29 Yrs Old In Need of Renewed Self Confidence (After 3 Children, Including Twins) - Ellicott City, MD

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*Keep in mind the cost included not only the Tummy Tuck but Liposuction in a couple places as well; plus a very comfy and VERY NECESSARY overnight hospital stay...LET ME REPEAT VERY NECESSARY OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY, I cant believe women actually go home after the combo of a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction. What wasn't included was the prescriptions, and recommended pre/post op supplements. I'm only 6 days post op at this point and I'm VERY happy with my decision, I love the results I can see thus far and am very anxious to see the final results once all the swelling is gone. I pretty much laid around on pain meds and couldn't move much the first 2-3 days but I'm up and about slowly now. I have two drains and they are the most aggravating part of all this at this point, I cant wait to take them out. Working to stay in good spirits through this recovery process and cant wait to be back to my normal self but.....I LOVE MY DECISION.

Swelling is Quite Discouraging

Cant wait for the swelling to subside so I can really be excited about results, I feel like certain spots on my back are larger and fluffier than they were before and that's hard to deal with...staying calm, hopeful and inspired! 10 days po now and just waiting eagerly for these drains to be removed. I want to start doing some lower body work to eccentuate my new upper body, cant wait to get to the lunges and squats since I opted against the BBL.

2 Weeks Post Op Progressing Well (Hate The Swelling!) {TT, Lipo Abd/Waist/Flanks & Dorsal Roll}

I'm officially 2 Weeks PO in these new photos, definitely feel on the flat side. There is still a lot of swelling in the waist, back and flank area....cant wait to see those results. Both of my JP drains managed to fall out by themselves in the last day or two, I cant say I'm not relieved they're gone, but a little concerned, certainly don't want to develop a seroma or have to have fluid drained via large needles. Not having anymore pain related to TT incision, just lots of itching at the incision, I've been just applying Bacitracin. There is also irritation and itching at the sites where the lipo cannula was entered. The pain and soreness that persists now is in my Lipo areas (a lot of soreness) as well as back pain from still walking and moving around slightly hunched over. My incision is looking pretty dark at this point and a little weird looking and folded in spots (I'm going to discuss this with my PS in a couple days when I see him) so its pretty ugly, but I know time will help with that (and I certainly intend on tattooing my scar when its time also.) Overall I am still very happy with my procedures, just still patiently waiting on resolution to swelling and soreness...I know its months to come!!!

Enjoying My Progression

I'm now 19 technically 20 days PO and every time I take my relaxing shower at night I do tons of looking and examining in the mirrors (I know we all do that!) I can finally see the swelling going down in my back and love handle area (its so exciting!!!) Sorry I couldn't get any pictures this evening didn't feel like putting on undergarments etc...But I can definitely see the change and I'm so happy. Last night was the first night I was able to put on my garment and binder all by myself my husband no longer has to help (and he's quite relieved, poor baby is tired.) My PS has me putting this foam piece on my back and love handle area under my compression garment so that's why it was so difficult to resume my layers after showering. I'll see my PS again on Monday 12/7/15 and ill be exactly 3 weeks PO, I'm anxious to hear what his next set of instructions are for me at this stage i.e my activity level, scar treatments, this foam piece that's getting on my nerves etc... I'm just wondering if ill be able to enjoy NYE with my husband this year without being sore and be able to get dressed up as usual without terrible swelling???? I'm scared to buy any new clothes since I don't know what size ill be wearing yet I guess. I go back to work Tuesday 12/8/15, I really could've probably went back about a week ago, I'm a nurse but my work isn't that vigorous. I'm glad to return to work, kind of getting cabin fever.

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4+ Weeks PO.....Ready to Return to NORMAL

Im about 4 1/2 weeks PO today and I returned to work two days ago....I don't think my job Is too hard, but it's been very draining not being able to do the things I can normally do. I literally go to work with my shoes untied (Nurse). I am so very stiff and extremely tired at the end of the work day, so ready to be back to my normal self. Im not updating any pictures at this point because I feel like nothing has changed other than I feel even more swollen (almost as if im gaining weight in my midsection versus getting smaller.) But im just waiting to get better, feel better and look better. Still wearing my Compression garment and Abd binder and just never feel comfortable. Im starting to have a lot of aching and sharp shooting pains throughout my back and near all my lipo sights. Im beginning to wonder if I will be up to doing anything for NYE!

5 Weeks PO

Decided to post some pics....My Husband was available to take some pics and I was up to it. They are definitely amazing before and after pics....Im in aweee of the results. I cant imagine things getting better with reduced swelling. Im waiting to see what happens with my "Love Handle" flank area, that was my main issue when this all started....but thus far im very happy with my results. Just ready to get back to normal....normal sitting, standing, working, exercising, cleaning, hanging out, sex etc...Just ready to be back to the normal me.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon is very kind and took/takes the time to answer any and all questions we (my husband and I) have. I had a consultation with another surgeon before choosing Dr. Markmann and one of my main reasons for choosing him was the amount of time he spent with us discussing and explaining the procedures. He provided my husband with his cell phone number post operatively for any questions and concerns and was available after hours.

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