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I have been reading numerous reviews and I have...

I have been reading numerous reviews and I have finally got the nerve to get a consultation done. I am choosing Dr. Markmann. Has anyone gone to him recently? I like the fact that he does his procedures in the hospital and keeps you overnight versus sending you home. Not gonna lie, I want it done, but I am also scared.

So Undecided!!

You know at first I was sooo adamant that I knew who my surgeon was going to be. I just knew it. Then I see Dr. Schulman's results and I am totally blown away. He is a great surgeon as well. I live in Delaware so, I really want to find someone a lil close to home. I get sooo sick when flying, so I know that is out of the question. But I have my consult with Markmann next month, mad that I had to reschedule due to the snow we had a couple weeks ago!! If I didn't have issues flying, and had the nerve to go to the Dominican Republic, I really would go with Dr. Baez, she seems like she really cares for your health overall. Well I guess I will have my answers once I finally meet with Markmann and I am doing a phone consult with Schulman!! Those are my 2 choices for doctors. I am just hoping it all goes well!!

Another Death in the Dominican Feb 19th!!

Here is the link!! So sad!!! http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/cheap-plastic-surgery-kills-bronx-woman-article-1.1741120

Consult with Markmann

My consultation with Markmann went great!! He answered all my questions and was just so patient and kind. My main question got answered as to why his surgery was for 6 hours and some surgeons are only for 3 hours. My understanding was that during the 3 hour procedure, there is no way you are getting live cells, they are doing lipo to fast, and that kills the cells. It takes time to purify the fat so the cells can live. Makes sense to me anyway!! I really don't feel his price is bad, being that part of the money is paid directly to the hospital where he keeps you overnight!!! But all in all everything went great and he spent and good amount of time with me. I am going to have a mini tummy tuck done with my procedure. Now I have to quit smoking so I can seriously book this surgery!! I just don't think I can go wrong with Dr. Markmann, he is really talented!
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