2 Weeks Before the Big Day - Ellicott City, MD

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Hi dolls, I want to first thank you all for...

Hi dolls, I want to first thank you all for posting your bbl journeys, it has been very helpful in preparing emotionally, mentally and physically for this process. I have done a lot of research on my own, but nothing compares to hearing from someone who has done the surgery or still recovering, so thanks for sharing your stories.

After years of research I've decided to go with Dr. Markmann, from the very beginning he is the Dr. I feel most comfortable with, he is very realistic and well versed in the BBL field, he's also one of the first set of Dr.'s to perform this surgery and he also trains many Dr.'s on the bbl as well.

My big day is in two weeks, I'm nervous and excited as many of you have been prior to the big day...I will be having lipo in the inner thigh area which I'm not really looking forward to as I hear over an over how painful it is...Anyhow I enjoyed all the stories so much, I thought it would only be fair to share mines..

I will be sure to post-op pics soon, not just gathering a few last minute things I need before surgery.

1 WEEK TO GO!!! So nervous..and Excited at the same dam time..

Hey guys I have 1 Week to go, excited and nervous at the same time..this thing really consumes you, I think of it at least 4 to 5 times a day...I've been taking my vitamins so I feel great..I just hope I have everything I need..it's quite a lot of things to be quite honest..it really starts to add up..

But I'm looking forward to the big day. My hubby would be there to support me so that's great! I have not told anyone else about it but him..All I want is positive vibes, and he sure gives that to me..

He's too funny, yesterday he was sitting there looking at butts on this Butt FB page and asking me which one I want, I'm like really..smh..but don't matter how you want to put in guys LOVE ASS...Even the most conservative one's, I see them all the time, moving there heads in the rhythm when the big ones are passing..

I just want to feel SeXy and stop wearing these tight ass spanks to lift my Ass and take in my Bra strap rolls, so annoying especially when it rolls down and the bra strap rolls really Bulge out...I know I would have to wear my garment for at least a year..but at least I have hope! And I can eventually get out these spanks..there great but how long can you be strapped up like that, especially in the summer it drives me crazy..and I have been wearing these things for 5 yrs now..

Anyhow I promise to put up my Pre-op pics soon, so you can see exactly what I'm working with and what my results will look like..I love to see pictures..stories are great but pictures Before and after is even better!!

Wish pics

Wish waist line..lol!

I know I would not be as huge as these wish pics, but I like the shape..if I even get the shape without all that volume I'll be fine..hate my pancake butt:( lol..I don't want it looking ridiculous, just Shapy and sexy..if I get the volume great al long as it not up in my back, I hate a shelf butt..

My sad sponge bob ass.. Lol

So this is a few days out..pre-op pic..

More pre op - 1 week pre op

My dream is to look sexy in these one day.

So as promised I would post pre op..As soon as I do the surgery and have post ops you will be the first to see..let's see if this BBL is the real deal..I hope all the pain will be well worth it...

So Near...

OMG, I can't believe the day is almost here, this is something I've been wanting to do for so long now it finally happening. I don't even want to imagin how I'm going to look after surgery, I'm trying to stay optimistic my results will look great and I'll be just fine. But regardless it's just so nerve racking..

I booked my hotel last night, I'll be staying in town for 7 days, I'm paid in full, so I guess I'm all in.

I think I should have all my supplies.

I'm good!

Boy this thing gets Pricey!

Please consider the following:

Surgery - and if you add additional places to be lipped MoRE MoNey..
Hospital fee's - if your Dr. Performs surgery in a hospital can be upward from 4K
Pre Op medication - Antibiotics etc
Hotel - if you choose to stay in town for a couple of days.
If you want an additional garment - these things are expensive especially if you want a good one.
Boppy pillow if you choose to use one.
Bandages /scar guard / cleaning solutions etc.

You name it, just letting folks know. You might want to pencil in an extra $1,500 to 2K to be safe and not be in the position of needing something and not having the money to get it. You want to heal as stress free as possible.

My day is literally around the corner...

I can't believe the day for me to look in the mirror and finally see some ass is almost here..I hope I don't have to admire anyone else's ass and wish it was mines again..I just want to have my own ass lol!

