Very Early Researcher - Ellicott City, MD

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I have been contemplating having a BA done for the...

I have been contemplating having a BA done for the past ten years. I am very nervous because I don't have 100% support from my husband just yet. He doesn't want me to change myself surgically. I will read stories and experiences from time to time to boost my confidence and am grateful that real self supports people in all stages.

One baby down, two more to go?

My child is now seven months. I really want more children before I have anything permanent done to my body. But I'm sooo anxious. I have been doing so much research on different doctors in the area. I haven't truly felt that the many reviews I have read about local doctors have been as reassuring as the reviews of doctors so much farther from my locale. After reading bela99999 (I think that's the right amount of 9's) review, I'm almost convinced to fly to San Diego. I will keep researching.

Wish boobs

When I'm 54!

I just came across tjpine's review. How inspirational! A lady 54 years young looks half that in her photos. There is hope for me yet.

I am still in the process of researching every...

I am still in the process of researching every little detail. I know everyones results are different but I am hoping for a similar result as my "wish boobs". I still am having a hard time with narrowing down the list of doctors I would like to interview. I will keep you ladies posted as I make more progress

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