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I want a more shapely. Body . I feel like a have...

I want a more shapely. Body . I feel like a have everything else but I never been had a shapely butt . I decided to do something about it . I had this procedure done before and I was really unsatisfied with the results.

After surgery I was in so much pain. I couldn't...

After surgery I was in so much pain. I couldn't move . The nurse said I had to walk yesterday .I felt like I was going to pass out . They also made me walk this morning. Getting out of bed was the worst . Everytime I tried to prop myself up my stomach felt like it was ripping. Yesterday trying to walk with a catheter in was also painful. They took it out this morning.

Ok so I couldn't pee after the catheter was taken...

Ok so I couldn't pee after the catheter was taken out so they had to put it back in . Dr.Markman will take it out during my follow up .

I'm not in much pain today . This Catheter is a pain

I'm not in much pain today . This Catheter is a pain

As of right now I dont see much projection ....

As of right now I dont see much projection . Hopefully when the swelling goes down it'll be more apparent

Ok . Catheter is out and I'm using the bathroom on...

Ok . Catheter is out and I'm using the bathroom on my own . Yippy . I went in for my follow up today with Dr.Markman and he took the garment off . Tear tears tears . Even with the swelling my body looks amazing . My home attendant came in with me and now she wants it done too. I was in too much pain to take pictures but so far I'm really happy . He was able to to put in 1225cc's in each cheek .

Ok ladies . I'm walking around more which is great...

Ok ladies . I'm walking around more which is great . I tried to take a shower today but I almost passed out. I barely got through the whole thing . I've had two home attendants that haso been more then helpful . I hire them through an agency and now I'm paying them out of pocket. Which is way cheaper. I'm so greatful for them . They have been keeping me laughing and they have been comforting me when I start to break down and cry .I would recommend them to anyone having surgery in Maryland.

I'm feeling much better . As far as pain goes ....

I'm feeling much better . As far as pain goes . Yesterday I notice one of my drains were inflated I started to panic . My home attendant and were trying to push it back in . That wasn't working . So I called Dr.Markman and he advise for me to pull it out since it was already half way out . So I did just that . It wasn't painful. Today the the same thing happened so I called him again and told to just pull it out . He said it was safe since liquid from the drains were under 25 ccs . Has this happen to any one before ?

Ok so I went in for my second follow up and I made...

Ok so I went in for my second follow up and I made some friends . Yippe. We were all talking about Dr.Markman. He is expensive but it so worth it . He removed 6500 ccs of fat from me . WTF . This man is a god . My care giver is the best also she's been so supportive. If anyone wants her info you can email me . She's really affordable . I hired others but they weren't as compassionate or helpful . They made it seem like I was forcing them to help me . Smh . Really not a good feeling because you're really co dependant . My waist went down some but want to wait a week or two before posting pics .

I don't know what's going on but I can't upload...

I don't know what's going on but I can't upload new photos. The option isn't there . WTF

Ok . I uploaded some new pics. I don't really see...

Ok . I uploaded some new pics. I don't really see much projection yet but I'm sure it'll come in . My waist got a lot smaller

The hardest thing for me is not bending at the hip...

The hardest thing for me is not bending at the hip . My hips looks so good but I'm going up and down stairs and forgetting to slide out of bed . I'm getting up at the knees . I really hope I don't kill me fat cells . Smh

Dr .M instructs not to sit down for 3 to 4 weeks....

Dr .M instructs not to sit down for 3 to 4 weeks. Bending at the hip is prohibited also . Dr.M explains it like this .... When he was at John Hopkins he worked in the burn unit . If for example a patient received a skin transplant to his hand , he had to keep his hand completely straight . If he flexed his hand it will destroy the skin graph because it disrupts the blood vessels . No blood supply ,no graft . He uses the same theory for fat transfer . Also no bloppy pillow because it puts pressure on your fat transfer and that can lead to the fat being absorb .

So today is day is day 15 for me . Dr.M said I can...

So today is day is day 15 for me . Dr.M said I can start sitting down for 10 mins at a time 4x's a day . But you know what I'm not sitting . I'm going to hold out for as long as I can . I love my shape as I don't want lose fat cells.

I woke up in a fetal position twice last night ....

I woke up in a fetal position twice last night . My right side and left . I really hope I didn't cause any damage to my hips Smfh

So today was my third consultation with Dr.Markman...

