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Thank God for Dr. Markmann!!! I have a body I...

Thank God for Dr. Markmann!!! I have a body I never thought I would/could. I had interviewed several docs including markmann for my first BBL and TT and decided Dr. M was too expensive so I went with another doc. It still was expensive and I was very unhappy with my results but thought I had to live with them because second opinions said it was a ‘good’ result not great but good. Several said they wouldn’t redo the abdominoplasty because they couldn’t get a better result, several said they couldn’t/wouldn’t do the revision bbl as I didn’t have any fat to use. Well I called Dr. M and spoke with him and he was kind even though I had gone ahead and had the procedure with another physician. he said he was sorry that had happened to me. I flew out for a consultation and he said he could definitely help me and improve my results. He didn’t know how much fat he could get and if it would be worth it for me, but he’d do his best. He also told me the 1st doc didn’t do any muscle work for the tummy tuck and that that should have been done. Long story short, he did an amazing job!! I am thrilled and oh so grateful. If you go with him the 1st time you won’t have to worry about a redo. I am soooooo grateful to him. He is very real and very humble and down to earth, even though he’s hands down the best.
PS that price includes the hospital, anesthesia, over night stay, and lipo.

Additional Information

Some of the Docs i interviewed for the BBL revision said they couldn’t get any fat from me, and one even said that a lumpy stomach was something that sometimes happens with aggressive lipo (I didn’t want a lumpy stomach as a trade off) even Markmann wasn’t sure he could get more that 100-150 which wouldn’t be worth it. I asked him to do his best and he did, he actually got 600 (300 per side) and boy did he do ALOT with that little bit of fat!!
He said it takes even longer to extract fat from someone with as little fat as me, because he would have to find every last bit at the same time making sure to leave everything smooth so I wouldn’t have any lumps/bumps/dents etc. My stomach is COMPLETELY smooth as are all other parts he lipoed,didn’t need any massages or anything. I only wore the foams for 3 weeks to keep from getting any wrinkles from the garment and keep swelling down. Still wearing the garment of course.

I have to say that Dr.. Markmann did my muscle work on my revision abdominoplasty (apparently the 1st Doc didn’t WTF!) and still this recovery was MUCH easier than the 1st tummy tuck without the muscle work! The first surgery left me soooo tight (the skin was pulled so tight) that I couldn’t stand up straight for a while and definitely could not arch in any way. With Markmann’s revision, the skin doesn’t have too much tension so I can stand, I could lay on my stomach which I needed to do for the BBL revision. I had a pain pump which really kept pain at bay, and I’m 5 weeks out and feeling great!

I got some help from HomeWatch Caregivers while recovering and they were great! I screwed up and thought I had actually booked but I was supposed to let her know and I guess I was so caught up in everything that I never did confirm. Fast forward, getting released from the hospital and called to let them know - and I had nothing set up! I freaked out. The hospital said I was going to have to spend another night because I needed someone to release me too and I couldn’t afford it. I spoke with the owner Kathryn and boy is she a lifesaver!!! She made it work. Her staff was all booked out, so she personally moved things around so that she could pick me up within a few hours!!! She took care of me personally and I LOVE her. Showering, dressing, shopping, Drs appointments, all of it! I highly recommend her.

Also I rented an apartment on Airbnb instead of staying in a hotel for a month because:
1) it was less expensive
2) I had alot more space and when you’re confined indoors it makes a big difference.
3) Had a full kitchen where I could cook at home (home delivery through safeway)

I have to say that Dr.. Markmann did my muscle work on my revision abdominoplasty and still this recovery was MUCH easier than the 1st tummy tuck without the muscle work! The first surgery left me soooo tight (the skin was pulled so tight) that I couldn’t stand up straight for a while and definitely could not arch in any way. With Markmann’s revision, the skin doesn’t have too much tension so I can stand, I could lay on my stomach which I needed to do for the BBL revision. I had a pain pump which really kept pain at bay, and I’m 5 weeks out and feeling great!

More to come...

Revision Abdominoplasty

Dr. M did any amazing revision on my prior abdominoplasty! The 1st doctor did on ok job but my waist didn’t really go in any further than it did before surgery, i had fullness on upper hips front/back that made me still look well square. I had fullness above/below the incision line,I had fullness upper and lower abdomen when I wasn’t holding my stomach in, and there was a fine white line around my belly button that didn’t quite look ‘natural’ and people would notice.

