29 YO, Lipo of Abs, Flanks, Waist, and Dorsal Roll - Ellicott City, MD

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I consulted/interviewed with 6 doctors & Dr....

I consulted/interviewed with 6 doctors & Dr. Markmann was an easy decision. I met with him for about 40 minutes & he gave me soooo much information, answered every question I asked & did a quick evaluation.

Between him & his staff, I felt so confident, I booked the next day after my consultation. I am beyond excited for my lipo & feel that I am in great hands.

Of all the doctors I consulted with or even looked at on here, he was the most expensive. But that's only due to the fees incurred for the surgery being performed at a hospital. And for the Maryland surgeons I considered, he was only about $500-700 more than the other docs who perform surgery in their office. A worth-it price difference to pay for safety, in my opinion. I also learned that due to it being performed in a hospital, he could take out more fat than only the 4 Liter maximum allowed if performed in an office OR.

I'll update again after my pre-surgery check up in December. As of right now, I believe I made the best choice!

Results: So Far, Worth It. Recovery: Not So Much

I had my lipo done on January 18. I am 5 weeks post now and recovery is a realllll b***h.

Results were pretty much immediate. Could see a HUGE difference just 4 days after but why, oh why, did nobody warn me of just how bad & long recovery would be?

I felt great as soon as surgery was over. I was given Dilaudid as soon as I hit recovery and for about 5-6 hrs after, I felt great! I was easily up and walking and all.

But then the general anesthesia finally ran its course out of my system and Ive just never felt so bad in my life! I took Dr. Markmann's advice & paid about $200 extra to stay overnight when I booked my surgery. BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE. I don't know how anybody can truly go home right after and not wind up right back in an ER.

There's simply no way I'd have made it through that first night at home. The pain was relentless. I had EXCELLENT nurses at the hospital, luckily, and they checked on me every hour to give meds (morphine) to stave off the pain & nausea (the nausea was another demon that lasted for near 4 days). Also, I woke up with a cathether in me - best thing ever for that first night! I wouldn't have been able to go to the bathroom multiple times at all.

I went home the next day and honestly, the next week & a half generally sucked. I needed help getting in & out of my bed and walking up until about Day 8 when I could do so with tremendous effort. On Day 10, the Dr. Markmann finally took my drains out and I could stand up straight once again. The drains are hell. There's just no way around it. They are uncomfortable. They sting. They pinch. He may have to strip them to clear them on your first follow-up & there isn't enough percocet or valium to take the edge off that searing pain. They are also the biggest impediment to normal mobility. So...the drains suck.

Also, about 2 weeks or so post-op, I started getting this awful itching feeling. Supposedly, its your nerves getting their feeling back. Worst itch ever because it feels like its under your skin. I slathered myself in Max Strength Cortisone 10 continuously, and took a Claritin D everyday for about 7 days to get relief and it really helped.

By about 3 weeks post, I was pretty much able to move normally. Except it still hurt to bend over in any direction. Also, the doc finally let me get rid of the foam compression padding I had to wear under the post-op compression garment. That padding was irritating, gave added tightness to the suit & I was happy to see it go. He also told me I could stop wearing my compression socks unless needed at this point, and that I didnt have to wear the white velcro waist binder anymore, just the compression suit.

I had my 1-month post follow up last week, and he said I could now go without wearing the compression suit unless I felt I needed it. He warned that some people actually feel better with the suit on & wear it through the entire 3-6 month healing period. I thought "they're crazy! Who does that?!" Then I went two days without wearing it & it literally feels like my skin is ripping open without it. The support of the suit is so necessary. I still wear the binder at night also. That "skin-ripping" feeling is supposedly your muscles reattaching to your skin but NOTHING should feel that bad. So my advice...stay in the suit as long as you can bear to. I also began applying a strong hydroquinone/Retin A cream on my surgical scars per Dr. Markmann's advice. This is important to start as soon as the wounds heal & close because the scars get dark quickly.

Now heading towards 6 weeks post, I am looking forward to trying to get back in the gym this week. Starting very slow, of course. But I am anxiously awaiting getting to 6 months post so I can feel normal again. Lol. In the meantime, there is still a persistent numbness in all the areas I had lipo'd. And they are so sensitive, it actually hurts to pull a loose shirt on. I've tried to massage those areas a bit & its helpful but its still a painful & uncomfortable experience.

Based off the experience so far, the results are great! But I gotta say, I don't think I'd do it again because the recovery is so hard. Dr. Markmann did warn me that I'd feel like I'd been hit by a truck after. But he said "a truck," not a tank! Lol! Apparently, some people are up & moving about easily just days after, but it was 3 weeks until I could even attempt to go to work and sit at my desk. So be aware that recovery can be really harsh. It depends on the person, totally, but if this is your first surgery outside of childbirth, just be aware that recovery is not much fun, nor is it short.

I'll try to add some pics I took in the first 2 weeks following the surgery. Since then, pretty much all the visible bruising is gone, (and it was a LOT- deep purple & blue shades), and the swelling is still receding slowly.

Some Before & After Pics

Here are some pics from 12 hrs before surgery, 2 days post, 6 days post, and 2 weeks post.

After Pics: 2 Days Post

In compression suit, foam padding & the waist binder. Awful bruising.

After Pics: 6 Days & 14 Days Post

Warm, friendly, thorough, and realistic. Concerned about your safety first and results second. Only doctor I found who does free revisions if your results arent successful (less the hospital fee, of course). Gives personal cell phone number to reach him post-op if there are any concerns. Only had to use it twice - he answered right away both times, including almost midnight on a Thursday. Awesome surgeon. Have already recommended him to several family members and friends. If I do bite the bullet and get anything else nipped or tucked, Dr. Markmann is certainly the only surgeon I'd use.

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