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I am 32 years old . I recently lost 25 lbs doing...

I am 32 years old . I recently lost 25 lbs doing Zumba!! I have always had small breasts but at least before breast feeding two children they were small but perky ... Now sad small and saggy .. I am very scared of surgery doctors etc.. Always thinking the worse case scenario . I have done a ton of research . Lost my excess weight and finally found a surgeon I trust . My surgery is scheduled for June 24th !! I am super excited at this point . All anxiety is gone . I want it to be the day already !! I am nervous about the size . I don't want to go to big or to small ....

Post op appointment tomorrow !!

Very excited / anxious for my post op appointment tomorrow!! I'm just a little nervous on the size to choose. Hoping doctor can help with suggestions . Other than that I'm just ready!! :)) so excited !!

Addicted to your reviews lol

I have to say this site is AMAZING !! Having a forum of women all going through the same journey is wonderful ! I can't stop reading ..

Zumba with new boobies?!

Do any of you ladies do Zumba or any other type of dance related excercise ? I recently lost 25 lbs doing Zumba and got my cerification to be an instructor ! I have alway worked out but zumba has totally changed my life ! It's the most effective exhilarating fun work out ever !! So I lost my weight .. Back almost to high school weight !! Yes I love Zumba !! Talked hubby into the whole new booby thing ;) married for 18 years . The man didn't want to give up on the old girls .. Lol .. Had to ensure him their not leaving only being updated ;) anyway now I'm so worried about them being awkward or to big to do my Zumba ... It's a lot of dancing jumping etc... I'm over thinking this maybe .. Just wondering if there are any other Zumba sisters out there with any advice .. Also very worried about gaining weight while not being able to work out post surgery:/

Before pix

Geesh lookin at these pix is a reality check ... My poor girls need some help . Breast feeding just well .. Ya .. Was well worth it but now mommy needs some help ...

Post op appointment done !! More excited than before!!

Went to my post op appointment today !! Went so good !! So we have settled on a bilateral lift with 400 cc mentor gel implants . Doc says this will leave me a 38 C- 34D range !! Under the muscle . I am so excited !! And he is going to lipo the little fat on the top sides of my boobs just to make them perfect , and at no extra charge :)) soooo happy !!!! Love love love my doctor !! If in the LA area I suggest calling Dr.Bresnick ! Call ahead cause he is booked !!Had to wait a month for consult and another. Month for surgery . But now it's less than two weeks away !! I am soooooo happy :)))

The day is almost here.. Getting nervous

I am scheduled for surgery Monday June 24th check in 6am ! It's almost time ... Getting nervous/excited ! Can't wait to see the results ! Will post pix of my results as soon as I can ! I am a 34 b and will be getting 400 cc silicone implants under the muscle . Doctor says I will be a 38C/34D after .... Can't wait !

Clock is ticking ...almost time !!

I'm getting so anxious . I'm so thankful for this forum , not only for all the great advice and insight but also the support from all the ladies is great . Beyond that it is helping me pass the time in between cleaning Etc.. I already cleaned my whole house , shopped , and picked up my prescriptions . FYI I don't have insurance and was very worried about the cost of the prescriptions . I got everything all four medications at Costco for 38.00 and you don't even have to be a member . Anyway I'm going to go cook or give my dogs a bath . . Trying to keep from going nuts ! Lol . Hope y'all are having a great weekend

Holy moly tomorrow at this time I will be checking in for surgery !!

Tomorrow is the big day ! So anxious to see my new Tatas!! Ahhh .. !!!! Getting nervous . Hoping I didn't pick them to small or big . Well the doctor made his suggestion and I trust him , I just don't want to be disappointed as he is very conservative with his work . Which is one of the reasons I chose him . None of his before and after look ridiculous or fake . He has a great artistic hand ... Just nervous . Once it's done it's done ... Eeek!!

Thanks for all the well wishes

Thanks for all the support ! I hope I responded to everyone who sent me messages . Sometimes I get a little confused on where I'm positing . But I so appreciate all the well wishes! Wanted to thank you all again ! Also wishing everyone else going in tomorrow the best of luck !! Xoxo .I will update you all again as soon as I possibly can .. Eeek 6 am check in !!! Good night all

I'm home !! All went well ! Thank God!!

