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Well, I've been dreaming of being a "complete"...

Well, I've been dreaming of being a "complete" woman for a long time and as of last summer, I finally set the wheels in motion. I consulted with a few PS and made my decision. My deposit is in, flight, hotel and car booked, and I am eager to pack my bags!!! With only 11 days to go, I can't believe it's actually gonna happen!

I am 5'7", 28yrs old, no kids, 36A+/B-!! I usually buy a 36B but cant ever fill it.
I'm trying to decide between going to a full C or full D. My initial thought was a full C would be "enough". After much research online and discussing with friends that have had a BA, most say to go to a D. My girlfriends know how active I am in sports and outsdoorsy activities and the biggest worry to me is that i dont want it to inhibit my current lifestyle. I want it to be a great addition to me, not a shortcoming on 'things i love but can no longer do'. Hmmmmmm...... what to do.

My BA is coming up fast and i will be flying to Encino, CA to get this done. I've taken two weeks off work, I hope i wont need it all, but just in case.

Thanks so much for all the insight. After looking...

Thanks so much for all the insight. After looking at two great websites for comparison shots of before and afters from A to C and A to D. It seems that all the A to C girls were 100-120lbs. The A to D category were girls more my height and weight. Is this more common, because we are "bigger" girls in general. I definetly dont feel like i look 145lbs but, that's what the scales say. So, what to do. I'm gonna ask a few girls at my work about their experiences!! I think I want a full C at minimum. I want my side view to have a little to show in my shadow, if you know what I mean. The difference between Full C and Small D is only a few tablespoons-worth. Thanks.

I was nervous last week and now my mind just...

I was nervous last week and now my mind just doesn't understand that its even happening. I am so needing the cash for it, not sure when i have to "pay up" but i'm working doubles trying to fit it all in and making sure not to get sick whilst working so much. my schedule seems hectic coming up:
mon 6th: work till 4, fly out at 8:30pm
tues 7th: arrive LAX 4.30am, bloodwork/fitting from 7-8 and maybe six flags for the day
wed 8th: fitting/pre op at 1pm SHOPPING TIME!!
thurs 9th: am procedure, at hotel by noon
fri 10th: post op checkup #1
sat 11th:
sun 12th:
mon 13th: post op checkup #2
tues 14th:
wed 15th: post op checkup #3
thursday 16th: Fly home with my new tatas!!!!

My thoughts are for me to go to a D as well. Are you very active? I've never filled a B, let alone know if a D will be "too much" for my activities. I play beach volleyball, swim, scuba, rollerderby and hike a lot! I dont want them to be too heavy either...... I'm so unsure. half my friends say get a C so you dont look too fake and my other half say get a D cause everyone wishes they went a little bigger. I dont want to get out of there and say, "shit, i should of listened to so-and-so and gotten the other size!" I also want a bit of projection from the side view. Most of the C's that you see have little to no boobage that pokes out from their chest wall. I'm looking or 2inches at least. I feel like i can be talked into anything by anyone at this point as long as they look good and i'm happy. I just have no idea what they'll turn out like. ok, this is just going on an on, pointlessly. Thanks for letting me vent!!! we'll talk soon. OH, and do you have a list of things that were suggested to get for your post op?

I heard online today that the cohesive gel...

I heard online today that the cohesive gel implants dont "leak out" of their shape when you cut them, but If they were to rupture inside, you'd never know it and what if it was in your warm body for lets say, a year, do you think they'd get gooey and drip-out over time?? That is now making me rethink silicone gel.

If I am to go under the muscle, will the muscle support my implant more so there is less drooping over time?
If I am to go under the muscle, will you really feel how "soft" the cohesive gel implant is to be worth it vs. saline?
If cohesive gel ruptures inside and goes undetected or misdiagnosed, can the gel ooze out over time with movement and body heat accelerating the aging proces of the implant?

I feel like I've made most decisions final for this procedure, and now it feels like I haven't the faintest clue. WTF?
I was going to do cohesive gel under the muscle (or half under/ half over- is what i thougth the doc said, but havent found too much of that online).
I was trying to decide between a C or D; and I'm pretty sure i'm set on a D.
Now that there are the questions of silicone possibly rupturing and goo-ifying inside the body, make me weary.
What should i do??!?!!??

