BBL, TT with liposculpture, Breast reduction and lift and Chin Lipo

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I have been doing my home work, searching for Drs...

I have been doing my home work, searching for Drs and they all tell you different stuffs, but today, I have made up my mind on Dr. Daniel Markman in MD. I have scheduled my surgery date to 7/27/15. Although I am happy, I am also quite nervous. I am a mother of 3 children with 2 C sections. I am so embarrassed with my figure that always hide them in clothes. I am so shy to upload my pics. I have big boops and abdomen and no butts and hips ( just imagine). Initially, my plan was to get the butt implant with TT and lipo, but he said I was not a candidate for TT because my stomach is not saggy. He recommended lipo everywhere including my chin and to use the fat for BBL. He also explained to me why the prefers BBL to implant and if I follow postop, I should have all my fat transfer remain in my butt. As an RN, I know the risk of implant 3 out of 10 people gets complications unlike the breast implant 1 out of hundreds of thousand.
This platform helped me to ask all the questions that I needed to.
The cost of my procedure is $11500, the rest is hospital cost. I feel very confident also having this procedure in a hospital instead of an OP setting.
Guys wish me luck and remember me in your prayers as I do also. God bless us all. Thanks to all who made this decision easier on me.

Going to Cali, colombia

Ok, so after countless of research, I decided to go with Dr Villalobos in Cali Colombia. My surg. date is on 12/18, arrival is on 12/16. i will be staying at casa arama. Am quite nervous, but so far, Paola has made me comfortable. My surg time is at 1400, and will be sleeping at the clinic overnight. will update you all with pics and countdown. Please pray for me.

Cali, Colombia. Dr V

In about 4 weeks i will be in Cali. Please, dont judge me, I feel so bad uploading these pics, but this is the only way we can see differences in their work, I will he can change me into a different person.

Exactly 3Weeks today

Am getting very nervous as the time is getting closer. I get excited in between because, I know I will be loosing some breast tissues n abdomen. Hmmm, am praying that all will go well n post care will be great.

5 days to go

Am excited for this change. Will be leaving in 3 days to cali, n in 5 days for surg. My prayers is all shd go well. Am planning to have an ig acct, where I will document on my journey with pics etc. Will let u all know it.

IG address

My ig is @titololove. Will be posting most of my surg details. Please follow me there.

I am in Cali,Colombia

I landed in cali, yesterday, was picked up by Ronald of casaArama. Just finished my blood work n waiting to see Dr. V this afternoon. I ve met some girls in the house popping their butt out. Am the only one here with none, hopefully I get mine tomorrow. So far so good. Food is great, house to great, everyone is nice..... will update soon.
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