Just got home from surgery . I was a little sick to my stomache when I came out and of course sore but all in all not so bad . My doctor is super sweet and his staff was amazing ! I just can't wait to see them !! Taking my meds and relaxing !

Doctor just called to check on me:)

Such a wonderful doctor . He just called to check on me even though I will be seeing him first thing In The morning . Dr Bresnick is the best !

Post op appointment went great !!

Post op appointment went great ! I feel like grabbing my doctor and kissing him !! I am in love with my new boobies . Still in very little pain . Of course keeping up with my pain meds . I swear getting my wisdom teeth removed hurt a 100x's more than this does . There tight of course but so so awesome !! Doc listened to me and fulfilled my every wish ! I was originally only getting 400 cc because of the limited amount of skin I have to work with . But he was able to squeeze in 450 cc high profile mentor gel ! I'm in love !!

My stats

I forgot to add I'm 5'3 and 140 lbs got 450 cc mentor silicone high profile . I love them !

Feeling great !!

Still feeling great ! Pain is getting better. I am still on the Percocet . I'm going to try to switch to Motrin or Tylenol tomorrow . Just trying to take it easy for these first couple days . All in all I'm feeling great ! I had. Bilateral lift with 450cc high profile mentor silicone implants . I am in love with my new girls :)

Starting to feel cabin fever

Being cooped up is making me a little crazy. . But other than that all is well . Just trying to take it easy until doctor gives me the go ahead to get back to normal activities . Staying On my Percs is keeping my pain under control but also helping me stay calm so I can relax . Other than that all is well . Still loving my girls :) hope all is well in Boobie land and everyone is healing well .

Second post op appointment

Went to the doctors this
Morning . I almost puked on the way there not sure why I have been getting sick to my stomache the last couple days . I'm cutting my Percocet pill in half and don't think I even need them anymore . I finally went to the bathroom this morning ! Must say that was more irritating than the pain of my boobs . I'm pretty regular so not going for 3 days I was feeling terrible . I finally took an exlax last night . I really didn't care at that point if it was advised or not .. They say only take stool softener ya well that wasn't working and I was desperate ... And it worked . I only took half . Other than that some stitches were removed and sterile strips applied . I was shown how to massage them more so they will soften up . They are feeling pretty good and I am so in love with my new girls . I can't stop looking in the mirror . Lol . They are beautiful ! I am so happy with my results . They are still a little bruised but that will heal . I was so happy when I finally got to see my incisions . I had the bilateral lift / lolly pop . So I expected the downward scars to be all the way to the bottom Of my breast and its not . It's only like an inch or less more like the lollipop stick when it's broken off .! Anyway just wanted to update ! Hope all is well on booby land And everyone is healing well

Omg this recliner just gave out & dropped me back squishing my car

I can't believe my damn recliner just totally fell backwards to the floor and smashed my cat . I've been laying here so carefully to not hurt myself . My poor cat was under it and was screaming ! I couln't even get up o help her . Thank God my kids were in the room and able to get up and save the cat .... Really ?!!! Smh ...

A little nervous but all in doing well

I notice some clear liquid oozin from my incision tape this morning .. Not sure if that is normal . Very little I've been following the instructions as to washing and replacing the tape daily . After I showered and retaping I haven't noticed any more. Has anyone else had this ? Gosh everything was going so smoothly ... I have a doctor appointment in the morning I just hope everything is okay . I've been so extremely careful following all instructions but I went out yesterday and didnt massage them for about 5 hours & it was so hot out it was Terrible but by the time I got home they were hard as a rock . My doctor instructs me to massage every two hours.... So hard to do I'm tired of it already . It doesn't hurt but it's not the best feeling either ...

Forgot to post pix of progress 6 days post op

6 days post op . My right boob is giving me more roeublw thank left ... But I think they are healing well . Doctor appointment tomorrow .

Darn it messed up again .. Pix post op day 6

Post op day 6 right boob more bruised and painful than left ..

