Going to DR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just sent over my deposit with Dr M and am super...

Just sent over my deposit with Dr M and am super excited about my upcoming surgery! It's been so helpfull to read all of you ladies post, before and afters and decisions on finding the right Dr. After much searching and reading I know I have made the right decision. Dr M is a bit more expensive than others but you can put a price on your body, you only get one.

I would love to hear about anyone's success story on going out the country for other procedures because this is just the beginning of my mommy makeover. I'm 31, have an 11 yr old son who by the way knows his mama getting a new booty and is supportive! Lol! Anyone have upcoming sx with dr M would love to chat!!!!

So of course like the rest of the ladies I'm on...

So of course like the rest of the ladies I'm on the hunt for a new @ss!!! I sent a deposit to dr Markmann and was sure I was going to him, however his prices are way to much for me. I sent my deposit out 3 weeks ago and now that I'm switching I can't get it back. Kinda sucks! But the Doctors in DR( one in particular) really know the shape I'm looking for. They get it right! So instead of Markmann I'm headed to duran and couldn't be more excited!! Even told my 11 yr old son mamas getting a new butt!!! Lol..
The ladies on here have been so helpful in making a decision, it's made it easier for me and way less stressful.
I'm getting A BBL, and kinda thinking about a BL. Not quite sure though. There's always round 2 to look forward to another time!!!
For now just a waiting game.....
Ya girlz!!!!
Hit me up if your going to Duran in the DR! Need a friend:-)

DR here I come!!!!!

dR here I come!!!!!

Had to update that I am TEAM DURAN!!!! This site...

Had to update that I am TEAM DURAN!!!! This site has so much info and have learned lot researching from all the wonderful dolls! I have found a buddy to room with so ladies if your searching, keep searching! It's nice to have someone there for support! I have seen some amazing work by Duran and have met a lot of wonderful ladies! My flight is set! RH is set! Vitamins check! Getting closer and closer!!!! Not quite sure how to change and remove my original Appt with Dr M, but so glad I cancelled and found someone who can give me the shape I'm looking for.

Duran Doll

So the time is almost here!! Have been planning for months and on June 13th I'm off to DR to become a Duran Doll!! I'm happy with my choice as to where I have decided to go. Duran works is amazing although she is not the best at her quick responses anymore due to her overly busy schedule now. When I first started emailing her she would get back very promptly within a day or too, however that has change due to the high volume and popularity. I have begun the packing process and started checking off thing on my list. I was going to stay in a RH first but the problems that were arising are not worth it to me. Then was going to stay at Angela's recovery home but its just a Lil to pricy for me so decided to stay at the Dominican fiesta resort in Santo Domingo. 12 days for under $700, and I have a recovery buddy so we will split it. Not bad. Will find out about hiring a nurse to visit and I also have a great taxi service to get me from the airport and back. Anyone need info I can certainly fwrd to you. All my vitamin testing were great and my Jeni was a 13.8 which is very good.
Remember ladies...... With any surgery you chose to have, wether it be in or out the country you must do your research!! And no mattr what you are have done elective or not there are always a possibility for complications but make sure you are healthy first.
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