Ok, talked to the nurse at my docs office and got...

ok, talked to the nurse at my docs office and got a few things cleared up.
My plan :
Cohesive Gel Implants with an 80/20 placement; to make me from a 36A/B to a 36D.
Inframmamary fold incision; so that I have the best chances of keeping full nipple sensitivity and breastfeeding ability.
Ahhhhh, my brain feels so much better.

I'm off work this weekend, gonna get my house in order, chill with my friends and lay at the beach to wind-down from my crazy work week. Last week, i was so afraid/anxious/scared/nervous. And now, I'm just so excited. I have only told a few friends, not any of my family, and today i feel like telling total strangers so that they can be excited with me. It's such a great feeling in my heart/soul to know of the wonderfulness that is to come.

Some things I recently learned: my nurse said to lay off the vit C. no more than 500mg a day. I usually take more than that normally, but I guess it will interfere with medications and things that happen through the surgery part. I purchased the Arnica, not the bromelain, yet, and was advised not to take that at all till after the surgery. I plan on doing vit C during my post op!
I haven't purchased any bras, as of yet, but i'll prolly wait till i get to Cali to do that, there will be more shopping options!!

Http:// - removal of gel... - removal of gel implant (missing critical info regarding why rupture/removal) - gel implants

Wow. i fly out tomorrow after work. I am so...

wow. i fly out tomorrow after work. I am so excited and nervous and unsure of certain choices. I've just decided to stop trying to fight my pro/con list between silicone cohesive gel and saline. I was really looking on this site to see what people chose more often, but couldn't get conclusive answers on peoples page info. If you could mgs in the post of what size you started from and what you're at now: implant type and style, implant placement, incision location, and why, that'd be awesome.
I have only told a few girlfriends about my BA and so far everyone's on board. I'm waiting to tell the ones that'll fight me on it till it's all done and i'm home. "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission" someone very important to me always said!!!!!

So I am 5'7", 140 lbs, 28yrs, moderately strong...

So I am 5'7", 140 lbs, 28yrs, moderately strong build going from 36A to D, under the muscle with an inframmamary incision. I'm trying to decide between silicone gel and saline and it's just killin' me!!! I know no one can decide for me, but I just dont know what to do!!!

I fly out today, I'm not gonna stress about the silicone vs. saline thing anymore. i'll have to feel out what my "gut" says and see what the doc says. I fly out tonight, not sure what i'll need or what i want to bring. i'll just buy it in LA when i get there i guess!!!
So excited for all of us boobie girls going in for our new transformation this week!!! Joining the ranks soon!!

Alright!!!! It's midnight!! no more food or drink...

alright!!!! It's midnight!! no more food or drink till after surgery!!!!

I got my scrips filled yesterday and stocked the hotel room with goodies for after surgery. My bf is here to take good care of me.
I will be taking my oregano oil and grapefruitseed extract in addition to arnica through my recovery!!

My final decision is silicone under the muscle, inframmamary incision. I'm thinking of doing 425's. We're gonna play it out to see what will fit without going overboard. We'll do mod+ too. This should get me into the mid D range!!

So far, i'm feeling good about everything. I'm feeling very confident on the surgery and healing process. My PS said i will be able to lift my arms over my head after we get back to the hotel.

Night Night to all!! I will see you on the other side!!!!

Well, I was scheduled this morning for surgery at...

Well, I was scheduled this morning for surgery at 9 am, but got delayed a bit, from the gal scheduled before me. I'm not sure when I got started but I was through with recovery and back at the hotel around 1pm. Right out the gate, my throat hurt, raw feeling and very dry. I was so thirsty. I prepped for dehydration by drinking 10+ bottles of water yesterday, but I guess that just wasn't enough. The staff, nurses and anesthesiologist were so awesome!! My goal was 425cc, but we discussed the potential of it not fitting in there. 400cc didn't fit either. I ended up with 375cc silicone cohesive gel. They feel good. I think they look smaller than I anticipated, for sure, but they look really great. I am actually quite glad that we didn't go much bigger. I know with all my extracurricular activities, that too big was not going to be good!! I've been really sleepy since we got back to the hotel. I've been drinking plenty fluids, coconut water, cranberry juice and water. I woke up hungry and had an aweome gyro from the restaurant next door. well, i could only finish half of it, but it was scrumdidilyumptious!!!