So today was my third consultation with Dr.Markman . I decided to gave my caregiver my complementary facial . She reallllllly deserved it . I called Amy and asked her if she can schedule it the same day as my consultation so I can surprise her . My appointment was for 1:30 pm and the only openings for facials was at 9:30 am . Huge gap . She Amy changed my appointment to 10:30 am . Which was fine I didn't mind waiting an hour . I ask my caregiver is she can bring me to me appointment earlier because Dr.M was leaving town early . She said ok . Perfect. She was on time as usual but she was wearing her uniform . ( I previously told her she didn't have to wear it ) she said she just got off of a case that started at 5 am . Smfh. I was trying to talk to her in the car but she just seem off . I asked her if she was ok. She said she worked 7 days straight and she was just alil tired . I tried to crack jokes and make her laugh any way . It was starting to work. She cheered me up throughout this journey so I had to try to make her laugh. When we pulled to Dr.Markman's office I told her I had a surprise for her . We got up stairs and the first smiley face a saw was Lauren . I said "so you know why we're here so early right " and she responded by saying " Yes your care giver is getting her facial " .... Then we all said surprise!! . The look on her face was priceless . So worth it . I give her a hug and try to killed time before my appointment. Finally 10:30 Dr.Markman walked in . I had a list off questions , especially since I woke up sleeping on my side . He said I'll see my final results in three months . And since I decide to start sitting after a full three week I was better off . I still had to limit bending at the hip for about a month . Ugh . He measured my waist an it went down three inches . He measured my butt and it barely went down at all . He give me some final instructions on sitting and working out etc . Then he asked me to make and appointment for three weeks . I took one last look in the mirror and I was fighting back tears . My shape is beautiful . I feel so complete . He notice I was choking up . And I apologized I told him I was so unhappy with my last surgery and he made me perfect . He gave me a big hug . I worked so hard to save for this surgery and went through so much pain. It was really worth it ..... I'm home now . I want to thank my BBL sisters for all your advice , my caregiver , The Markman team , and the man himself Dr.Markman . I'll update my profile in another month . This site is so addictive . LOL

Typo on consultation . I meant follow up .

Typo on consultation . I meant follow up .

Hey ladies. I'm 5 weeks post op . I really like my...

Hey ladies. I'm 5 weeks post op . I really like my results . I posted some new pics . My sides and back are still alil hard but its getting softer every day . I'm still hoping for more projection when then swelling for a down . Let's see .

Video vixen Vanity Wonder wrote a book on black...

Video vixen Vanity Wonder wrote a book on black market injections . Here is an excerpt::


Even though I had kicked the drugs, that didn’t mean I was going to kick my appointment to get pumped. In my mind, the two were never connected. It’s not like I was high when I decided that I wanted them, and I saw no harm in getting them. I had always wanted a better body and on top of that, I liked the compliments that I’d got when I was a little thicker. I was excited about my impending appointment. I can’t say that I ever had any thoughts that were good or bad about getting shots. I was just very excited, a little scared and somewhat curious.

When my appointment came, that cold night in November 2006, I had every emotion you could imagine running through me. Onyx, another dancer named Denim and I, met at the Detroit Teaser at around 9pm. Onyx wasn’t getting done but since she was our plug, she had to take us to the shot lady. Our appointments weren’t until like 10:30 and 11pm, so to pass the time we sat in the club and chatted with our friends.

When the time came, the three of us jumped in the same car and started on our way. I was in the backseat and didn’t know our destination but I didn’t care. I was just trying to remain calm. In the front seat, Onyx and Denim were talking at a normal volume but I could faintly hear them. Onyx was calling Luxor to get the information on what hotel she was at and what room number she was in. Since I wasn’t paying attention, I didn’t hear the information that Onyx repeated back through the phone but about 15 minutes later, we arrived at our destination.

As we got off the elevator, onto the floor where Luxor’s room was, two girls approached us to get on. They looked at us like they knew what we were about to do and we looked at them like we knew what they had just done. We arrived at the room number and Onyx knocked on the door. We were let in by a short, chubby, Hispanic looking man. He was very bubbly and full of smiles as he greeted Onyx. She introduced him to us as Casey. He greeted us as warmly as he greeted Onyx. I could tell he was gay even before he said it, but it didn’t matter to me. I immediately liked him. I felt a good vibe from him.