7 days post op 450 cc under muscle high profile gel

7 days post op appointment went well . They said I'm healing fine . The clear yellowish discharge is Normal . Thank God ! I cried yesterday when I saw it . I'm a cry baby anyway but I've really been on an emotional roller coaster . Being trapped In the house and not being able to do anything is driving me crazy . Plus bloated and feeling yucky from not being able to work out :/ but I got the go ahead to drive today ! Hurray, just still no cleaning or lifting ...

Day 9 post op

Feeling better . Still not very energetic & very tight still . Can't shine if I had home any bigger . I'm feel like I'm beast feeding but with no baby to suck out the milk and relive the pressure . I take pain meds maybe once a day . If needed at all . I have still been taking the Valium at night . Just to relax the muscles and help me sleep . I'm a tummy sleeper so it has been very challenging to say the least sleeping on my back . The recliner has helped a lot but its still hard for me . My back is aching ! Anyway . Everything is healing well . Another post op appointment Friday . They weren't kidding when they said I was going to be tired o seeing them lol . But my doctor is very good and just being cautious . Just sucks cause its am hour drive to my PS and has is not cheap either ... Anyway hope y'all I'm booby land are healing / doing well . Have a safe and happy Fourth of July ! Xo

Okay I'm not updating with my phone anymore . It'll these dang spelling errors and of course I post and then read like a dork

I hate Mis spelling crap . At first I was blaming it on the Percocet but ... This phone drives me nuts it has a mind of its own ... I can't imagine If I'd gone any bigger * not shine .. WTf..* breast feeding not beast feeding my gosh. .* relieve not relive .. I meant Gas isn't cheap. There are more errors but what ever lol . That's one of my pet peeves and I'm totally killing it on here . Sorry people .. Trying to help with these posts and sounding quite stupid at times ... Anyway .. Talk to you all soon ;) have a good day!

Omg I even messed up the subject line again ..... ^

Lord have mercy .. I'm just going for blaming it on being a blonde at this point ... Smh ...

Before & after just playing with my phone

Bored playing with instacollege :) lol

Feeling pretty good today not as much pressure

Woke up this morning and usually when I sit up in my recliner and then go to stand I feel all the pressure and discomfort in my chest right away . Today not so much ! Ya!! I can't wait to be back to normal and get to just enjoy my new Tatas :) on a brighter note I went to work yesterday just for a couple hours . I do real estate so .. I make my own hours but anyway it felt so good to be able to rock a dress I would not have worn ever before :) hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their new boobies !! Happy Fourth of July !!

Still to hard doctor says

Docs giving me 11 more days of massaging to see if they soften if not medication may be required . Other than that all is healing well and I'm feeling much better

Feeling pretty good

2 weeks today post op and feeling pretty good . Still worried about what the nurse said about them being to stiff. Still massaging every 2 hours. To me they feel pretty soft just the bottom is a little stiff but the doctor had to create more skin by making me a new crease and I had very little skin so I was limited on the size of implant ... I figured they would be stiff for a while . I'm only concerned because the nurse made me concerned ... Other than that I'm feeling good ! Just can't wait to heal all the way and get back toy daily routine ..

Slept only side in my bed felt so good

Finally slept on my bed not the recliner .. On my side . Had to switch sides a few times but felt great to be back in bed . Still massagingevery two hours as instructed . Getting tired of playing with my boobies .lol never thought I would say that .

Can't wait to be able yo wear regular bra

4 weeks in this. My skin is to tight so from the beginning my doctor has had me in loose sports bra .. Nothing tight they tell me the Bali they gave me or something similar found these at Walmart two for 10. Can't wait to go bra shopping :)

Lmao I just got my first show me your boobs sign

Lol well I don't know if its just the new set but I ain't never got that sign before ! I look over and a car full of teens has a sign up show me your boobs ! I starting cracking up . My daughter looks up and puts her pointer finger up and motions the kids and says turn around ! I don't think so .. Oh I couldn't stop laughing .... Oh welcome to the booby club :) I told my husband he laughed and said you should have showed them ! They would have passed out from the scars ,, teach them a lesson .. Oh I laughed harder ! Good news the laughing doesn't hurt today ! Happy recovery to all !! What we do for beauty & boobies:)

Forgot to Ad I'm having that darn burning sensation like sunburn on the skin I have heard mentioned

Burning sensation like sunburn .. Very irritating .