Overall, I am feeling very well, surprisingly!! I was warned by a lot of friends and people on realself of the pain after surgery. Thankfully, i have a high pain tolerance, or so i think, i only took one pain med so far, and the ice is really helping in general!!!

My boyfriend is so awesome!! Our hotel room came with two beds which was good and bad. I'd love to sleep together and cuddle like we always do, but he wants us to sleep seperate at first so he doesnt' hurt me. As tough as I am, I'm sure I can handle, but i do agree, it would be smart to stay propped up in my own space.

I am having one un-normal pain. My inner left bicep/elbow region is really sore, tingly, numb feeling. I've iced it in between my boob icing time, and we'll see how it goes. My PS already called to check in with me. It was so awesome!!! I mentioned the arm thing and he said it should have nothing to do with the surgery, and I agree, but I just like to keep everyone on the up and up!!

I have great range of motion in my arms. I can lift them over my head and unscrew bottles (not med ones, but water bottles can). The doc said i could raise them tonight, and I was so excited!!

This typing thing is quite difficult, as far as falling asleep while typing and waking up to 14 lines of the letter dddddddd.
I will keep you updated as i go. I hope this helps anyone on their journey!!! Good luck to all my August 10th ladies!!! I'll be thinking of you!!!

Oh my goodness!! Today was so wonderful. I've...

oh my goodness!! Today was so wonderful. I've only had to take two pain pills today. Still taking my antibiotics and started the arnica today. I didn't seem to get much sleep last night, so i will definetly be taking a sleeping pill tonight!!

I had my first post op today. We took the wrap off and wow, do they look good!! he incisions are a little sore, but everything looks nice and even!!!

We went around town today, bought cute new shoes and some shirts, but got back to the room for lunch and im ready for a nap!!!

I'd love to take pics and post them but I forgot the cable to connect the computer and the camera!!! When I get back home, i'll get some pics up!!!

Well, day two of recovery!! I'm feeling totally...

Well, day two of recovery!! I'm feeling totally awesome! We took some pics last night, and i hope to take more in a few days. I dont want to get to over obsessed with pic taking but, I want good documentation. This will help anybody getting ready for their procedure!!!

I took my first shower with my new girls. It felt awesome. I was really afraid that I wouldn't be able to wash my long hair, and thankfully, by boyfriend enjoys it, so I was safe either way, but when showering, I was totally able to shampoo and conditioner myself. The only recommendation I have for anyone, is to maybe get your armpits waxed before surgery. My pec muscles were so tight, I had a hard time shaving. Having them waxed in prep for this experience, would have been easier.

I am doing well. Having greek yogurt with blueberries and honey for breakfast with my pain meds and antibiotics. I also do my arnica. I have only really taken the pain meds morning and late day after activity. It seems as though i might not need another today. We're heading out to return some redbox dvds, and maybe hit up a little shopping. I'm planning on taking sleeping pills most nights. I might not "need" it completely, but finally falling asleep at 1am and then waking at 6 isn't enough sleep for me. For the time being, since we're at the hotel anyway without other obligations, I'll be trying to conk out before midnight and hope to sleep through 9am.

I forgot to mention earlier the herbal sprays that I made for healing and mental stability. A while back I purchased an aromatherapy chart thing from and it has helped me and many friends a lot!! For this trip, i was planning on making the following spray bottles: tea tree, lemon, orange, lavender and cedarwood!! Unfortunatly, with my 3oz or less bottles in 1 quart bag for carryon packaging, I only brought lemon and orange. Both have great cleaning qualities. They can purify the air, which is very important for hotel rooms and rehabilitaion after surgery. They also have "sun" qualities, which can keep the spirits bright when staying positive. I was advised to do st. johns wort or other 'oil' based "vitamins" for this, but after talking with my nurse, I was advised not to take (other than what's in a multi vitamin) any extra Vit C, E, A or herbals. For the main reason that they are bloood thinners. Even though surgery is over, thinning of blood is good to help circulation to get 'old' blood out and recycling 'new' blood back in. The biggest downfall with this after breast implant surgery, is the fact that you want your body to accept the new pocket and implant that is now in your body. With thinned blood, blood can pool in these pocketed areas and start to create scar tissue, this will not be great for the healing process. I will wait to resume my normally great doses of Vit C, E and A till a few weeks after surgery. Everyone may do what they wish, but I would just like to share the knowledge bestowed unto me!!