As Casey and Onyx talked, Denim and I sat on the couch and I got a good look around the room. It was a regular hotel room, nothing special. We were in the living room with the TV, couch and chair. To the right was the bedroom. To the right of that was the bathroom and we could hear running water because that’s where Luxor was. To the right of that was the kitchen and to the right of that was us in the living room. There was a massage table that was halfway in the kitchen and halfway in the living room.

Finally, the one we were waiting for came out of the bathroom and she was HUGE.

“Hi, I’m Luxor,” she said in a very get-down-to-business way.

Onyx greeted her and introduced us by name. Then, they started chatting like there weren’t two very nervous people in the room who were ready to get this over with. As they talked, I tried not to be rude but I kept sneaking looks of Luxor. Something was off. She was an average looking woman in the face, dark skinned with a thick New York accent. Her breasts were huge and she had a big jiggly booty. She was over 6ft tall though, with huge hands and feet and her voice was kind of, well, deep. I blew it off like maybe she was just a big woman.

While the two of them caught up, Luxor brashly instructed Casey to put the numbing ointment on me and Denim. He called us over one at a time and rubbed a gel on our butts, then covered them with saran wrap. When I pulled my pants down, he was surprised.

“OH! You smell just like baby powder! It’s nice to get somebody in here that smell good. Some of these girls come in here smellin’ so bad!” he said.

After that, we were instructed to sit down and let the numbing gel work.

About 5 minutes went by then Luxor turned and asked us who was going to go first. Denim was visibly shaken and told me that I should go first. Even in the weeks leading up to us doing this, she had talked about being scared. I was too, but I refused to show it. I didn’t WANT to go first but if it meant getting through this, then I was happy to. After thinking about it for a second, Denim decided that if she seen me go first and have a bad time with it, then she wouldn’t get done. She said that she should just go first and not wanting to miss out on a sale, Luxor agreed.

I watched as Denim paid her $500, took off her jogging pants and climbed on the massage table. As she was getting injected, there were points when she was having a bad time and points when she was fine. I didn’t know what to make of the mixed bag of tricks. I asked her what it felt like and she couldn’t explain it. She was relieved to be done, and then it was my turn. I immediately wished it was someone else who was going to get shot with these needles. I mean, I freakin’ HATE needles. I have a hard time getting my blood drawn or getting vaccinated. I wished that someone else could take the pain but I would get the bigger butt. WHY had I let Denim go first?! That could be me, all done and sitting on the couch! Timeout for the fears and regrets because it was now my turn on the table. I gave Luxor my $500 and took off my pants.

As I was getting on the table, Luxor decided that she wanted to lay down for a minute. She had been pumping girls all day and wanted to take a break. She instructed Casey to do my butt. I didn’t let it show but I was extremely disappointed. I felt cheated by getting second string Casey. He was super nice and I liked him but he wasn’t the one who I’d come here to see. I questioned his skills. Still, I put my head through the face hole in the massage table and waited to be poked.

Casey put a pair of gloves on and grabbed a Dixie cup. Then, he pulled out a bottle and poured some liquid from it, into the cup. He submerged the syringe inside the cup and pulled the plunger to gather the liquid into it. The last thing he did was screw the needle onto the syringe.

In an effort not to startle me with the initial poke, he let me know that he was ready to start injecting. I would be getting 9 shots in a vertical direction on my butt. There would be 3 injection sites (top, middle and bottom) with three shots in each site. His hands were gentle as he stuck the needle in my left cheek for the first time. The poke hurt a little but it was nothing compared to the feeling of the liquid flooding into my butt. It was a sharp pain that shot down my leg, into my knee and shin, then back again. I’ve never been struck by lightning but I’m pretty sure that’s what this felt like. I had to breathe.

After he emptied that first, full syringe of liquid into my cheek, he unscrewed it from the needle so the needle would stay stuck in my butt. He went back to the Dixie cup and repeated the action of submerging the syringe in the cup, and pulling the plunger to gather liquid into it. He then screwed the syringe back on the needle that was still stuck in my butt and injected me with the second full syringe of liquid. He repeated this a third time. I was in pain.

When the third injection was finished, he pulled the syringe and needle out of my butt and wiped the area clean with a cotton pad that had been doused with alcohol. Then, he used superglue to seal the poke hole that was made by the needle. After that, he pressed a fresh, dry cotton pad on the super glue so it would stick and moved on.

