3 years later - a little smaller but still love it

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Hello beautiful ladies!!! I am so excited to...

Hello beautiful ladies!!! I am so excited to finally be starting this bbl journey. Thanks to all of your reviews and comments, they have made this decision easier.

I'm 28 yo, 5'9", and right now around 153 lbs. I lost around 10 lbs over the last 6 months (I'm a slow loser), trying to get a better idea of my stubborn areas, and to make sure a bbl would be WORTH it. I remember thinking of liposuction when I was maybe 18 (~145 lbs), cause I had a pooch that would NOT go away and still have it. A few years ago I read a review by maybe Exercise (?) that said to just freaking exercise instead of lipo, so I tried that for a while, but I still had a pooch and back fat. I also started reading about BBLs back then, and that planted the seed. I work out 5 days a week for an hour or more, and I can't get rid of my stubborn fat areas (love handles, pooch, outer thighs), and my butt is okay for me but it kinda has a weird shape, not that appealing, with dents in the hip, so I'd like to have it all filled out. Not a huge butt, but something round and shapely, that fits on my body.

Basically I'm tired of being bothered by my figure, I freakin deserve the body I want, and I now have the means to get there. I'm in Texas and had a few consults with Dr's here (Lyos, Vitenas), and got quotes from Salama, Mendieta, Salzhaur (?) and some others, but my gut (haha no really) instinct said they really weren't the one. I mean, this is MAJOR surgery, I don't want to f*ck up and have regrets later. Lyos is definitely very meticulous and seems like he would do a good job but he didn't really have any reviews of his bbl work. (and then something super suspicious happened, when I called his office and said they didn't have any BBL reviews on real self, and then magically one shows up the NEXT day. That bothered me so I didn't follow up further). Vitenas seems all about the money, very flashy office, you fill out all forms on Ipads, but seemed excited with his work. I probably should have checked out Wilberto Cortez but .... well didn't

So I continued my search, trying not to focus on the price, I just want the best quality. After maybe 6 months of researching I decided to go with either Markmann or Mendieta. Their asses are AWESOME... wow. But after reading so many reviews (thank you all again) I decided to consult with Markmann first

Phone interview first, and then flew to the consult with my BF, and it was great. Answered all of my questions and gave me the reassurance I needed that he really was the best in the business. He's been doing this for the longest of anyone else (besides another Dr in South Caroline who has retired since), and I haven't heard of one of his patients being unhappy with their butts. They also let me talk to a former patient who was happy with her results as well. So after thinking about it for a few weeks, I put down $1300 to hold my spot for DECEMBER 12!!!! YEEAAH, here I come BBL!!!.. Now just organizing and planning. Would love to hear any advice that anyone has on BBL procedure, Baltimore/Ellicott city, and anything else!!!

Tricia my patient coordinator is gone! So sad.. but the show must go on!!

So last week I tried to call to talk with Trish but she's no longer with Metamorphosis plastic surgery!! I really connected with her and felt really comfortable with the procedure because of her. So all of my paperwork has been shuffle to the other patient coordinator Amy, who is just as good I'm sure. Just takes time to adjust!!

Total Costs for Markmann BBL - Coming from Out of State!!

I'm the type that needs a plan and schedule. So I booked all of my travel and hotel in advance. And I'm trying to buy everything I need in advance. Basically, my bank account is getting drained, but I can pay for it all up front which is good for booking w Markmann because he offers a cash discount (I asked a few other docs like Salama and no cash discount, but he's much less expensive as it is). Costs (broken down) $1,300 down payment to hold spot $11,200 to Markmann at least 1 month in advance $4,700 directly to Northwest Hospital $2,300 hotel for 24 days $1,200 SUV for 24 days $100 SUV 1 day, from Amtrak to home $800 Amtrak $330 flight for 2, 1-way, (not counting this bc used points) Total = $21,577 (omg and I'm thinking about adding arms too... ) so that's about 80% for the surgery and 20% just for traveling and staying in the area

"Must Haves" for BBL! Any other Recommendations???

Protein Powder
Gatorade, power aid, pedialite, ensure
Prescriptions (of course, but included for completeness): antibiotics, anti nausea, pain medicine
vitamin powder
Female urinal
Iron pills
Fiber pills (citrucel)
Stool softener (colace)
Sterile bandages, bandaids
Large and small (sterile?) pads for drainage, bed pads
Antibacterial ointment
Anti scar cream (biocoreum)
Vitamedica surgery
Compression foam?
Sterile gloves?
Wipes (Assurance)
loose fitting clothing

Cannula size for BBL lipo?? (compared to just lipo)

Does anyone know if Dr M uses a small cannula for liposuction for bbl? Is the cannula as small as it would be without a bbl (as in Only lipo)?