As for my continued blabbering on and on.... I will sign off for now. On one quick final note, the weird feeling that I had in my bicep/inner elbow area has almost all cleared up. It could have been tight muscles or stretched ones from surgery and whatnot.

Also, I have to send a HUGE thankyou to everyone who has helped me prepare for this wonderful transformation!!! My good friend at home had prepped me for this being the most painful experience in my life and I am glad to say that it wasn't but maybe just going in with the thought that it could be, made it not so bad!!


I've added some pics today. Duh!! I cant believe...

I've added some pics today. Duh!! I cant believe I didn't think of taking pics with the 'photo booth' option on my mac!!! I feel so silly!!! Anyways, these pics are really up close, but they'll have to do for now.

I slept good last night. I was told the sleep pill would kick in within 30min, but for me it seemed to take an hour. After falling asleep around midnight, and waking up at 4.30, i fell back asleep til 8am. Then my wonderful boyfriend, brought me breakfast in bed. So adorable!!!

I am missing being close together physically. We normally are the closest cuddlers in the whole world. We call it our puzzle, cause, every inch of our bodies can tough and fit just perfectly. There is no cuddling at the moment, but we hover really close to each other which willwork for now!!!

As far as financially, I thought this trip would be just surgery fees, flight, food, car and hotel. I was wrong. I cant stop going shopping!!! WTF! I need to stop, but, once we get home, I'll be without good shopping options, so i'm eating it all up while here!!!

Carry on, talk to you later!!!!

Well, Day 3 into recovery. Things are going well. ...

Well, Day 3 into recovery. Things are going well. I'm more active and can do much more than day 1 (of course). There were so many little things that i took for granted: opening and closing car doors, shaving my armpits, scooting my butt back on the bed when arranging my "sleeping" position. Yesterday and today, I have almost no pain when moving arms and body. I had a post op appointment in which we covered MASSAGE!! Wow, I know how everyone said it was unpleasant, but holy cow; it totally sucked. Luckily, they'll feel better, the more you massage them. I"m not sure when that'll kick in, but hopefully soon!! I dont seem to have the leverage to really get the firmest pressure on these bad boys. My nurse helped me with it and instructed my BF, and he is more than happy to get his hands in on this hot mess!!! He's been very helpful with the massage and everything. I"ve been icing most all days and i think it really helps a ton as well!! Good for me, the hotel has a handy ice machine just down the hall!!

I hope everyone else's recovery is going well!! Cheers to boobies!!!

Day 5: the massage is going well. That seems to...

Day 5: the massage is going well. That seems to be the only change in things!! My boobies seem to be very tender and hurting near the lower sideboob region. I'm not sure if that's due to the cut muscles and nerves and things but either way, it's so tender!! I have a check-up tomorrow and I'll ask then!! We'll also replace the tape!!
We walked Venice Beach today and it was so nice to get some exercise and sun!! It makes me miss volleyball already!! Maybe I'll be able to get back into my sports sooner than most!!! I hope so!!

Day 6: i had my last post op/check up today; it...

Day 6: i had my last post op/check up today; it went ok! my incisions are irritated! not infected, just pissed off i guess. It seems like moisture got between my skin and the surgical tape and it rubbed around in there. So, now i'm suppose to just keep them free from tape and just use gauze between incisions and my surgical bra. It'll be good. I refilled my scrips today and fly out tomorrow. i'm not sure if i'm suppose to take the antibiotics for another week, since it's irritated anyway, but i'll call my nurse in the morning. Doc said the girls are tight still, so i'll try to do the massage more often. BF has been so awesome with everything during this procedure. We went on a date tonight to the movies and it was so cute, like we just started dating, a 9 years ago feeling!!

I hope to do pics tomorrow at my 1 week boobie anniversary!!!

Thanks again, for all the ladies out there who shared their story and experience so that mine might be a little easier!!!

Hey there! I'm home now it is Day 8 post op! I'm...

