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Hi Ladies! I've been interested in this...

Hi Ladies!

I've been interested in this surgery for a few years now and I've finally developed enough nerve to get it done! I was deciding between Markmann and Salaman however, I didn't care for some of Salaman's feedback regarding fat absorption and it seems like a lot of his patients tend to lose a lot within the first few months. I come from a family of doctors and I've done a lot of research on this so I'm prone to believing that Salaman lipos too aggressively and ends up inserting dead fat cells. I don't want to have to get multiple surgeries nor do I want a huge onion booty. I'd prefer more of a heart shaped butt with an hourglass frame. Dr. Markmann made me feel very comfortable during our consultation and the way he described his process made sense. I'd rather pay more up front and get it done once versus having multiple procedures.

I was also weighing out the costs versus the convenience factor. I'm not teling my parents about the surgery and if I travel out of state I'd essentially be by myself and some of the horror stories with the caretakers were really unsettling. Fortunately, I was able to round up the money needed to pay for Markmanns surgery so I can stay in the area. I live in Arlington and his office is about a hour away.

My major question is...has anyone on here done it alone? I plan on having someone pick me up and take me to the hospital but how much help do you need for the day to day? Do I need someone on standby at all times? Or can I just wait for my roommates to come home and help?

How soon did the pain subside? How long until you were a least back to 70% mobility? What tips and tricks did you learn from surgery? How did you organize everything? How did you shower? How long could you stand? How did you get in and out of bed if you couldnt move your hips? Was there scarring? How much? What did you use for it? I don't have a lot of fat to get the results that I want, so how did you all gain weight before the surgery date? I dont want to gain weight unhealthily because I feel like that will impact my recovery time.

Any advice?

Someone should make a guide to BBL Surgery book and just pass it out to everyone on here,lol.

The day after surgery I mostly slept and then I...

The day after surgery I mostly slept and then I was up and walking around after the drugs wore off a little. This part/day wasnt that bad but day 2 was a killer. They told me that would be the worst day but I didnt know how bad it would be. They took my catheter out and I had 0 control over my bladder. It was extremely frustrating and I had muscle fatigue in my upper body so it was hard for me to lift myself out of bed

getting home was pretty hard, trying to fit in the car when youre 5'8" is a mother...but we made it work i just hope we didnt kill too many fat cells in the process. They were able to put 950cc on each side/cheek and I know they mostly focused on the rounding of my hips because that area was hollow but I'm hoping I got more projection than anything else and I hope all 950 stay.

I have to stop taking the percocets because they make me dellusional and super drowsy and I cant move at all and end up getting numbness. I would love to have all the fat cells stick but i want to keep my health number 1and that includes not getting blood clots.

Advice:if you're looking to get this surgery I def suggest a lower bed and possibly one with posts or pillars. My bed is a canopy and I had to take off the soft mattress top because it prevented me from getting in and out of bed easily. The posts are my saving grace for pulling myself off and I def think im bending my hips some but it for such a short period of time and at this point I dont know how else to get in and out.

also my first night home i got out of the bed and trid to get back in but couldnt so i slept on the floor on top of my really puffy down comforter and then got back in the bed the next day once my roommates were able to come find me. HOrrible experience and it sucked but nwo im sleeping on pillows on top of my boxspring.

as of today ive only taken one of the pain pills clazepam or dazepam the label has smeared so i cant tell but it keeps me coherant and functional so I like it. I need to stay on top of my vitamins and supplements because im not so far and im not really eating like i should either but im working on it.

Oh and I've pooped twice, two round hard terds...the stool softner is a lifesaver so im taking one of those each day...this is my mental word vomit of my experience so far but i will keep you updated!

Pooped again today, it was a lot harder than...

pooped again today, it was a lot harder than yesterdy and took a lot out of me. i dont see the dramatic difference with my butt that i was hoping for but i have a drs appt tomorrow so we shall see how it looks then

They took the bandages off yesterday and I LOVE...

They took the bandages off yesterday and I LOVE the way my body looks. I couldn't really see what I looked like with all of the bandages on my body but now I can see and it's beautiful! After one month I'll post my result pics because those are the ones that really matter but I can say so far so good!

My butt looks a lot smaller than it did the last...

My butt looks a lot smaller than it did the last time I checked and I'm hoping I didn't kill any fat cells. I'm a lot more mobile now and I don't think I've been bending at the hips but who knows. It feels good to not be so drugged up anymore, week 2 is a lot better than week 1. I think the best advice I could give would be to constantly eat throughout the day and drink fluids to help keep your blood pressure up so you don't faint.

I looked at my body yesterday to check one of my drains that was slipping out and I got a little sad. I may just be hormonal right now but if I did all of this to my body and I dont get anything close to my dream body I'll be very upset with myself. I actually liked my stomach before and looking at it now, I know it will never go back to what it used to look like. My body is hard in the areas that were lipoed by the bruising and swelling has gone down tremendously. I know they put around 925cc in each side, hips and hips look glorious but i wanted more projection.

I have a follow up appointment this Friday so I'll address my concerns then and look at the before and afters and see how I feel about it.

Has anyone removed their drains? One of mine is really falling out or being pushed out and nothing is coming out of it anymore and now it's just irritiating my skin and pulling on it because of the stitches. I'm not sure what to do....

Its getting smaller each day and i'm a little sad....

its getting smaller each day and i'm a little sad. want to know what all this fluffing is about.

Bruising has gone down a lot and Ive started...

Bruising has gone down a lot and Ive started sitting again, i have two creases that I desperately hope go away in two weeks bc i have a trip to vegas planned and I really want to wear a bikini but it looks like im going to have to wear a one piece. My measurements at 42 inches around my hips and 29 around my waist. I was told at my last check up that the waist would just get smaller and smaller so im super excited! :)

It's been four weeks and I love my body! I can't...

It's been four weeks and I love my body! I can't say it enough but I love my body, i love my body, i love my body! It's everything I ever wanted. I look like J Lo and my waist is just getting smaller each day. I've been sitting on a boppy each day at work this week although the doc cleared me for sitting last week. I want to try to stay off of my butt as much as possible to keep the shape but it's really everything I've ever wanted and I love it. Money well spent!
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