This time the injection was made in the middle of the same cheek and injected three times as well. He also repeated with the alcohol, superglue and cotton pad before he moved to the bottom of the same cheek and repeated the three shots there as well. I was relieved when he was done with that first cheek. I was allowed to stand up and bend my knees because they were aching from the pain. I looked at my butt in the long mirror that was on the outside of the bathroom. It wasn’t a major improvement but I was happy with the results so far.

As I hopped back up on the massage table, Luxor came out of the room with an attitude. She must have felt like Casey was taking too long on me because in her same brash manner, she told him that she would finish up. I was so happy about this!! After all, she IS who I’d come here to see and I was finally about to get what I paid for. Satisfied, I relaxed on the table. This satisfaction was to be short lived.

As much attitude as she’d given Casey, she gave my right butt cheek even more. She stuck the needle in hard and injected the semi thick, greasy liquid in fast. This burned, ALOT. I let out a yelp and she quickly cut me down to size.


She was trying to rush the fluid in so she could hurry up and finish but she had to know how much more that made the process hurt. It feels like the pain is doubled when it’s done that way. I was so glad when she finished that right cheek and glued me up so we could go. She placed a piece of saran wrap over my butt and sent me over to the others in the room so they could help me get on my jogging pants.

Walking out of the hotel in that cold, November air made the pain that much worse. Onyx got in the driver’s seat, Denim in the passenger seat and I slowly crawled into the back and lied down. It was so cold. She started up the car and I was praying for the heat to come on so I could get a little more comfortable. Until that happened, I was ready to crawl out of my skin. My butt wouldn’t stop burning. I was so uncomfortable.

By the time we got back to the club, I was ready to lie down so I hopped in my car and drove to a friend’s house. He knew what I’d gone to do so he didn’t mind the cotton circles super glued to my butt or the saran wrap. We weren’t in a relationship or anything, we were just real cool. He said that getting the shots was a good look and if I wanted to get more, that he would help me pay for them. I went to sleep feeling loved and happy.

The next morning, I woke up and was more than ready to get the cotton and superglue off of my butt. As I drove home, I thought about the instructions I’d been given on how to remove everything and how to take care of my new backside. I was supposed to soak in a hot bath, and after a while, the super glue would loosen and with little to no effort, the cotton would come off. The instructions were also to NOT pull, tug or rip off the cotton and to immediately start massaging it as soon as I got out of the tub.

The reason for not pulling off the cotton was because it might scar or pull off the seal that the superglue had created and start leaking out, what you’d just paid to get put in. The reason for massaging was because the liquid needed to be integrated into your butt right away. It had only been injected into three areas of each cheek and you don’t want it to bunch up there. It needed to be massaged around so it would settle evenly all over your butt. You needed a series of good massages if you didn’t want lumps.

I followed these instructions and the cotton came off without incident. I was happy with the results and couldn’t wait to go to work so all the girls could see how good it turned out. When I got there they gave me good compliments and I was happy about the little attention I received. It felt good to get compliments that I never thought I would. But did I make more money at work? Did guys even notice that I had got it done? Did ANYONE that I hadn’t previously told, notice that I’d gotten it done? No. I was still a popular nobody.

I didn’t see anything wrong with that though. I didn’t see these shots as a way out of that. I had never been a guy magnet and didn’t think injections would make me one. I was perfectly happy being the Vanity that made everyone laugh and was cool with sitting in the back seat. I was motivated by having a better body, not by what others thought of me. Coming from what I had, I was just happy to be there. But yeah, I decided to get more.

After me and the other girls had gone and got pumped, there started to be more of an open dialogue about it. The girls that were normally to themselves about such things started to open up. The topic went from a campfire to a small brush fire quickly. Competition is one hell of a drug and almost everybody is on it. The girls who hadn’t been pumped were so curious about the process. They had all the questions that I had when I’d first seen Onyx’s butt and even more.

Then, one of them asked the question that everyone who had been pumped should’ve been able to answer. What was it that was injected into us? Of course none of us could answer this question, the most important question. I felt stupid before anyone said we were. Yes, we sure were stupid to not know what we had injected into our bodies. And not only for that, but also for other things that were extremely wrong with this situation. Some of the girls that were in the dressing room were just as disgusted by our lack of knowledge, as I had been the year earlier. We decided to call Onyx and ask her what Luxor had injected us with, when the conversation took a turn and a couple of the girls said that they’d heard that Luxor was a man.