Nothing new today

Nothing new today . Wish I could find someone who has pix of my same type of scars .. Everyone who had it done same day had different incisions . Everyone else's look great mine look like Frankenstein boobies :/ can't wait to heal and hoping this double bubble goes away .. Thininkg it's maybe here to stay. .. I can live with it . I was aware of the fact this may happen .. Was just hoping for the best . I had to have my natural crease lowered to make more available skin ... I am happy that they didn't have to do the whole incision down as they had originally told me but they look weird to me .. Still better than before . I know they will change with time ..

I'm itching

MY girls are itching at the incision site . I know their healing but man is its annoying ... Also I cant stop eating and not allowed to even walk .. I have to stop !

3 week check up

Three week check up went good . Saw the doctor this time and he said everything looks good :) they are still a little stiff he says, so he asked if I would be opposed to taking accolate to help the muscle soften up a bit . He said I didn't have to but if I were his family member he would advise it . It will just help to relax the muscle and let everything settle to get the best results . So I reluctantly agreed . I don't like taking medicine but I guess I didn't get these boobies from nature so I have to follow along with the doctors advice . I normally take a holistic approach to things . Don't like the pharmaceutical companies ... I do trust my doctor though and so I will listen to his advice . That is why I chose him . He says everything should heal well . I'm hoping the little crease line goes away from my old natural crease line that had to be lowered to create more skin . . I know from reading other reviews here and other research that its up to my body on how it heals . The doctor has done his best and that I am sure of . I don't love the crease mark .. But only time will tell . At least the healing process is going well . I've been released ! Lol ! To go back to my normal activities and go Bra shopping ! Hurray that's a relief . But I knew I was ready . You have to use common sense and listen to your body . If it Hurts even a little stop !! Hope everyone is doing well :)

Went bra shopping

Love this bra . 36D oh ya !!

Feeling good

Everything is going well . I was able to sleep on my tummy last night , a little elevated still but nome the less wonderful . I went to six flags. Was a little nervous about how the girls were going to do or feel on the roller coaster . I love roller coasters ! They did great ! No pain no issues what's so ever . I am not however able to do my beloved Zumba yet :/ tried yesterday and all the jumping is still not to comfortable . Surprised me because I thought I was fine . Nothin really hurts at all anymore . Once in a while ill get a shooting pain but not very often .. I'm a firm believer in listening to your body . So I will just take it easy until it feels okay to do it . I am Able to walk , do elliptical and bike . The whole moving of the chest muscle thing still scares me . I do certain things and can feel the Muscle like moving the implant . Very strange feeling . Anyway that's my update . Hope all is well with everyone in booby land:)

Pic of scars

Frustrated regretting BA

I'm just really frustrated . I keep seeing everyone's boobs on here and I'm just like only me . You all look great mine well .. The crease is not filling in .. I have nasty stretch marks from where it is trying to fill but not and my nipples look crazy and well ugly ! I want to cry everytime I think about it but I keep trying to be optimistic that they will change ... I loved them in the beginning .. After the swelling went way down :/ and everything started settling ... Not so much . I wish they were bigger , which I already knew I was restricted in size and had accepted that but never realized the possibility of the outcome I have . You can totally see my old crease line ! It's so ugly ! My nipples gosh I don't think they will ever be the same and one looks off to me like the top he cut at the wrong angle .. Frustrated just hoping they look better with time .. All I can say is really know what your getting in to cause there is no return policy :/ I am happy that I'm healthy though . I keep remembering the other girl on here who had surgery the same day ,out of the country and had to have her implants removed .. If I had to remove these now I would be completely ruined .. I am thankful for what I have I'm just frustrated .. Hoping they settle in ..

