always have reception in the mountains. I apologize I'd I have not gotten back to anyone. Should be back up and running in a few days. Xxx

I miss everybody!

I went back to dailup Internet to slow for words. I can use my iPhone when u go to town once a week. Just want to apologize for not being able to post more picks.
I send everyone love and freedom from whatever holds you back. Xxxx

Hi nervous girlie!

I'm at the airport right now so I can use my phone. It is alittle hard to deal with dail up. :(

signed on at Starbucks

I want to apologize for not visiting the site more. My dail up is almost worthless. I am at starbucks for the next 15 mins and just wanted to check in. My breast are doing great. The scars under the breast have keloided a bit and at times itch. My breast are firm but soft. I am a small B cup. I love being able to lay on my tummy. I also love wearing shirts and tanks and halter dresses without spilling out of them. My breast have good feeling and are not numb. I am so happy that I went through with the surgery and will never look back. Verana just had her's removed and Rosiejam is next! I look forward to seeing their results too. Much love I will try to get some new pics up next time. xxxxxxx! Birdie

One year anniversary!

Hi Sisters! I wanted to put up my one year pics for you. They feel awesome. I still have a tiny indent when I flex my right arm and the scars have keyloided (spelling?) I am very very happy I explanted natural boobies can't be topped!
Sending all of you big hugs! ;)

2 year post

well, it's been 2 years now and I feel so fantastic. Now that the implants have been out for so long I feel like I never had them to begin with. I feel lighter, thinner, healthier and prettier for the matter. I'm not attracting the same type of men that only wanted me for sex. I think men look at women who have breast implants as women that want sex or want to have men use them for sex.
in a way I can understand that. Why I did it I'll never know, because I have never really liked big breast on women. I always felt they were in the way and
sloppy looking. Now, some women do look lovely with naturally large breast.

super happy after 5 years of expanting!!!

just an update to let you ladies know how wonderful and happy I have been to have my natural body back. I feel light, healthy, and younger. I ride my horses without my breast bouncing all around, I lay flat on my stomach without pain and men don't notice me for my breast anymore. I love it.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr.Younai on RealSelf. I interveiwed about 4 surgens and he was the obvious choice. Professional, informative, Kind, with an outstanding facility and staff.

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