Hey there! I'm home now it is Day 8 post op! I'm adding pics today!!
I started using neosporin, with the ok of my nurse, on my incisions! Since I need to have the tape off till the infection for another week, i'd like to keep something going on to keep the infection away!!
I was very nervous coming home, being so far away from my doc for just a quick question or checkback, but thankfully, my PS and Nurse are there always. My nurse at the office gets back to me so fast and we can email too, so when i have quick questions or want to zip a pic over to her, i can super easy!!!
I hope everyone's PS is this wonderful!!!!
Have a great day! I'm gonna take it easy today and get everything done at the house!! I'm off work for one more week, so we'll get some good healin goin on and jewelry makin!!

Day 11 post op: Things are going swell. I drove...

Day 11 post op: Things are going swell. I drove my car yesterday, which does not have power steering and that was a little difficult to get use to, but it worked out just fine. I've stopped taking the pain pills and I'm still on my second week of antibiotics, just to quell any possible infection that came from my irritated incisions. Speaking of incisions, they are looking quite well. They are a little puffy due to the fact that I haven't been able to wear the tape this last week, but i think they'll be ready for tape on thursday/friday. I was having some painlike Zingers the other day that radiated from the edges of the implant towards the nipple. Saturday I had frequent zings and not so many after that! I'm definetly ready to get a work out in. I feel like I've definetly gained some weight just being off my regular activities.
I got to see some of my close girlfriends lately to show them the goods. They loved it and are so excited for me. It's so great. I haven't told any of my bf's family, and they haven't said anything yet, but i'll wait till they bring it up( which will probably never happen).
As far as my ability/flexibility goes. I have great range of motion. I can lift things, raise my arms over my head and do just about all normal activities. If i reach farther than I should, i usually hold my incision with my oposite hand and it makes me feel more secure. Speed bumps are not your friend. My road leading up to my driveway from both directions has 5 speed bumps each. It's a pain in the ass, but again, when I'm passenger, i just support the girlies and then they stay happy!
Massage has been going well. i find that my skin has a "pulled" look in my cleavage area. My skin is really tight and needs to stretch a lot, but i dont know if there is anything better that I can do for it. Also quick question, anyone have 'interestingly weird' nipplage after the procedure. My bf keeps reassuring me that they'll return to normal when everything drops into place. He says maybe they are a little swollen still (i dont think there's that much swelling left). Let me know, and I'll browse other profiles to see any difference!! Thanks Ladies. You're always a great help with my many questions and keeping my worry level down!!

Aloha and good morning!! i'm 2 weeks post...

aloha and good morning!! i'm 2 weeks post surgery!
wow. things have been healing so well. my incisions feel less tender and are less irritated looking. I wore a sportsbra thingy today and it was nice, didn't make my puffy nipples look so bad. I'm posting pics today for my ps and nurse to see as far as progress goes. I drove the car today and it was much better, speed bumps weren't bad either. i guess i might be ready to ride in the sidecar of the ural before i thought. reaching and stretching is going well. nipples are still super tender almost painful tender, but just to the touch. My massage is going very swell. they feel quite tight in the early morning, but loosen up after a shower and a little massage. they feel to be 'dropping' nicely as well. at day 1 or 2, they were three fingers width from my collar bone high, if that makes sense. now they are 4+ fingers. love it. i did notice in the begining a "liquid" feelin in the outer left side boob part and none in the right. that went away within a few days. now, i've been feeling a little "liquidness" in the outer side boob of right side. maybe just the way they are dropping? the left did tend to drop faster that the right, so maybe this is the last 'sound' before it drops fully? i dont really know. i just keep making up answers and it makes me feel less worried. i shall talk to my nurse tomorrow and she should clear things up, not a problem. I'll also have to mention a new slight pain i'v been feelin in my right boob halfway between incision and nipple about the size of a penny. just feels like a sore spot, but wouldn't make sense, i haven't been poked on, that i know of. maybe it's nothin. who knows. all else feels good. i'm finishing up the antibiotics and haven't taken the pain pills for a few days now. i return to work on friday, that'll be interesting and fun., i'm so excited to see many of my friends there. I think we might go dancing after work, so excited to see my girlies out and about!! i'll probably do more swaying than bouncin, we'll see how the tata's like it all.
thanks for readin, and let me know if you have any suggestions to help my progress.
ps. my girlfriend and i got mani/pedis today, it was such a nice treat, foot soak, back massaging chairs, the works. we did the gel nails... anyway, mid pedi, my friend looks over to me and chuckles and looks away. i said, "what's that for?" and she said," your boobs are jiggling, i can see them from here"(from the massaging chair). We both laughed. 1st real jiggle!!! yipee

ALOHA all!!! thanks for reading and keeping up...