I am not 2 months post op don't know why it is saying that ^ only 5 1/2 weeks

Not 2 months post op^

Feeling better today

Feelin a bit better . It's that time of the month so I'm extra emotional and omg I've had the worse cycle I have ever had ! I am in soo much pain . Anyway it is what it is . I'm only making myself crazy worrying about my boobs all the time . So I am just going to keep using my lotions and massaging and hope for the best . . My doctored told me to just use aquaphor on my incisions .. Other people's doctor have given them really cool strips and stuff to help with the scarring .. My next appointment isn't until next week . I bought Mederma a while back cause a friend recommended it but she had hers many years ago I don't think they had the silicone strips then .. Just worried to buy any with out docs okay because I still have areas that aren't sealed together all the way .. I don't know why .. It's pissing me off cause he told me not to swim until their all the way closed .. I paid extra for combo passes to hurricane harbor for my family anticipating being way healed by now .. And no .. I love swimming .. Almost wish I would have waited until winter to do this :/ no Beach , lake , or pool side for me ... I would ask if anyone else has any opening looking areas almost 6 weeks post op but really not trying to sound pathetic but I've stopped trying to interact with others on here because well no one really responds to me or my post very often . This site is great for information though . I only hope me taking time to update and share my story and pix will help someone else . The same way it helps me . I love reading others stories . Even though lately I have been annoyed / envious of how pretty everyone else's boobies are looking and how fast they are healing .. Able to sleep on their stomach after 10 days .. Wtf I couldnt even side sleep for almost 2 weeks .. I'm still having trouble getting comfy on my tummy ... Everyone's experience is going to be different .. Anyway I'm going to try to do zumba today ! I know a lot of my depression stems from not being able to go and shake my tail feathers :) my hubby says gosh you were happier before you got boobs .. I cry a lot lately ..and of course I've gained 5 lbs :( but I have been eating candy and junk with these kids .. It's summer vacay .. Lol I always put on a few lbs this time of year so hey .. Hope you all are doing well . Take care .

Fogot today pix

Pix almost 6 weeks post op . Lollipop incision , crease reposition . 450 cc. High profile mentor silicone memory gel ..but in surgery he determined he could get away with not going all the way down the breast with the vertical incision . I call it the broken lolly pop stick lol

7 weeks post op appointment

Went to the doctors today . So he gave me the silicone strips to start using and says their will help the scars dramatically . Regarding my crease situation he says that he is probably going to have to liposuction fat from my thigh and inject it In my breast to fill in the crease line . He wants to wait until I'm about 3 or 4 months post op . He says its not a big deal . Out patient I can drive myself there and back and no charge for the procedure . He is not concerned he said I'm healing well and that is a simple fix .. No more accolate . He says they have softened up very nice . So hurray for no more medications ! I'm not happy about having to do another procedure but I have to say I'm relieved there is an easy fix .. Less stressed for sure !

Feeling good

All is well . Here are some update photos from today . I love the silicone scar strips I only take them off to shower and go to the gym . They are helping a lot !

Strapless dress . No bra! Feeling boobylicious lol

Love rockin these dresses with no bra ! So awesome!

New photo of the scar after using silicone strips

Thought I would add a photo of the incision after using the scar strips for a little over two weeks now . I love how much they are helping ! It's amazing!

Forgot to add my nipples are still swollen ..

I forgot to add that you can't tell in the previous pix but my nipples have not healed all the way. Doc says it will take 3-4 months .. They are being stubborn . What I mean by not healed is they still feel poofy like there is air in them .. When you push in my nipple you feel the space .. Feels weird but doc says its okay .. Just thought I would mention in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

Nothing really new

Hi all :) nothing new to report really . All is well . I only have slight discomfort from time to time . Usually when laying on my side at night .. I just move them around and their fine . Once in a while I get a little zinger . Which is good cause I'm told that's your body re wiring itself . I do still have some numbness in the very bottom of my left breast . My nipples are still poofy :/ hoping they will flatten out soon . I have to buy more silicone strips . I took them off to shower and one disappeared ... Not sure if the cats got it .. I had to text my kids at school yesterday and tell them to check their clothes and make sure my booby ring wasn't stuck to them .. Their super sticky little suckers .. Anyway hope all is well in booby land and everyone is healing nicely :)

Checking in

Scars are getting better . Nipples are still a little poofy .. I have to go probably next month to have the fat grafted from my thigh and injected in the crease line .. It is still there .. Not as much but none the less .. Still there . I will let you all know how that goes and if it is successful .