Talked to 5 docs about a potential revision, they all said they couldn’t get much improvement and that it was a good result. There was only one whom did say he could revise/improve it but not sure how much. About the belly button, 3 said to revise it could make it look worse that it wasn’t bad at all the way it was, one suggested filler around the belly button to make the scar ‘sink’ inward (really!?) and one said he could do it in his office.

Fast-forward Dr. Markmann. Yes I can definitely improve it and give you a waistline and a nice curve. He said the belly button was going to be challenging and he would do his best by shortening the stalk and making it so that the skin was not pulled so tightly around the BB so it could sink in a little.
Perfects the biggest surprise was when he asked why the 1st doctor didn’t do any muscle work? Really! Ummm really??
Dr. Markmann did an outstanding job, my result is nothing short of amazing!! I LOVE it!! My waistline is the smallest its ever been and I have an hourglass figure which other docs told me I wouldn’t get because of my ‘structure’. My waist looks longer, from behind I look a thousand times better as well, curvy not boxy. My butt looks alot better too and his revision along with lipo and a BBL made my behind prettier. As for my belly button I love it and guess what, no scar around the circumference, it’s definitely hidden and now I won’t have to hide my belly button.
Also the recovery was so much easier even with the muscle work. The last time the skin was pulled so tight that i couldn’t even stand up all the way, and it ached for a long time after when I laid down or tried arching my back. Dr. M said there’s no need to pull on the skin, that the muscle work should do most of the sculpting and the skin would drape rather than be pulled. I also had a pain pump which I wasn’t offered the first time and it made a world of difference. I am so very grateful.

almost 7 weeks!

Things are progressing nicely. I check myself every day for fear of losing any precious little fat. It is still looking really good and I have my fingers crossed.
Still not sitting mostly standing or laying on my stomach (which i really am over). When I have to get somewhere I either take the bus so I can stand or use a memory foam pillow for the car (i bought the foam at a fabric store and cut it to size). I’m still trying to bend as little as possible even though he released me to sit and bend an lay on my back. By choice I’m still trying to keep my fat by continuing some limitations :)

Not bad for over fifty!

I have to give him extra credit, I am going to be 53 this year and he had to work with well ‘not the body/skin’ of a 20, 30 or 40 year old.

bbl chair

I have a bbl ‘chair’ called the 4 leg cane seat (i think jimmerson uses these) new in the box. markmanns protocol is different than other docs so i didn’t end up using it :) if anyone wants me to ship to them please let me know!

two months this thursday!

I’m still happy and my body continues to change every day. I have to admit since I had so little fat to begin with that I’m a bit preoccupied with it. Still not sitting, only to drive and then with a memory foam pillow. Not exercising only 10 min walks. Still bending at the hips only minimally. Like I said doing all I can :)
I am leaning out and things are settle ‘down’ a bit. I had an indent already on my left side (see befores) I had a spinal fusion and a hip replacement prior so that may just be something I have to accept. You can see it a little bit-hope it doesn’t get more noticeable but I won’t know till 3-4 months out probably. Still lovin my shape.


updated pics 3/16

My body continues to evolve, I feel as though I’m slimming down in a way, probably most of the swelling is gone and things have dropped as that has happened. I keep worrying about my butt however when I compare to immediate post ops I think it looks better ? Anyway only time will tell.
I feel great but am still very careful.

updated pics 3/16/14

Nearly 10 Weeks!

Still happy! Of course I wish I had more fat to round out my butt, but I’m lucky to have what Dr M found for me.
I have found that I wake up on my sides alot more lately, not sure why? I freak out then turn over.
I took a flight yesterday so had to sit for 1 1/2 hours each way, then another 1/2 hour to and from the airport! I hate doing this even though technically I can, because in my heart I believe the longer I can wait on sitting and bending etc. the better my odds of not losing any more fat! When I do sit I am still using my foam pillow. Thank God for that pillow. When I was in Maryland, I went to a fabric store and bought some 4” thick foam. They cut it into a small rectangle, I covered it with a pillow case and I crate that thing around with me if/when I am going to sit.

Bootay progression

I thought it may be helpful to see how many changes the bootay goes through during its recovery. I know people freak out about how it looks at various stages (as do I) so I thought this may help or at least offer some comic relief :)


I had an 8 disc spinal fusion and a hip replacement, so if you see any asymmetry between the left/right that is why. It’s nothing Dr. M did :)

3 1/2 months!