ALOHA all!!!

thanks for reading and keeping up with the progress! I am 21 days/3 weeks post op. Yippee!!!

Although all the healing is, of course, not finished. These days are still for celebrating. I am able to work more, although i am already keeping myself limited so as to not overdo anything. I'm feeling good; no pain, discomfort, nagging pinches or whatnot. My massages are going quite well, i think. They are not by any means as soft as i want them to be, but only time will tell. me and these beauties have a lot of hands on time left!!!

My incisions aren't fully closed up or "sealed" as i've been calling it. I have a little stitch that is protruding and is trying to figure out what it needs to do and the other side has a smidgen of a seam not finished sealing. they are much better than last week already, so we'll give them more time. maybe they'll be all better by next week.

I'm so glad that i haven't gotten "down" on my self emotionally or motivation-wise. i read here a lot that some girls have a really hard time with transitioning to this new life. I will be here for you to vent if anyone needs, and i will listen fully. I hope the best for everyone's healing process, in all stages of progression.

Also, just to note, that "squishy, liquidy" feeling that i mentioned earlier is still there. Does anyone on here have that kind of a spot or thing in their new boobies??? if so, how long did it last?? did anything help it to fade? thanks so much.

I am extreemly happy with my new self and I love by new boobs!!!

Hello everyone. wow, i totally spaced on updating...

Hello everyone. wow, i totally spaced on updating for my 4wk boobie anniversary. I so very much love, Love, LOVE my new boobies!!! They are so wonderful and, like a million other girls have said, I can't belive i haven't gotten them sooner. But in all actuality, I'm glad I waited till now in life. I had previously gone through a great experience of learning to love myself and I'm so glad that I accomplished that before getting these wonderful twins. It's a great update for the new ME that I've grown to love!!!

My healing is going so great. I seem to never wear a bra. I was having previous difficulty with popping stitches, half dissolved stitches and irritation from the tape. They are a little pink still, but healing nicely with my Mupirocin cream. The Massage is going great and they are so soft and comfortable. The tightness between the breasts has definetly gotten better. The skin has 'stretched' i gues you could say, and they are starting to bounce/move a bit with me when i hustle for something.

I started playing volleyball the other day and everything went so great. I wanted to test the waters of my activity level. I was so afraid to overdo it. i played beach vb with my good friends and it was so nice. they also approved of my new addition.

My areolas are still "puffy" looking. I've read peoples posts about it seeming like 'water' behind the nipple. i guess i could call mine that too. it's a bit interesting to think of, in that way. the squishy, liquid feeling in the right lower outer boob area is still there, but i've finally started to embrace it as part of me. if it fades that'd be awesome, and if wants to linger a bit, that's fine too. All healing takes time and I'm so thankful that my body has so well so far!!!

Thanks for reading my updates and I'll post pics tonight too. thanks again for all your continued support. It has really helped me a lot in my recovery process to read and keep updated on other new boobie girls on here!! thank you!!!

Wow, i guess i forgot to post last week. i've...

wow, i guess i forgot to post last week. i've been taking weekly pics and things are going nicely. when i had the previous difficulty with my incisions, it turns out that i had a few stubborn stitches that didn't dissolve and needed a little help coming out. now that they seem to be all taken care of, the tenderness and pink/red color is gone from the incisions. We've been keeping up with massage and that's going well too. they seem very soft and all my friends at work said they feel like real boobies!!!! the liquidy feeling has pretty much all dissolved. my right aerola is still swollen/puffy looking but hope that goes away with time too!!!

I absolutely love my new tatas!! It is the best decision I've ever made and I'm so glad I did it!!!!