OMG!! One more day to go....I can't believe Excited and Nervous at the same dam time...

So guys, I have lest than one day to go, I can't tell you how nervous I am, the closer the day gets the more anxiety I get, I wish I could just stop thinking about it..but I can't.

Anyhow, lastly I grabbed some saltine crackers and some pineapple juice from the supermarket today, I'm sure I won't have much of an appetite but of course I would have to eat something, so crackers and cheese it is..

I just want this anxiety to go away, but I'm told it's pretty normal..do anyone else experience crazy anxiety closer to the date?

Anyhow, I have my pre-op visit scheduled for tomorrow, so I have all my questions written down for Dr. Markmann, I'm kind of happy i would see him tomorrow, maybe he can calm some of this anxiety down, lol..

Will keep you dolls posted!

So It's Finally DONE!! I'm I completely satisfied? Not so sure yet...

Hey friends thank you all so much for the well wishes going into surgery, I was nervous as hell, but by the grace of God and yours prayers I got through it.

The first week was hell, it was so painful and what annoyed me most is I kept getting light-headed. I could do Absolutely NOTHING on my own, and I'm so used to being independent.

My husband was a great help, but when you need someone for EVerySingle Thing I guess they can get abit annoyed with you...I was so weak, so just about everything I held in my hand fell, and I needed him to pick it up, I also had to pee every 2 hrs, so I needed him to help me get on and off the bed..it's critical that you try not bending your upper thighs when you do this surgery, so fat cells can survive.

I tried doing everything as the Dr. Recommended but it's tough, your so weak it's unbelievably, Good Advise...HAVE SOMEONE AROUND who loves you dearly and willing to help you get through this process, also someone that has a little extra patience.


If you don't take that stuff, your first bowel movement will make you feel like you're having a baby, and even this you would need help with, because you're in so much pain you can't even wipe your ass....it's gets deep..anyway, after taking the COLASE daily it got much better..


You'll be so light headed, you'll be flying into walls..it's crazy...take your time to do everything..even when taking of your garment, if you take it off too fast it's a possibility you can pass out, because all the blood rushes down, because your strapped so tight..

My Drains..

Pain in the Ass, I had to go home with them in because my doctor didn't think I was draining enough, now I'm home which is 3hrs away and one fell out...Sucks..now I have to wait until Friday which is my follow up to go get them taken out completely or I might have to get them replaced if he doesn't think I'm draining enough..I'm praying they Get Out! There Stinky and Very Annoying especially when you got to go to the bathroom.

My Dr.

Dr. Markmann is great and like I said before in the beginning very realistic with his results, so in the beginning he told me that I had extremely tight skin and he may not be able to give me the projection that I'm looking for, however he'll do his very best. so that being said he wound up putting it in 1450cc's on each side however like I said in the beginning Projection Projection I'm really not seeing it. I mean he told me so I can't be mad, but I'm a bit disappointed. I know he tried his best..

Ladies it's also important I know that your original shape and skin type has a lot to do with your results,I'm super flat/broad and have tight skin, some girls already have a little curve and just need more projection, and there results are usually much better, as the curving is already there.,as for me me with my extremely flat ass and tight skin, he would have to stretch the skin, and then try to give me curve ie Projection...Anyway I can't say I hate my results, definitely better from where I'm coming from, and he did a Super Good job with the lipo on my tummy and back areas..

I'm sure as the swelling goes down I would love my results more and more, I was just sad my hubby and I was hoping for more projection and we didn't get it..

Here's some before and after pics, let me know your thoughts, I'll have my follow up on Friday so I'll keep you guys posted..

Love you BBL sisters!!!

Before and after side view


WOW almost 3mts post and I feel FANTASTIC!

It's been almost 3mths since my bbl and I feel great..still a bit of pain in the abdominal and legs but totally bearable at this point..my butt looks great, I wish it was just a tab bigger but honestly I can't complain, it looks Wayyyyy better than what I started with, my tummy is really small as well...

I've been getting so much compliments it's crazy, everyone notices the amazing shape I have..

I'm in love with my new body!!

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