So happy with everything! Looking good I don’t think I’ve lost too much fat at all, things just settled and this is pretty much how it will stay :) Due to the fact that I had a prior buttock crease excision that was asymmetrical, then a hip replacement and a spinal fusion, I would still like my lower buttocks to see some additional improvement. So I asked Dr. M if he could continue to improve my bum by doing a revision of the crease left and he said yes! That is down the road and I can’t wait. The man makes magic I tell you!

3 1/2

Reminder of how far Dr M brought me!

The man is a genius!! Thankful!!

17 weeks!

Wanted to show you where I’m at. I am happy. The left buttock still needs a little revision and Dr. M is happy to do it if it bothers me. I way the 1st doctor took fat out of the side and made the butt lift incision on an incline makes that side look different. Not really visible in clothing and swimsuits, but when I’m naked. I’d say I noticed the most ‘loss’ or maybe swelling reduction was between 3 months and 4. That’s also when everything really ‘settled’. If you take your pics on a slightly upward angle things always look higher and better. I’ll try to post some where I didn’t do that soon :)

some bikini shots

I’m really happy with how I look in a bikini, my confidence is so much better now. I will be 53 very soon and I can’t believe he gave me a 2nd lease on life and I can feel sexy still.

6 months and still loving it!

Hey everyone! Its been about 6 months now, and I am still happy with my results. I had leaned down and not sure if I like it because I think my bum is a little smaller which would make sense. I am the largest pant size I’ve been and the most I’ve weighed still, but I don’t want to lose anymore weight because i LOVE my shape. Still crazy about the lipo and tummy tuck revision! As far as my bum , it has definitely ‘settled’ downward and loosened up. I want it to be a little bigger and Dr. Markmann said that always happens with patients :) Also I have to remember that my shape such as where my hip bones and rib cage etc are placed is still me, therefore the results although great and still my basic shape. I always wanted a round bubble butt however the fact that my waist is not too small in general because my rib cage is low and that my upper hips are wider doesn’t allow me that look.
I am still planning to have him revise the buttock crease excision the other doctor did and that will also improve the appearance and hide the scars better. Dr M is THE BOMB and changed me shape and I am grateful to him.

more pics

July 22 update

Still sooo happy! Love Dr. M!!! I’m a little smaller than I wished, but he did such an amazing job! Boy and I happy he did the revision tummy tuck everyone else was against doing! Probably cause they thought my prior result was ok cause that’s the best they could do as well? Dr. M was certain he could make it look much better and he did! He gave me a waist which gave me a more curvy silhouette!


8 months

I think this is my final result :)
I am having some issues with my tummy tuck in that if I don’t hold my muscles in now the upper abdomen sticks out and I am having a strong pulling sensation downward with swelling beneath my incision into my mons pubis area. This just came on in the paste month, prior to that everything was PERFECT. I am flying out to see Dr. M. Don’t get me wrong, I love my result, but I want the TT to be exactly as it has been up until this development. It almost seems as though something happened with the internal stitching? The pics I am attaching are with my stomach pulled in, will post some of the issue soon. I just don’t like seeing it.

TT revision

So update: I think my trainer stretched me too hard/the wrong way and something happened with my internal stitches/fascia or??? I am in Baltimore right now, going to have a revision tomorrow. Dr M is going to use mesh for extra support for the muscles and fascia. I’ll know more after my pre-op today!


Butt smaller and less projection as swelling continues to leave and things ‘settle’( I think around 9 mos now), but still looking good!

14 1/2 months post op

Can’t express my gratitude for Dr. M! Not only did he have to repair torn fascia and muscle due to a trainer stretching me incorrectly, but he made it look good. It’s tight and flat and the scar looks great and my belly button is amazing. Everything is holding up nicely :) My butt overall has become a bit narrower on the sides and if I’d had more fat he would have put more there but I didn’t :( Whenever I look at my pre-op photos I member how much better it is!!! Wayyyyyy better Very happy, would do it all over gain but would have invested and gone to Dr. M first!!


Still holding <3

All is well on this end. Over time I have realized how much of a difference his awesome lipo did to enhance my waist and lower back curves. I lost 8 lbs cause I wanted to slim down so of course my bum got smaller. Just to make sure I recently gained back 5 and here it is.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Clearly an artist and an amazing surgeon!!! Did I say AMAZING?! He is highly skilled and an artist and has many years experience doing BBLs and alot of revision BBLs. He also does alot of tummy tuck revisions. Humble, caring, trustworthy, honest, takes his time Always available by email or cell LOVE the staff especially Amy and Katie. Katie was available by cell anytime as well.

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