Dr Yco's Mini Face Lift Not Worth It! Encinitas, CA

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I want to inform the public that I did do research...

I want to inform the public that I did do research on my mini lift weighing the pros and cons.I went in several times and wanted the mini lift since last year. Dr Yco is very qualified per credentials he is double board certified Ent plastic surgeon. I thought I was making the right choice. He said I would like my results and being 38years old I thought it was going to look alot younger and felt great about my decision.
I came in early to prep.and was given a small blue pill to relax then given light iv sedation and was awake during the procedure.
I did notice Dr.Yco spent more time on one side than the other. Before 2hours he was done!
I felt a little groggy and had to be driven home. Drains were put in which were supposed to be removed the next day; but I left them in for the weekend. When showed up Monday morning my neck did feel tighter and excited to get my head wrap off and drains. I look in the mirror with no different in jowls or face not even.neck!
He says I am still swollen to wait for final results 10 days go by with no difference. I write the coordinator an email that I am very disappointed! Dr.yco assures me he removed skin..but I see no difference at all! My Jowls are the same my neck.the only thing I have to prove I had surgery is the scars in front and back of my ears!
The time $$$$$ and lost of work for recovery was a complete waste.
I emailed the staff again with NO reply! Ladies I for warning you to view before and aftet pictures im out $5500 with not even 1inch of improvement. I have been a client of Dr.Yco for about 4 years and finally after sacrificing my money to get this procedure I am so disappointed!

No difference in jowls or neck area only scars!

I have been looking for an inch of difference in my neck and jowls each time I look in the mirror I only think if the money I spent and the scars left behind. I emailed the doctor again and provided pictures and did not get a reply. when I went in to get my stiches removed I had a consultation with Dr. Mario Yco and he suggested a mid face lift or fat transfer to my face! I immediately knew I made a big mistake, why would he suggest a mini face lift and then tell me I would benefit from a midface lift? I then proceeded to ask why my turkey neck was still visible, he then suggested a neck lift? I was so disappointed to say the least because I am only 38 years old 'Dr. Yco consulted with me many times over the past year regarding my mini lift, that is the procedure he suggested I would benefit from for my problem areas! why now would he suggest other procedures after no results from his mini lift? during my consultation (after my mini lift) I scheduled it for rhinoplasty and also actually considered hiring him again for that procedure, but was very rudely interrupted by his office coordinator who urged him to hurry because her friend had arrived for her BOTOX!
I had scheduled this consultation for many reasons #1.) questionable no results on my mini lift. #2.)options and answers #3.) rhinoplasty options.
This appointment was supposed to be a one on one hour long computer images
I drove almost 1 hour just for the appointment and got half answered questions and again VERY rudely interrupted by his office coordinator to have her "friend" get botox!, as if I was not as important as her friend,
I had just spent $5500 on my face and considering to pay $7000 for a rhino and after NO RESULTS and office staff unprofessionalism I am to say the least UPSET!
my children were waiting in the waiting room and told me that the office coordinator even did a visual sweep through the waiting room because my 18 year old had poured herself a cup of tea, the coordinator checked the coffee/tea station, checking to see if my children had taken tea bags! Not only did I feel unwelcome but as my children! I have to question if this was racial stereotyping or just plain unprofessional. What I have just described is exactly what happened to me days after my mini lift surgery. will post more photos.

See before and after photos

I have attached my before and after surgery photos which clearly shows no diffrence at all!

WAISTED MONEY! ! Dr.Yco Encinitas, Ca.

I hate my results! Or should I say NO results! I want to say something but my image speaks for itself! I got ripped off! Dr. Yco sent me an email stating he removed more skin than a usually would on his "minilift" wow can you imagine im only 38 years old and NOT over weight and I was left looking the same cant imagine what his other work looked like with less skin removal. $5,500 in the trash! Is how I feel about this minilift with Dr.Yco. I did visit other doctors and have been told Dr.Yco techniques are not they have seen in their offices, this is a gentle way of saying he didn't do the job! I feel conned and stupid for putting my trust in him.I feel betrayed by him and his staff! Now im dealing with raised scars behind my ears and may need steroid injections? No one can see any diffrence, not even my mom she agrees I was conned. I even went for fat transfer to fill in my jowls he did nothing to improve my appearance but pull on my ears. DONT WAIST

Dr. Yco's Lucrative "no result" minilift!

When I questioned Dr. Yco on my sagging neck and jowls after my mini lift he suggested a neck lift and fat transfer! every time I tap on my jowls they are loose and move up and down with excess skin, I am so upset that I put my trust in the surgeon he knew I wanted this procedure for so long he sang a good song in my ear on how I would look so much better and pulled my skin back and showed me the difference, he tricks unsuspecting clients by pulling their skin back and showing them in the mirror how much better they would look then after he takes a chunk of your savings and leads you from one expensive "no results" surgery to the next suggested lucrative surgery. I emailed him demanding a re-due and all he can say is he has evaluated me after my surgery in his so call sequence of follow ups. BEWARE! he only responded after I posted my photos on this website! all he cares about is making $$$ and obviously not his reputation otherwise he would have offered me a Re-due as I requested! I was still even giving him the benefit of doubt that he can fix this "no result" fake mini lift, but he didn't consider fixing this fake mini lift. I put my trust in his staff and I was duked!

Loose Skin, Sagging jowls!

My images speak for themselves! Dr.Yco. Left me with skin and sagging jowls. Not to mention my double chin he adamantly insisted he didn't charge for. After I spent over $5,500 in a no result fake mini-lift and then suggest I need a neck lift and mid face lift upon hearing this from Dr.Yco I immediately knew a was duked! This was his way of making $$$.

Pixie stretched out earlobs!

Embarrassed and constantly covering my ears from view.
Dr. Yco deformed my ear lobs. I need reconstruction surgery to repair the horrible pixie stretch out ear lob he left me with. Above all i have lose skin and still suffering double chin and lose jowls.
Don't waste your money!
Encinitas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I thought I made a great choice. He had all the qualifications but unfortunately for me I have no results on mini lift. Dr.Yco even suggested he didn't even charge for my liposuction under my chin. there is no difference what's so ever. Only a couple of staff members are friendly. I feel money was the only thing these people are after not a good outcome. After they take your $$$$ they ignore your emails.

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