On the phone, Onyx verified that Luxor was indeed a man. How much of a man she was now, Onyx didn’t know but she knew with 100% certainty that Luxor was born a man. I started thinking back to when I’d met her. I knew something was off about her voice, hands and feet but her huge breasts and jiggly booty threw me off. I was shocked because I’d never met anyone like her before but I didn’t particularly care. I’ve never been close minded and judging people takes up too much energy so I choose to spend that on something else.

Onyx also went on to say, that she would call Luxor to see exactly what it was that was injected in us but she was pretty sure that it was Soybean Oil. She said that she needed to call her to set up our next appointments anyway so she would make sure she asked. After getting off of the phone with Onyx, I felt better now that I “knew” (and I use that word loosely) what was pumped inside me. I mean, Soybean oil sounds all natural, from the earth and harmless right?

Since Luxor lived in, and was based out of New York, it wasn’t often that she came to Detroit. She went to other cities also so we had to wait our turn. It seemed like it was taking too long and I was getting impatient. All of us talked about our next butt shot appointment every day and the anticipation was growing. None of us could wait for our new look.

Around February, one of the other dancers and I, had a conversation about where we were trying to take our bodies and how big we wanted our butts. The topic came up about the little Dixie cup of “soybean oil” Luxor gives out and how many times we would have to go to her to see real results. The dancer said that she’d heard about a lady that everybody called Freeway, who lives in Detroit. She said, Freeway had done a lot of the older girls and gives a lot more liquid than Luxor. I told her that since I wanted twice as many shots as I got last time, I was planning on paying Luxor $1000. She said that she was too and that she heard Freeway charges that.

The wheels in my head were turning. I could give Luxor this $1000 and get twice as much as last time or I could give this $1000 to Freeway, and get who knows how much. I asked her how serious she was about going to Freeway and she said that if I would go with her, then she was definitely going to go. It seemed like a good idea so I told her that I’d go with her. She said that she would find out all the information about Freeway from one of the other girls we worked with named Nova. Even though Nova was in denial and would never acknowledge the fact that she got shots, we all knew she had. I told her that if she could get the information out of this secretive girl, then we were all set. I felt positive about this decision because I knew that I was going to get shot up again, my only deliberation was by whom. Now that was figured out.

After deciding to go to Freeway, I talked to Onyx to tell her that she could cancel my appointment with Luxor. She didn’t think this was a good idea at all and voiced her concerns. She said that I should stick to what I knew and what was already in my body. She also pointed out that it probably wouldn’t be the wisest thing to mix substances and that I didn’t know enough about Freeway. Her operation was so secretive, that none of us had really ever heard anything about her. Onyx said that she’d heard that Freeway shot a girl with Lysol and that she had also been to jail before.

“Who knows,” she said, “That might be what she was in jail for.”

After hearing that, I decided not to go to Freeway but to keep my appointment with Luxor. I figured that, me and a number of other girls from the club had already gone to her and were still walking, talking and breathing. My logic was that I had a better chance of staying healthy with something that I had already been through, than something new. All I had to do was be patient and wait for my appointment date, which was sometime in late March/early April.

Around early March, with the date steadily approaching, butt shots went from the small brush fire I described earlier, to a wildfire. We had new girls coming in, finding out what we had done, and deciding to get pumped too. Most of us had either gotten it or were going to get it, and in some cases, it was all of the above. It started irritating me that everyone was so interested in getting pumped. As I said earlier, Competition is one hell of a drug. I felt like with me getting pumped I was going to have a 1 up, but not now. My competitive nature was revving up. Nobody likes to lose. I just kept thinking about this $1000 that I was going to give Luxor for double the work and I was SURE that my butt would trump all of theirs.

So I'm about 9 weeks post . My stomach is soft now...

So I'm about 9 weeks post . My stomach is soft now . My back is still stiff on some areas . I notice a lot more projection . Sleeping has been the worst . I always wake up on my back . I hope this doesn't ruin my results . Sitting is also troublesome . I can only sit for two hours at a time . And if I sit for over an hour my butt gets sore .

Loving my results . I'm about 5 months post op . I...

Loving my results . I'm about 5 months post op . I can definitely see my projection now . My only regret is not getting my arms lipoed .
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Amy and Tricia are the best . They answered all my questions . At my consultation Dr.Markman answered all of my questions . I felt so comfortable . When I was making the payment with Amy he ask me again if I had any more questions which was extremely thoughtful . In the back of my mind I really wanted to ask him for an IOU. LOL

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