I'm asking because, as a goal for bbl, you want to preserve as much fat as possible. So, in general, a smaller cannula is more damaging for fat cells than a larger cannula (for sciency people out there, smaller diameter cannula = higher surface area to volume ratio... so better chance a fat cell is destroyed by the cannula surface). But a larger diameter cannula has a higher chance of having uneven liposuction....

If anyone knows this for Markmann or any other surgeons, please let me know!

Before Pics

Here are my before pics... Let me know what you think, I'm getting my stomach, love handles, saddle bags lipoed, and possible arms, side of knees, and inner thigh... Holy crap seems like eveeerrry damn thing

Recovery house/nurse for Markmann bbl?

I'm looking for any advice or recommendations for a recovery house or nurse or attendant in Ellicott city, MD, after I get a bbl with markmann. I thought my boyfriend was going to be available to help me in December, but things aren't going so well. I think he has a mental disorder, and I don't think I can count on him. He literally went crazy yesterday, I'm so worried.

If anyone knows of any recovery houses or nurses, PLEASE let me know!! Also what the price is would be great.

32 Days Until Booty Poppin Markmann Mami!

So excited, 32 days until surgery!!! I've been following so many of y'alls journeys that I feel somewhat prepared for what's ahead. Paid Dr. Markmann's fees, but not the hospital fees yet (hospital will mail me a bill next week).

So I wanted to talk about some details of scheduling surgery with Dr. Markmann.... Markmann's surgery days are Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I picked Thursday because Monday hospital people might be a little hungover from the weekend, and Friday people might be anxious to leave for the weekend. The surgery schedule on Monday and Thursdays are 12 hours, and Friday is 7 hours. So the hospital and patient coordinator try to fill the entire time spot, because empty hospital rooms don't make $$. The hospital I'm going to apparently puts shorter surgeries earlier in the day, and longer surgeries later. I was told the reason is because of the blanket rule that no matter what time your surgery is, you cannot eat past the midnight before. So they don't want someone with a short surgery to be fasting until 2 or 3 pm while the patient with the longer surgery went first. Although on another note, I read an article that medically, a minimum of 6 hours of fasting is needed before surgery, to make sure we don't vomit in our lungs during surgery.

So, I called Amy my patient coordinator, and she told me that someone has been scheduled in front of me and to come in around 9AM. I'm a little ticked off - one of the reasons I'm going to Markmann is because I thought I'd be the first in the morning, so I would have the best chances of having his best work and he wouldn't be too tired. But if I'm second, I might not be getting his best work.. What do yall think, am I being silly? I mean, I know he's a professional and can handle it, but dang I wish I could be first! What is yalls experience with this?

Thanks and also here's a pic of my supplies...

5 days til surgery?! Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!!

Had bloodwork done last week, and potassium was low so i had to retake the test a few days after. Drank a ton of OJ and ate the lite salt (subs in potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride in table salt)... and voila! just barely passed.

Paid in full, have most all supplies.... traveling up to MD in a few days!!! Gained about 10 lbs to get to 160 before surgery. It aint hard with fast food, i'm a rolly polly now. Also, I'm first of the day now, the person before me rescheduled.... LAWD please let this surgery go WELL. Pray for me!!
So nervous, I'm not telling anyone but 2 people in my life. My family and most friends don't know I'm doing this. It's a lonely road but i chose to not tell... you ladies support is all I have and it's been so helpful.

4 day post op pics, recovery is tough!!!!

Recovery is horrible, I hope this is all worth it. On day 4 now so feeling better than the first few days. Anesthesia took awhile getting out of my system. Couldn't pee at first after the catheter was out, so had to do another catheter and had 1000 cc in my bladder, was so painful. Nurses are amazing at northwest hospital.

Not sure if I have a uti, there's white flakes I'm my pee still, has been there since I left the hospital. Everyones said its mucus but I don't know, anyone checked this out? Here's a few post op pics

16 days postop

day 18 comparison pics

I love my results so far!!!

3 year review

I love the results of this procedure still. Not all of the fat stayed, I would say that I have maybe 60% of the fat from what i had in months 1-3. I lost the most volume within the first year, and then very little if any after the 1 year mark. Also, it was uncomfortable to sit on hard surfaces for the first 1.5 years, but it went away after that and I have more discomfort. I still have projection in my butt and hips, and my figure is still contoured. I LOVE MY BODY SO MUCH. THANK YOU DR MARKMANN!

One recommendation is that I would be very careful with the compression stockings after lipo. The top of the stockings have this elastic band that compresses even more. When the band was in the areas on the back of my thighs, it's super easy for that to leave a dent!!!!! Move it around a lot or even cut that little band off!!! That's my one regret was not moving that band around enough and so I do have small dents from this band. I also wish I could have visited Dr Markmann quicker after surgery, instead of 5 days later, so I could have gotten faster feedback. At some point, I will attempt to have the dents corrected bc i hate the way that looks, almost like cellulite. Anyways, overall, great great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. (I am thinking of having another bbl in the future for more volume, although I am very pleased with the way it is now). Will post pics soon.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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