Overall, the tight look between the boobs is normal now, they've dropped very nicely and the incision is actually in the crease beneath the breast!!! They are so wonderful!!! I've also gotten back into playing my roller derby and everything is going so great. I'm glad that I the volume/fill that i ended up getting, which was the most my body could take, is exactly perfectly proportioned for my body.

All good things come to those who wait!!!

Wow! 5 months have passed since my last post and...

Wow! 5 months have passed since my last post and i've just recently passed my 6 month boobie anniversary! Life happens, right!?

Well, so much new and good in the world. I haven't remembered a time in my life (besides when i was a little girl), that I was so happy all the time! It's kinda weird. My confidence is through the roof and it's like, every day, i can go out and stand tall and just nodd my head cause i'm thinking, "i own this bitch". The world is at my fingertips and all i have to do is say go. I guess, most of this has no relevance to much of anything, but something made me go to this profile, that i've nearly abandoned, after i NEEDED it so much to get me through a really tough time in my life.

When I got my BA, Aug 9, 2012, I hadn't told my family at all. I didn't know how they'd react and i didn't want them to know how unhappy I was within myself. They found out, when i was home on my last visit and it all worked out very well. They were worried a bit, but i assured them of all my research and confidence with my doc and that helped them with it all. And yes, I did tell them about my previous unhappiness. Not like i was depressed all the time, but it was an inner core unhappiness and hiding my true self from life! It sounds so sad, now that i'm reading the words, but i'm past that, and it's easy to move on now.

I do have the most wonderful companion, whom i do owe the world to, cause he's been there for me through everything in life (we're going on 10 years in march!!!!!) Enough of the inner self-reflection, and on to business.....

So, the boobies are doing great. All my incisions that were getting irritated and popping stitches are gone. My boobs do vary in size/shape all the time. But I remember them doing that before too, hello Hormones! The only thing now, that i'm more worried about is my scarring. Since, my incisions had such a hard time healing, i was unable to wear the "tape" to help flatten the scar. I've been very constant as of late to use it and it is helping, i just wish i was able to use it earlier, but if i keep it up, they'll be so much nicer at 1 year. And i know how fast the next 6 months are going to fly by.

My activity is back to normal. Working full time, regular house duties, 3days a week of Roller Derby and beach volleyball (when my body isn't too sore from roller derby)!!! I did notice that when i have been working in the garden and doing heavy raking/moving of dirt (to get the earth ready for planting), i've had ridiculous pain in the lower part of my boob and where it meets my ribcage. i thought something was wrong, but after a week or so, i attributed it to the hard work i was doing for 4-5 days straight and it's not a worry anymore.

The only other bother that i seem to have, is I hate wearing bras now! I just cant stand it. Clothes seem to be a bother too. My breasts are just so beautiful, i dont see why they cant just hang out all the time. My BF doesn't seem to mind, except when we have company :) NO, but seriously. I went to VS thinking for the first time in my life i'd buy a real bra for real girls!! I bought 4. I only love two of them, the others never came out of the bag, what a waste of $50. The lady recommended a push up bra which did accent everything very nicely and looks great under many of my strapless dresses, but it is so uncomfortable for my ladies. they just hate it. Does anyone have this problem. Like i said, i dont wear bras much at all, which is fine, but i just wonder, if they'll get use to it later, maybe i should hold on to them and see if they like the push up in another 6months????

Other than that, my 'feeling' of that area between areola and incision( in boob crease) is not fully back to normal. it's getting better, but it's still a distant feeling, like the nerves aren't all back in place. Maybe that takes a long time, i dont' know, but i know it's not like it use to be, but it doesn't really bother me much. My areolas still stay puffy sometimes and that's annoying, but it's a boob and sometimes, they do weird stuff, right?!

I guess that's enough to bore you with at this point! I hope everyone finds what they need here. The answers are within you, we're just trying to help you figure it out!!! Take Care!
-Iron Nadin
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

When on a road trip last summer and traveling through California, my boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of the location and visit a few docs for consultations. After a few upity ones that didn't seem to listen to me, and some seemingly nice ones that wanted to figure out financing first, I met Dr. Sander's office. Sandy helped me out so much, and Dr. Sanders actually sat down with me and my boyfriend to talk in thorough detail of the whole procedure and answer all my questions. My consult went very well, and I knew I wanted to get my work done with Dr. Sanders.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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