My nipples are itching !!

I don't know what the issue is but they are itching !! . My left one keeps getting dry and cracking . I stopped using the silicone strips cause they were driving me crazy. !! I don't know what the issue is ... Grr.. I'm trying not to scratch ...

Forgot update pix

You can obviously still see the line on the right one .. Left not as much .. Skin grafting probably next month . Doctor said around 4 month point ..


Hello Booby land !! I miss you guys ;) not much to report these days . I have come to a point where I love my boobs ! Even though they aren't perfect there a lot more perfect than they were... Lol ! I still have the crease line from my old crease . It has faded some I think and so does hubby . I need to call and schedule appointment with PS for fat graphing but I really don't have the motivation to do it ... I don't like doctors poking and proding at me .. Doc says most women would be happy to have fat sucked from their thighs ... Ya but not when you have to than shove it in my boob ugh .... And then he says no big deal you just won't where a bra for a couple weeks ... I know he doesn't realize but as a women that is not fun !! How do you get ready for work with no bra???? So I'm procrastinating ,,what I do best ... Anyway my scars are fading nicely which I'm happy about . My nipples though have been peeling and dry especially my right .. I was worried a bit than I thought about it and remembered my boobs do this anyway around the cold season duh! Lol . So I'm a happy girl all in all and when I look at my old pics I appreciate what I have now even more . Hope everyone is healing well ! Take care !

Hello booby land

Hello :) quick update . So I procrastinated because I am very good at that to go back to the doctor . I was supposed to go back around the 5 month mark to have fat graphed from my thigh to my boob to fill in the crease line left behind from my old natural fold . Well for once my procrastination paid off lol . It is naturally settling out now at almost 8 months post op . Also my nipples were not completely lined up with each other which was worrying me . They were right after surgery but as they settled they were off a bit . That has also fixed itself as they heal ! Yay! So went to my doctor for a check up this week and he says they look really good and are healing well . You can barely see the line from the old crease but he is going to have me back in 6 months he says he will add the fat anytime it's up to me if it bothers me . It doesn't now before the line was much more noticeable and I didn't like it one bit . Now you can barely notice it and hopefully it will go all the way away . I don't want to have to do anything I don't have to .. Doctor laughed at me and said most women like to have their fat sucked out .. Not this girl ;) I don't want to be poked at by any doctor. I'm super chicken I don't know how I got the nerve to go through with this surgery . Well yes actually I do ! Real self! This site was a wonderful support system . Also of course my doctor and his staff are amazing ! I would recommend Dr Bresnick 110%! I will post pix soon . My phone is screwed up so I have to take it with a regular camera blah .. Lol and upload , but I will so you guys can see the progression of the line fading . If anyone has any questions in always here even though I'm not updating much anymore, just because there isn't much to say ! Much love to all my booby buddies :) xo

Boobyversary!!!! Its been a year already!

My boobyversary !!!! Lol was yesterday !! I was so busy with work I didn't get a chance to post. Hope all is well in booby land. I am glad to report all is well with me and the girls. I am soo enjoying having boobs for the first time ! I do not regret it at all and would do it again in a heart beat. I never had the fat graft done the crease pretty much filled itself in . Its barely noticeable and I am not for getting procedures done that I dont absolutely have to do.. Boobies was an absolute lol !! Cant believe its been a year already .. gheez time flies. Well talk to you all later . Hugs and kisses to all my booby buddies!! xo

Over two years and still loving my boobies????

Just checking in . Looking through my pics .. Crazy how time flies . My boobs are settled in nicely . Scars are faded so is the indent from my old natural crease . They feel like I've always had them . No regrets except not doing it sooner !

Still happy

Hi everyone ! Just checking in to let you all know I am still very happy with my boobies lol .
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